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Lucky. I'm pretty certain I was shafted based on the lack of a phone call or email. I have better luck at Alden DC and Shoe Mart.
Anyone ever install sole protectors on their Aldens on their own? Contemplating getting the below, but wanted some feedback before or how good their are/ sizing.   https://www.amazon.com/Traveler-Plates-Nails-Black-Plastic/dp/B0031ELG50/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1466534415&sr=8-4&keywords=shoe+sole+protector 
 I still haven't heard back. Not liking my chances on this.
Two most recent acquisitions. Leffot Naval Context Tanker Up to 11 pairs now with 3 more on pre-order.
 Mine are still boxed. I need to make a decision on either wearing these or letting them go to someone that will. 
One of my favorite non-shell pairs: Alden x Leffot Reverse Tobacco Chamois WTB
FYI to dozen or so folks on it, but the Context color 8 tanker preorder from March 2015 is in! Their price is higher at $835, but no shipping or tax to NY, so ultimately come out on top compared to Leffot's $790.
 Thanks for this - just placed my order. I think they just hadn't gotten the size run loaded till later. Sorry if anyone else wanted the 10D!
 I did the same and at 12 PM on the dot, only 6 sizes or so showed up. I'm pretty sure a full size run wasn't offered probably due to pre-orders by store regulars. Oh well.  EDIT: I would've gotten on this order of tankers, but I've been on the Context preorder for over a year now. I wonder what is holding that up. Leffot has had 2 runs in that span.
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