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Per my records, Leffot offered the tankers 5/15/15 and the reverse chamois wingtip boot 5/18/15. Considering the tankers are tougher to produce due to their handsewn nature, I'm hoping the chamois WTB aren't far behind!   Also, I (and a few others) put a deposit for Contex tankers in March. Hopefully those come in soon too.   Wound't mind a slight stagger between to too for the wallet's sake.
Leffot x Color 8 LWB today. I think this is a shoe I'll try getting a second pair for. I could wear these almost every day as they go with everything.
Well it wasn't 5-10 minutes, but still under an hour and the Naval Boots are all gone. When they arrive, they're slated to be my 12th pair of Aldens. Currently on 4 pre-orders:   1. Leffot Greenwich Reverse Chamois WTB 2. Context color 8 Tanker 3. Leathersoul Chocosuede tankers 4. Leffot color 8 Naval PCT.
That went smoothly. 10D secured!
Welp, I've always debated between Leffot's naval and J Crew's PCT. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on Leffot's version today. Prefer the edging and all eyelets.
Just backed it myself. Never owned a heavyweight so wanna give it a go. Do they stretch over time? Should I size down?
They seem color 4 to me, but could be wrong due to lighting. I don't know anything about it, but I want it. Too bad it's not 10D. Or maybe, I'm glad its not 10D as no one would be getting gifts this holiday :)
I noted AOM's price is $770. Considering we saw Context charge over $800 earlier (I'm on this pre-order since March 2015), it seems new pricing is in effect. I think Leffot's preorder had them low $700s.
Let's hope! I'm on 3 pre-orders at the moment and 2 are non-shell as I'm trying to build that arsenal up. Will said that Alden only has 2-3 people capable of producing NSTs, which is why there is such a delay on all those. The Context tanker has been 6 months running now. Not sure if the Leffot tanker ever showed up.
Got in on Leathersoul's next order of Choco tankers! ETA 18 months 
New Posts  All Forums: