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They are all and more. I bought 3 pairs off J. Crew sales this holiday. $14.99 each. Over 50% off. 
 Agreed and accepted. However, regardless of the customer, there should always be a courtesy extended. I've been to the store 2-3 times and each time the staff is in the back somewhere. A minute or two later someone walks out, says hello, and just sits at their desk.
 I would call them. In my experience with them they don't take kindly to anything unless they're looking in the mirror, but you did put down a deposit so you're entitled to an answer.
Not a huge fan of the tanker, but I prefer the Leffot flat welt. It's not on my list to buy, but I may be temped if Leffot does another run. 
Any indications on the price increase this year? Normal $25?
I recently purchased a pair from Awl and Sundry and could not be more pleased. Sleek last, comfortable shoe and excellent sole.
Low key King Chukka day in the office. I end up loosening the laces when sitting. Stashing them into the to polish pile tonight after seeing that gem from MrDV.
Must. Resist. They have my size. Someone please buy the 10D.
 Too rich for my blood - I can get 2 rare shells by just waiting the year out for that. However, the description throws me off. It says he has 4 pairs available - what sizes? Also, it says, "Size 's' available." What does that even mean?
It's better that way. Imagine what even another 10 people trying to purchase rare shells would do to availability :)
New Posts  All Forums: