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"Kudu is a rare Antelope leather which has an uneven colour and oily appearance and is supremely soft while still being hard wearing."  HAHAHAHAH 
Maybe they have taken exception to the J. Crew in house imitation line.  I've always wondered what the profit margin is for retailers. I assume it is set because Alden sets retail price.
 I wonder if J. Crew will ever do a restock on that boot. Their Alden selection of late doesn't impress.
All the chukka talk yesterday and I broke mine out.
I'm curious to see where this ends up. The pair needs a resole and looks heavily worn albeit with patina.http://www.ebay.com/itm/181748295484
I'm a 10D in Alden Barrie (10.5 tts - my foot is closer to 10.25 than 10.5, but alas). Any tips on sizing?
 January 14, 2015. Sold out completely in under 5 minutes.
 That was certainly one of the things I had in mind. What is the proper way to use it? I guess I could probably youtube this somewhere.  I'm waiting for the next pre-order on those as well. Have struck out twice so far. Hopefully, third time's a charm.
I've had good results with it. Since you'll be getting something shipped from Leffot, I'd use it as an opportunity to add it in. They actually have some nice products in their shop. I might pay them a visit next week.
What's the best way of getting burger fat off them?
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