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Thanks for the advice. J crew took them back even though I've worn them for a year. The salesman at the store said the welt shouldn't have opened up like that and it was a QC issue. They overnighted me a replacement pair as well. I was honestly surprised myself they did that after the wear on it, but it's definitely going to make me more likely to buy Aldens from them when possible.
J. Crew was really good about the Indy boots I bought a year ago and wore 25-30 times. The welt and sole seem to have seperated from the upper in an area and they agreed to overnight me a new pair and take back the used ones. In researching a bit online, it seems there are some construction issues with the Indy boot in general. Wanted to get some thoughts on this. I like the boot, which is why I wanted a replacement over a refund, but has anyone else run into issues with a...
Thanks - sent J crew an email. Bought them 11 months ago and have worn them about 30 times, but seems like a manufacturer defect to me. I'll see what they can do.
Anyone? I sent Alden an email about it as well. If it's aesthetic, I'll live with it. Just want to make sure the boot isn't falling apart. :)
Noticed an issue on my Indy's today. Was hoping to get some feedback on the forum if it's something to be worried about:
Is Adam the guy from Carmel or Madison ave?
I'm sure you'll have no issue selling those. If I didnt get in on the last preorder and get my pair, I would've easily taken those off you.
Fair enough. Still very interested so count me in. I assume the cordovan will be sourced from Horween?
Very interested - any chance of a commando sole equivalent?
Mind pointing me in the right direction?
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