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I'm really digging this Barbour from J. Crew. Thoughts?   https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441862311&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302060942&nav_type=PRMNAV&bmUID=k.yUJJq
The only advice is keep wearing them as much as you can (every other day at most). One drastic option is leave them in the sun for a bit to lighten up on their own. I've never tried the latter.
From what I gather, the pre-order was a "special order," while these pairs are their "normal" order they place on a regular basis. Therefore, we may have to wait. They noted they'll send me an "order update" not an invoice for the balance or anything. I'm not holding my breath for this batch.
I got in touch with Context who said they'll send an order update to anyone on the pre-order. Not sure if a bunch of people just pulled the trigger or they realized the pre-order existed, but the inventory for the boot just shot down. 
 Yeh - I'm hoping to snag a pair and inquired if these are in fact the pre-order since I want my deposit applied.  Yeh - I own pairs of exotic shell, but somehow these are going to be my most expensive Alden purchase. I wonder if they price for handsewns has gone up as they've lost skilled labor in that department and turnaround time has increased.
Speaking of Tankers, I saw Context received their order, but I haven't gotten an email from them. They're available for purchase on their site, however. Anyone on that pre-order get an email? They look great from the photos posted.
From the pants to the boots, this is a winner. AMAZING.
Wearing off from use, not flaking. It's happening in the rolls.
Some of the acrylic finish Alden puts on is coming off my color 8 LWBS after a dozen plus wears. It's tough to get a good shine on that area (where the rolls is before the toe box) as the surface finish is currently uneven. Any recommendations? Can put up a photo later this evening.
Out of curiosity, how'd you snag the 20% off and get it to work? I'd jump on those if I could get them 20% off.
New Posts  All Forums: