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Declined a leffot tobacco chamois lwb in 10D if anyone wants it - call them
Preordered the reverse chamois boot. Didn't have any on commando and wasn't feeling those Indys. Figured this could be the perfect rugged boot for those new england winters. Already have the chamois longwing on commando on preorder from January.
Seconded. Leffot may do a run of those though at some point.
Cigar: Long Wing Blucher  (#97894)- Barrie last, double leather sole  $752Leisure Hand Sewn Loafer (LHS)  (#6717)-  Van last, single leather sole  $736 Whiskey: Norwegian Split Toe Blucher (NST)  (#2212) - Aberdeen Last, double leather sole  $752Whiskey Indy Boots  (#40536)- Trubalance last, double leather sole, speed hook lacing   $775 Ravello: Long Wing Blucher -  Barrie Last, double leather sole   $752Wing Tip Boot-  Barrie last, commando sole, speed hook lacing   $780
FYI - Alden Madison Avenue (NY) is taking confirmd orders for rare shells - Ravello, Whisky, and Cigar. Only doing 1 pair per customer at the moment. 100% payment due.
They are in production, but there's no confirmation on how many pairs they will get. At worst it's 2 pairs, I believe. At best, maybe 5-6.
Got in just in time and scored the 10D I really wanted! 
Alden x. Leffot #8 Tanker pre-order up:   http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/pre-orders/40349hc-pre-order.html
Soon as I said that - they're back!
I would keep checking. Earlier this morning, after I ordered, there was only a size 9 left and then a couple of hours later all the other sizes popped up. I think J. Crew maybe noticed the glitch (both the $600 price and promo working) and is perhaps trying to fix it - hopefully not!
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