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I doubt it. There is literally 1 pair left and I had the cap toe on pre-order for this week and it's been pushed back to 2/2014. My indy boot has been pushed back to 1/2014. I think Alden x J. Crew is experiencing production delays on their more sought after pairs.
 I think Leffots places an order and Alden confirms how many pairs they may make of the style. Leffots then breaks it down into sizes to offer. Therefore, the allotment is a finite number. EDIT: Or they place an order with a certain number of sizes. Alden then probably counters with what they may actually produce, which is what Leffots then presells.
 I just placed a pre-order for #1 in 10D. They will be my 3rd pair of Aldens. Currently own #8 Chukka and have a pre-order on 403s from J. Crew I was able to use a 25% off promo on.
Bought a massage sole and put it in. Fits like a glove.
Thank you..! They are doubleLeather on barrie last. I usually wear 10.5. The widest part ends up where it should and the D width is perfect for my foot. It's more the slip that's an issue at the heel and looks funny when I walk. I didn't want to not buy them and regret it later since #8 is currently in short supply in my size. I think some Dr scholl's inserts should solve the issue though. Gonna go buy those. Will report back.
No longer an Alden virgin. Just purchased my first pair. #8 chukkas in 10D. Is a heel slip initially normal? It feels snug until I walk and feel a slight heel slip. There wasn't a smaller size available for me to try on. I felt I could make it work with a heel pad or something. Am able to return, if anything. Thanks in advance
Just pre-ordered these shell's from Leffot. Probably a Feb 2014 ship date (at least that's what I'm guess-timating). Almost sold out on their site and luckily they had my size (10D).  
Picked up this vintage tweed tie for $115
Well the gravy train is over. Alden's are now excluded. Till next time!
I got in an order for the alden indy 405 in 10 and 9.5 before they all sold out. I'll obviously be returning the one that doesn't fit.
New Posts  All Forums: