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tag is detached but I have it paypal, add 4%   130 firm    brand new size medium blue speckle 
anyone know if endclothing has a code discount or if anyone selling?
means I have to take the train to get there. Cost money to travel.   good luck getting hit with customs fees.
100 firm
I would love to travel while I'm still young but where's the money?
paypal, add 4% or send as gift     apc 1987 sweater dark navy size small new with tag   looking for 170
thanks for the info.
There's always a happy ending to everything.
I Only accept paypal payment I do proxy for both domestic & internationals.    Link to site found here:   click women/men's wear   Be specific with what you want. Provide color, size, product code, link, etc   My charge is a mere 20% of the total + transportation cost + retail and shipping.  I mark package as gift when shipped so you can avoid being hit with heavy customs fee (especially for those residing outside the...
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