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Thank you for sharing your memories of Thomas & Moore - much appreciated :-) Sounds like my kind of place! I actually went to meet a friend on the upper east side yesterday, passed a thrift shop on the way back to the subway and found this Borsalino for $25. It was misshapen and covered in lint, but after a makeshift steaming, about 8-10 lint roll sheets, and some gentle cleaning, I think we've pumped some life back into this one :-) Its a bit too big for me, although...
Yes, I actually have no idea what this model was called by Peal - it probably wasn't the Windsor Perhaps Peal received a special dispensation to use the royal warrant for so long after the King's death!As always thanks for the treasure trove of information
Damon Runyon at Hialeah, 1932.
For some time, I was under the (mistaken) impression that the original EG Windsor was a Hlustik-design. I forget who corrected me on this, perhaps Hilary Freeman, but apparently the design was appropriated from the Peal & Co. archives. Readers at my blog have provided pictures of Peal & Co. Windsors with King George V's royal warrant stamped on the inner sole. I don't believe companies are allowed to use the warrant that long after the royal personage's passing (there's...
Not entirely sure yet but was going to try and pass by the sample sale at lunch today - I'm only two stops away so assuming the subway isn't a fast-flowing river, I'll check it out.
Hey, Mr. Monty - thanks for the info! Sounds like it was a nice shop.I actually found the box in a thrift shop for $20. I'm not sure how old it is, but it has a really cool draw-string closure that wraps around the box to keep the lid on. When you tighten the string, you can use the excess string as a handle to carry the box. Pretty nifty.
Gotcha - and yes, you're right. It does sound odd!
Yes, from the shoulder.
I haven't had buttonholes done in a while. I don't have that keen of an eye, to be honest, so they seemed fine to me but not sure what I would be looking for to determine that it was not well done. Lately, it seems that I've been taking a lot of jackets there that already have working buttonholes - so the sleeve needed to be shortened from the shoulder. I think the last jacket I took there was a dark brown silk/cashmere Drake's piece - I thought they did a great job with it.
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