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Got a call today towards my shell lwb collection :)
Based on your signature, I assume you're not, but figure I'd ask, you haven't ordered a 10D, by any chance, have you? I'd take those off your hands. I got in on the Ravello lwb from this order back in June. It's been 4 months so hopefully we hear about it soon. They wouldnt allow a second pair, but the boot would've been my choice.
Might be alone on this opinion, but I love Indy's with this kinda wear. I'm far from it with my own pair so far, but IMO, the scuffs, wear and tear make this boot great.
Would the consensus be that Viberg does a better job at clicking than alden does with chromexcel? A lot of the Chromexcel I've seen from Alden lately has loose grain creasing. Debating towards this Leffot pre-order tomorrow.
Lucky. The pair I got has loose grain. It was a replacement pair any how I got free of a charge after a year due to defects. Not sure how much a defect loose grain creasing is considered other than aesthetically.
One of those things that further makes me realize, I just don't know art and/or how to value it. I'll stick to shoes.
I guess as a follow up, what's normal price range. It's probably too rich for me if I'm asking, but curious nonetheless.
MyMy guess is some sort of shell boot.
I got a replacement pair from J. Crew of my indy boots and there are patches of loose grain creasing. Aesthetically not really pleasing, but I kind of like the beat up look of Indys. My only concern would be any structural issues due to it. Anyone have any experience on the long term durability on a pair with loose grain creasing?
Also curious on this. Never attended any of the trunk shows.
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