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 I still haven't heard back. Not liking my chances on this.
Two most recent acquisitions. Leffot Naval Context Tanker Up to 11 pairs now with 3 more on pre-order.
 Mine are still boxed. I need to make a decision on either wearing these or letting them go to someone that will. 
One of my favorite non-shell pairs: Alden x Leffot Reverse Tobacco Chamois WTB
FYI to dozen or so folks on it, but the Context color 8 tanker preorder from March 2015 is in! Their price is higher at $835, but no shipping or tax to NY, so ultimately come out on top compared to Leffot's $790.
 Thanks for this - just placed my order. I think they just hadn't gotten the size run loaded till later. Sorry if anyone else wanted the 10D!
 I did the same and at 12 PM on the dot, only 6 sizes or so showed up. I'm pretty sure a full size run wasn't offered probably due to pre-orders by store regulars. Oh well.  EDIT: I would've gotten on this order of tankers, but I've been on the Context preorder for over a year now. I wonder what is holding that up. Leffot has had 2 runs in that span.
This is only my second non shell model, but one of my favorites now. Alden x Leffot Reverse Tobacco Chamois WTB.
Here you go!
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