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From the pants to the boots, this is a winner. AMAZING.
Wearing off from use, not flaking. It's happening in the rolls.
Some of the acrylic finish Alden puts on is coming off my color 8 LWBS after a dozen plus wears. It's tough to get a good shine on that area (where the rolls is before the toe box) as the surface finish is currently uneven. Any recommendations? Can put up a photo later this evening.
Out of curiosity, how'd you snag the 20% off and get it to work? I'd jump on those if I could get them 20% off.
I'm not sure, but it could be because Leffot only does pre-orders AFTER an order has been confirmed by the Alden factory whereas Epaulet may have taken deposits towards putting an order in and having it get confirmed at a later date.  Edit: Confirmed means it has a scheduled time frame for production.
The Cigar LWB were delivered a month ago. Not sure on the rest. No ravello coming in for them (or anyone it seems) until well into 2016.
Ocho x Leffot on this Friday. About a dozen wears in on these. I'm not big on polishing my shells - I only do it if I'm going to wear a suit. Like the slight worn look.
I don't own a black pair either, but if I were to own one, it would probably be the J. Crew cadet cordovan bluchers. They've been sold out in my size for a while though. I'm only 8 pairs in with 2 more on pre-order though.
 I have only 1 pair with black edge and the rest are some sort of antique. I don't work in a formal atmosphere so I prefer antique. If I wore suits often, I'd probably want black. I guess it depends on how it fits within one's wardrobe.
Looking at Mike's spreadsheet, I feel guilty for wearing sneakers today. Back to Aldens on Monday!
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