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+1 on the green workshirt. All over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch A couple more pics of faded Iron Heart denim before I ship these off. (They look okay in the pics but are too tight IRL.) How long did it take for them to fade like that? I've been wearing the crap out of mine for about 1 1/2 years (with three washes) and there is only a little fading.
Yes it is. I've had the same avatar since I joined in '07 - what can I say?
Mauro - Really sorry to hear you will be closing shop in Clarendon. Your store was the best for men in DC, by a huge margin. And you are a class act to boot! Best of luck with whatever the future holds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meekus Using the word "stiff" is an understatement Don't worry too much - they don't take long to break in.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Alright, i have credit somewhere and i think i'm gonna grab me a pair in black or brown, as rust is not available at this particular place unfortunately. Which would be most versatile? I primarily wear jeans... tshirts/button downs but not a lot beyond that. Brown is much more versatile than black, IMO. (In this or any other boot).
R&B work jacket is sold.
Really sad news.
Price drop.
Here's a closeup of the BOO fabric. The shirt is still available.
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