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I'm not sure, but it could be because Leffot only does pre-orders AFTER an order has been confirmed by the Alden factory whereas Epaulet may have taken deposits towards putting an order in and having it get confirmed at a later date.  Edit: Confirmed means it has a scheduled time frame for production.
The Cigar LWB were delivered a month ago. Not sure on the rest. No ravello coming in for them (or anyone it seems) until well into 2016.
Ocho x Leffot on this Friday. About a dozen wears in on these. I'm not big on polishing my shells - I only do it if I'm going to wear a suit. Like the slight worn look.
I don't own a black pair either, but if I were to own one, it would probably be the J. Crew cadet cordovan bluchers. They've been sold out in my size for a while though. I'm only 8 pairs in with 2 more on pre-order though.
 I have only 1 pair with black edge and the rest are some sort of antique. I don't work in a formal atmosphere so I prefer antique. If I wore suits often, I'd probably want black. I guess it depends on how it fits within one's wardrobe.
Looking at Mike's spreadsheet, I feel guilty for wearing sneakers today. Back to Aldens on Monday!
 I don't know if firing is the right solution. Part of the problem is the lack of skilled labor. Hand sewns are taking ages and their factory is under immense pressure to crank out shoes. Wait times are noticeably longer now than a year or two ago IMO.
 This is a bit difficult to answer and you really need to try the shoes on with the thicker socks to get an idea. It further depends on the exact measurements of your foot. For example, my foot is 10.25 inches and I also wear a 10D. The extra quarter inch provides me sufficient room to wear any kind of sock. However, if my foot were exactly 10.5, the thicker socks may be a bit tight.
 Those are easily in my top 3 of Alden's I don't have.
One is never, "done."
New Posts  All Forums: