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  My first England-made shoes, Edgware. 8 weeks wating, but it's worthy. Bought from Edward of Manchest with 20% off discount at January's sale.
I'm a Shanghainese. So my suggestion is the trip BeiJing → Shanghai →HK. Reason is simple. In Beijing and Shanghai, you just need to use your eyes to see, use your mouth to eat, use your ears to hear.Tripadviser will guide you to the good and  famous and trusted restaurants, seesights,etc. If you go to the SanLiTun Ya Xiu Clothes Market in Beijing, don't forget tailoring a suit of Tang Suit. I think it must be a best souvenir for this China tour. And last, you will...
The 40%off coupon is amazing. Can it be shared?
PM sent for walnut Strand and black Park Avenue size US7D/7E,ship to  CONUS and China. Thx.
I just ordered a C&J Edgwrae. It's first time to buy English shoes. Exciting, and uh uh uh...
Sorry, my fault, it should be 337.   My normal US size is 7.5 D, but in Allen edmonds last 5, I do go US 7. I got message in this thread that the last 348 is more elongated than any other lasts, and someone who owned C&J shoes suggested to size down 1.5 for normal US size. So I need further informations.   Thx for all above suggestion .
Size question for help:    I just saw the sale on Edwards Of Manchester news, catch my mind on the price cut. I haven't an English shoes yet, so I'm wondering which size I should choose.   I wear Allen Edmonds Park Avenue In US 7D, and 7E will be a little little wide.   After reading couples of posts in this thread, I guess I maybe go for a UK 6 by last 348, or UK 6.5 by last 377, correct?   Any advice will be appreciated, thx.
LAMY is good for practice, it's enough.
Galaxy S3 too, learning to use it.
Hello styleforum, hello everyone!!
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