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Yes, sleeves do need to be taken up but generally the body fits well with a sz. 16 shirt. I'm not an expert, but I'd say most of it is machine-made.
Here are a few pics of the RLPL shirt that I picked up from Woodbury - not bad, I like the color combo. Looks like it was on sale from $450 to $299.99 at some point, before they dropped the price another 90% to clear them out. I guess they weren't moving enough of them at $299.99
I'm thinking of making a run at those suits from London House in 42 (probably like dozens of others, I'm sure ) - I'm going to double-check my shoulder and length measurements tonight. I have a feeling it might be too long by about 3/4 of an inch (which isn't terrible).
Yes, someone had posted previously posted that the shirts were in the luxury shop, so I directed him there. When he got there, he was told the store only carries accessories. He did say that he saw shoes and ties, but no shirts of any kind. So he took a walk over to the bigger, main-line RL store and found them in there - tucked off in a corner somewhere so as not to get in the way of all the regular polo stuff
Right - he called me up mildly annoyed from that store because they only have accessories. he did say that there were shoes in there - not sure if they were made in england or italy or some other place, but might be worth a call (unless someone already knows what type of footwear they stock in that shop).
So my cousin grabbed a shirt for me on his way home on Friday night - a white shirt with black and purple check pattern. Apparently, most of the shirts are check patterns in either a purple/black or blue/dark blue pattern. The purple/black was all that was left in size 16 - RLPL tends to do this color combo quite a bit so I've seen this before. I'll give it a try for $29.99. For what its worth, these are not in the high-end RL shop at Woodbury. They're in a rack in a...
I have a cousin who works up there - he's going to take a look for me this afternoon. Hopefully, there's something basic in a sz. 16.
The fancy RL outlet or the regular one?
This is an ancient thread but I was able to find a copy at Strands in NYC for $90. At the time, the store also had a signed copy available for $110. eBay prices are closer to $400-500 these days. Here's a brief review that I wrote at the time: http://uptowndandy.blogspot.com/2013/04/men-in-style-golden-age-of-fashion-from.html
There is a scene in the Shirley Temple adaptation of Damon Runyon's Little Miss Marker where Menjou arrives at a nightclub in a new doublebreasted suit after having endured criticism from just about everyone in the film (even little Shirley Temple) concerning his worn out clothing. After reading the excerpts above, I can only wonder who made that suit - I imagine such a sartorialist would have worn something from his own wardrobe. You can see it in the link below at about...
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