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 I'm avoiding calling because I KNOW I shouldn't. I'm done until the winter unless a grail shows up. 
 These were from a January 2015 preorder, I believe. I myself am awaiting the next one.
I went with the general advice to size up half a size. When first wearing it it feels a little loose - especially at the heel, but walking around and bit of feet swelling fills it up just perfect. I'm 10D in Barrie and went 10.5D in Grant. Worked perfectly.
Agreed half size smaller and I'd have jumped. AoM took preorders last year for a similar make up but on the Hampton last.
Please avoid directly advertising your sales. You may add it to your signature.
Alden DC Ravello Commando Daytripper. Finally, not raining in NYC!
I would be in without the commando.
I hope you aren't regretting letting go of the Leffot cigar Indys now =P
I read some comments on the toungue of boots moving around earlier. All my Nike Air Jordan 1s have this little lace slot, if you will, to keep it in place. I'm sure there's a more subtle way to have this on boots and lace through it.
 You need to contact them and get on lists. Leffot is kind of like Nike releases where you have to be online at a specific time when they announce it.
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