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This is an ancient thread but I was able to find a copy at Strands in NYC for $90. At the time, the store also had a signed copy available for $110. eBay prices are closer to $400-500 these days. Here's a brief review that I wrote at the time: http://uptowndandy.blogspot.com/2013/04/men-in-style-golden-age-of-fashion-from.html
There is a scene in the Shirley Temple adaptation of Damon Runyon's Little Miss Marker where Menjou arrives at a nightclub in a new doublebreasted suit after having endured criticism from just about everyone in the film (even little Shirley Temple) concerning his worn out clothing. After reading the excerpts above, I can only wonder who made that suit - I imagine such a sartorialist would have worn something from his own wardrobe. You can see it in the link below at about...
Thanks for the heads up Gary. I'll be down in NO in April so I'll be sure to make time to visit these shops.
+1. I've been wearing a mid-grey flannel 3B in a Loro Piana cashmere/wool blend from Eredi Pasano lately here in NYC, since it seems like we haven't topped 20 degrees in months. I generally wear the suit with a pair of dark oak EG oxfords, although I did go with chestnut antique EG Falkirks on Thursday evening when I paired the suit with the beige cashmere buttown down vest that I picked up at the Drake's sale. But Unbelragazzo is right - I think the mid-grey flannel suit...
The Nordstrom EGs are generally early to mid 1980s - the Windsors that I have recrafted by EG were also shipped to Nordstrom in 1985:I don't have pictures here at work but most of the EGs for Cole Haan that I've come across were late 1980s-early 1990s. I don't have any images on my work computer, but you can check An Uptown Dandy or check out a smaller size pair that I'm currently selling for pics of the Cadogan on the 33...
Yes, it looks like you can pre-order but its not out until March or April: http://www.amazon.com/Elegance-Age-Crisis-Fashions-1930s/dp/0300204205
This may have been posted already, but anyone with an interest in classic men's style should check out the exhibit, which opens today and is co-curated by G. Bruce Boyer and Patricia Mears. I attended the opening reception last night and there's some great stuff on display: suit patterns and clothing from the Duke of Windsor, great bespoke shoes from the 1940s by Cleverley, several pairs of Fred Astaire's shoes, and the real treat had to be some absolutely exquisite...
^^^^Got it.
[/quote]There doesnt appear to be much burnishing, but perhaps that's just the photo? If not, did you ask the factory to make them up that way? I requested deep burnishing when I ordered my pair:
That sounds about right. I dropped some old college buddies off for the ties - I think they picked up about 10-15 between them. So I was talking to Sweetu which is always good because he can tell you what caught his eye during the unpacking. I guess we were the bland business-types you might have seen (the lawyer, the hedge-fund guy, and the venture capitalist). I think I had on a grey flannel suit and camel-colored overcoat.
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