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^^^Thank you both! Cleav, great tumblr by the way! I didn't know that was you. A good source of inspiration when it comes to putting an outfit together
^^^^Hey! I'll try to post some pics soon here or at An Uptown Dandy
Much as it pains me to say this, I am probably too tapped out at the moment to consider these (I'll probably regret asking this, but what is 6400 SEK come to in USD?). I"ve been finding some real gems in the secondary markets lately: EG for RLPL Carter: Foster & Son Bespoke - the Thomas brogue:
^^^I just took a look - those are gorgeous. the natural sole edge looks great too. I wish you hadn't directed me to that site
This could be good but has anyone been to a brioni sample sale before? http://uptowndandy.blogspot.com/2014/10/brioni-sample-sale.html
^^^^ Sounds nice! I've never seen the Falkirk in Edwardian, but I'm sure it would be lovely. I can, however, vouch for the 82, which I think is a much better choice than the bulbous 202 (unless you go with a narrower width).
Picked these up for a song online - the thomas brogue, bespoke foster and son shoes. unworn with some great details more importantly, they fit pretty damn well.
Exactly. There are plenty of other more mundane models to consider. I think the excessive broguing goes over the top in an elegantly refined manner :-)
Also, just to muddy things up a bit, the windsors above are in acorn which you might want to consider. its essentially in that edwardian/pine family and it does seem to develop a nice patina over time. I would say its somewhere in between the two leather colors you're considering.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leaves ^^ Falkirk has always been one of my EG favourites. As mentioned by the previous speaker, it feels like a very unique EG design. I noticed this article about the style a while back, it's a nice read. There are more articles if you Google Falkirk. http://uptowndandy.blogspot.se/2011/04/fine-english-brogue-edward-greens.html?m=1 As for light coloured shoes, I own a lot of them. They are not hard to maintain IMO. A bit of Bick4, a bit of...
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