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You can Topy over commando? EDIT: Never mind. Realized you were talking about the Ravello NST.
I feel that way about my AoM Whiskey Wingtip boots. Almost like I'm a sneakerhead and need to keep a pair on ice. They're such beauties. Will probably just wait until next winter to break them out.
A little Cigar PTB action for Opening Day. Let's go Yankees!
Worn this week, shined and shelved for future rotation. Apologies in advance for the lighting.
I wear my color 8 chukkas more than any other pair. 403 Indy's a close second. Can't go wrong either longwings or dovers though.
Bummer. half size too big for me! Would've bought for sure since I'm looking for snuff indy boots for the summer.
I assume you're considering making a change at AoM. I'd stick with Ravello since I think that makeup will come up great. Just my opinion as I'm also sticking with my Ravello pair. I couldnt find any photos, but maybe someone with Cigar WTB with pants uncuffed could give you an idea.
This is a relatively simple acquisition unless you're looking for antique edges or something. http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-plain-toe-blucher-shell-cordovan-color-8/pvc-ald-mxsdlp-990_ald_m_plain_toe_blucher_shell_cordovan.html
 Solid and sound advice. I myself only got into the Alden game in 2013 and have been able to acquire rare shells by contacting all the retailers noted (I own 6 total pairs now - 3 exotic cordovan, 2 color 8 and 403 indys - with 2 more on pre-order), but also obtained a pair through this forum as well. Part of the fun is the hunt. The rest is in wearing them. 
I'm almost positive, and not a knock on them - it's fair, Leffot gives its top clients first dibs on rare shells. It seems strange that for a shop that sells a large and broad range of Aldens (read: volume) not to receive more rare shell. Plus it's one of the higher end shoe shops in NYC. 
New Posts  All Forums: