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 It seems that way. I got my last (any only) pair of ravello boots in spring 2015. I had an order of ravello LWB from AoM postponed indefinitely. This was an order from spring 2014. Hopefully some Ravello blesses us soon. 
I saw a photo of the Whiskey NST boots from Leffot on Instagram yesterday and had my mind blown away. I'm sure Leffot did that order for their best customers, but it is now officially my grail. There seems to be a lot of whiskey out there at the moment and before that a good amount of cigar. Has ravello become the rarest now?
Thanks - I'm in NYC so would save on the shipping. I need to get them replaced on cigar PTBs, color 8 LWBs and my indys. Glad to hear they do a good job on it. 
 I went to amalfi last year, but missed out on ravello. Such a beautiful part of this world. Enjoyed drinking limoncello and having pizza with the freshest mozzarella. Amazing how they built all of it and some of the cliff-side homes.
Anyone go to B Nelson to replace the heel only on bluchers (dovetail) or indys? Wondering what they charge, how good a job they do and if it would have any effect on going to Alden for restoration down the line.
Lucky. I'm pretty certain I was shafted based on the lack of a phone call or email. I have better luck at Alden DC and Shoe Mart.
Anyone ever install sole protectors on their Aldens on their own? Contemplating getting the below, but wanted some feedback before or how good their are/ sizing. 
 I still haven't heard back. Not liking my chances on this.
Two most recent acquisitions. Leffot Naval Context Tanker Up to 11 pairs now with 3 more on pre-order.
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