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 Those look great! I kind of want a pair now. Wish they were on commando though. By the way, your photos are great - much better than what AoM posts on instagram. AoM and the shoe mart really make some amazing shoes look dull. The other extreme is Leffot making them look unreal.
Anyone familiar with 14 oz Berlin? On their IG they posted they have Whiskey Wingtip boots in stock. Commando and all eyelet. 270-welt. I have a pair from AoM, but I suppose a PSA for those interested.
 Just looked at the listing and you're right about the patina - they look great. Priced well too!
 Are those on Aberdeen? If so, that's my size. MUST. RESIST.
 This is the one pair I have yet to unbox and wear. Can't bring myself to it just yet. The leather is buttery nice. Maybe in a few months.
 I'm avoiding calling because I KNOW I shouldn't. I'm done until the winter unless a grail shows up. 
 These were from a January 2015 preorder, I believe. I myself am awaiting the next one.
I went with the general advice to size up half a size. When first wearing it it feels a little loose - especially at the heel, but walking around and bit of feet swelling fills it up just perfect. I'm 10D in Barrie and went 10.5D in Grant. Worked perfectly.
Agreed half size smaller and I'd have jumped. AoM took preorders last year for a similar make up but on the Hampton last.
Please avoid directly advertising your sales. You may add it to your signature.
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