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Could anyone please identify this rain jacket Daniel Craig wore in the film Layer Cake? Or something similar? Thank you.    
Having a big uniform outsole like that on a lace up looks goofy to me. Something lower profile with a proper heel looks best I think.   I've ordered a pair of TBNY similar to the dress Varvatos from Zappos just to try on. However I think they're going to be too dressy for daily wear with jeans, like you said. I guess what I need to find is something with less of a polished/shiny look. I think that would take enough of the dressy edge off for a button down & jeans. I...
Scouring for a pair of Derbys to be worn with jeans. I'd prefer a book-like appearance (showing stitch and lace detail with pants), higher quality/structure, a simple classy upper, $200-$400 price range. I already have a pair of boots and am in need of a streetwear oxford-style shoe. I probably should be looking into Chukkas but have only been searching Derbys lately. So far I've perused a lot of Varvatos's collection and like the look of this "dress"...
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