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I'm a 10D in Alden Barrie (10.5 tts - my foot is closer to 10.25 than 10.5, but alas). Any tips on sizing?
 January 14, 2015. Sold out completely in under 5 minutes.
 That was certainly one of the things I had in mind. What is the proper way to use it? I guess I could probably youtube this somewhere.  I'm waiting for the next pre-order on those as well. Have struck out twice so far. Hopefully, third time's a charm.
I've had good results with it. Since you'll be getting something shipped from Leffot, I'd use it as an opportunity to add it in. They actually have some nice products in their shop. I might pay them a visit next week.
What's the best way of getting burger fat off them?
Also, can they be re-lasted as the baby grows?
 The lasts are different. Tankers are on the Barrie, while Indy is on Trubalence.
I'm also not big on chukkas for similar reasons. I own 1 pair in color 8 and for me to get any other ones it would have to be a good deal or an exotic shell. Even then I'd think twice and hope someone snags them before I do.
Anyone know what happened to McArthur?
 I would call them. There's a few unsold sizes. Maybe they can modify their order though I hear once it's in Alden it's in.
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