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Have you guys tried using a suede eraser? http://www.amazon.com/Saphir-Gommadin-Nubuck-Suede-Eraser/dp/B0051DYAX4
Predictions on today's Leffot presales? My guess is the greenwich boot goes before the Naval boot. Both, I believe, will ultimately sell out. The chamois LWB also isn't a bad option considering it'll arrive in time for winter. Don't think it'll sell out as easily.
What is the best way to acquire VASS shoes in New York? I guess is there a retailer? 
Cigar PTB (Alden SF) to start the week
AoM recently received a batch of snuff Indys if you want to check in with them.
I emailed them. Depends on price. Been an Alden heavy couple of months for me.
I'm kind of curious how the shoe mart let the seller purchase 3 pairs of exotic shell. Most retailers will ask you to be sure of your size and/or send it back if it doesn't fit, but not send you 3 pairs of exotic. 
I am - they usually have 2 of that size per order so good luck to the two of us.
Meanwhile, the chamois tanker is getting very little love. Black shell gets little love here, but I imagine there will be a run for it Monday.
 The tanker comes about once a year, I believe. Other retailers (Context, AoM, etc) also get a dozen or so every year. I'd stay in touch with them all.
New Posts  All Forums: