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Might've been mentioned already, but got a nice email back from Context. Looking forward to their follow-up. It is our intention to order this batch of Tankers with antique edge. We appreciate your concern, and because of the number of emails inquiring about the edge color we have reached out to Alden directly for confirmation. We will follow up with you immediately upon hearing back from them.
I'm waiting for Cigar LWBs as well and heard from Kathy they are months away due to the color being in very short supply (relatively speaking to exotics). They were originally meant to arrive a month ago.Bought a pair of Cigar PTB from Wayne in Hong Kong in the mean time. Waiting for those to arrive along with Ravello LWB from AoM.
Found an old shot:
My first Alden's were color 8 Chukkas. Can't go wrong. Definitely one to try on though as the fit isn't an exact science IMO.
Anyone here ever deal with Wayne from Hong Kong? The one with a big IG following. I'm buying a pair of cigar PTB from him. Any feedback?
Well I sent context a photo of the antique edge I was hoping for and asked them to confirm. Half the battle (or more) in sales is costumer service. I find their email responses to be not helpful.
I'm sure there are, but to me it's usually obvious. If it's too dark to notice, it's black.
Maybe the guys at Context don't know antique is not a type of edge, but a wood-like color finish. If that's true and it's black, I'm pissed I put a deposit down.
Are the Cigar LWBs still available?
 Any idea where the number currently stands? The email I got from them made them sound like a rare make up which my not be ready until 2016, etc etc. Bit overblown as many retailers carry this IMO.
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