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 I'm heading over there during lunch time. I'll try and post some pics after when I get to work, but we have open space seating and might be tough. I'll put something up in the evening worst case.
AoM Whiskey Wingtip Boots are IN! Picking mine up tomorrow.
Hopefully she got your address right  
Yep. I got the call on the Whiskey LWB as well. I'm gonna sleep on it before confirming one way or the other tomorrow. Current mind set is letting them go since the Whiskey WTB should be here soon. Plus they seem to be readily available periodically through Alden DC or TSM.
Got an update from AOM.   1. Ravello LWB from June 2014 preorder is further delayed due to issues sourcing and something going awry at Alden. Scheduled ETA is now May 2015 (11 months after paid in full). 2. Whiskey WTB from October 2014 is closer. ETA is early April 2015.
Thanks! Gonna call them some time next week to follow up. Wonder what they'll have in store this year for exotics. I'm waiting for a ravello LWB from the June one and whiskey WTB from October.
Anyone get any updates recently on any of the AOM preorders from last year? Nearing the 9 month mark for the June one.
Chukkas for a wedding. Pardon the particle on the right shoe!
 Ack. I was the one that dropped due to getting in on the AOM Whiskey WTB. Sorry about that - had hoped the spot would've been filled.
Still a classic. Gonna pop it back into the rotation next week.
New Posts  All Forums: