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 I would read the reviews. Sometimes people give sizing advice and often it is someone familiar with Aldens. Contacting their customer service also can't hurt.
How would these fit someone 10D on the Barrie?
Per my records, Leffot offered the tankers 5/15/15 and the reverse chamois wingtip boot 5/18/15. Considering the tankers are tougher to produce due to their handsewn nature, I'm hoping the chamois WTB aren't far behind!   Also, I (and a few others) put a deposit for Contex tankers in March. Hopefully those come in soon too.   Wound't mind a slight stagger between to too for the wallet's sake.
Leffot x Color 8 LWB today. I think this is a shoe I'll try getting a second pair for. I could wear these almost every day as they go with everything.
Well it wasn't 5-10 minutes, but still under an hour and the Naval Boots are all gone. When they arrive, they're slated to be my 12th pair of Aldens. Currently on 4 pre-orders:   1. Leffot Greenwich Reverse Chamois WTB 2. Context color 8 Tanker 3. Leathersoul Chocosuede tankers 4. Leffot color 8 Naval PCT.
That went smoothly. 10D secured!
Welp, I've always debated between Leffot's naval and J Crew's PCT. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on Leffot's version today. Prefer the edging and all eyelets.
Just backed it myself. Never owned a heavyweight so wanna give it a go. Do they stretch over time? Should I size down?
They seem color 4 to me, but could be wrong due to lighting. I don't know anything about it, but I want it. Too bad it's not 10D. Or maybe, I'm glad its not 10D as no one would be getting gifts this holiday :)
I noted AOM's price is $770. Considering we saw Context charge over $800 earlier (I'm on this pre-order since March 2015), it seems new pricing is in effect. I think Leffot's preorder had them low $700s.
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