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I got in an order for the alden indy 405 in 10 and 9.5 before they all sold out. I'll obviously be returning the one that doesn't fit.
40% off sale items going on in store at the moment. Copped a couple of Thomas Mason ludlow shirts at $60 per. Also, INSTYLE25 gives you 25% off anything on their site. Even aldens and ludlows. Got a Drake's tweed tie using it.
I ended up returning it. I found the fabric to be too heavy and itchy. I've another tweed coat from Abraham Moon (The Colburn), and the fabric is much softer and drapes clean.On the other hand the chambray ludlow shirt is nice!
It would be great, but I doubt we ever see it. There's a similar 3 roll 2 suit for $450 + $228. I just wanted this jacket. I also ordered the Ludlow Chambray shirt, but I think i'll return that. Looked cool initially, but I've cooled on it myself since.
  Welp. I jumped on it too and it's showing ready to ship. Yours probably is as well. Well played, J. Crew. Well played. All my waitlisted items are now ready to ship.
I'm a fan of this Ludlow Coat. Thinking of picking it up as its 25% off eligible.   
I know the reviews on Ludlows are mixed, but for the price point and fit, they're great suits. The fabric is great quality and if you get it custom with the same fabric, the price would easily double. My only issue is I'm between a 36S and a 36R being 5'-10" so I need to get my jackets tailored, unfortunately.
Navy. I got the Skyoil Bedale in a dark green shade.
$254 with tax! Got the wax tin for $15 as well.
FYI - WIT20 promo is working on EVERYTHING! Just ordered myself a Barbour Skyoil Bedale for $300 ($225 after applying my rewards card).   Tried it on Aldens and it worked.
New Posts  All Forums: