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  Nothing against free runs 2, but I prefer the original free 1s. The bandwagon on roshe is beyond ridiculous. They aint even all that.
Does A.P.C. make different color denims instead of the typical black and indigo? I've yet to see one. OR, do you need to break in them enough time to get a fading color?
Will there be nike x undercover Gyakusou collab this fall?
anyone want a size 41 navy vintage cp brand new in box for cheap? pm me
needsupply, tbs,   all quality winter accessories
When does the fall/winter season begin for +j
      The color is too much for me. Now, if it was navy...
    Thanks. I'll look into other brands.  I cannot justify spending 500$ on a bag, but visvim is known to have high quality, and the bag is simple.
me too ^ will pay handsomely. looking for the 15% one since I'll be buying a lot. Very desperate!!!
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