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Just backed it myself. Never owned a heavyweight so wanna give it a go. Do they stretch over time? Should I size down?
They seem color 4 to me, but could be wrong due to lighting. I don't know anything about it, but I want it. Too bad it's not 10D. Or maybe, I'm glad its not 10D as no one would be getting gifts this holiday :)
I noted AOM's price is $770. Considering we saw Context charge over $800 earlier (I'm on this pre-order since March 2015), it seems new pricing is in effect. I think Leffot's preorder had them low $700s.
Let's hope! I'm on 3 pre-orders at the moment and 2 are non-shell as I'm trying to build that arsenal up. Will said that Alden only has 2-3 people capable of producing NSTs, which is why there is such a delay on all those. The Context tanker has been 6 months running now. Not sure if the Leffot tanker ever showed up.
Got in on Leathersoul's next order of Choco tankers! ETA 18 months 
Still waiting on the Halleck.
Anyone talk to Leffot recently to get an update on the reverse chamois tobacco wingtip boot? It's been 5 months since the pre-order. Hope those come in before the weather goes downhill here in NY.
How would these fit me if I'm a 10D in Alden Barrie?
Thanks - I'm actually off to the UK next week so I might try to stop into a Barbour store there to see if I can get it and save on VAT.
One of my favorite pairs. Alden DC Ravello captoe
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