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 $200 down, I believe. Balance upon shipment.
 I wonder if this means AoM's Cigar LWB should be in soon too. 
A cheap option to do this would be Awl & Sundry. I've met the owner of that operation and bought a pair of beaters off him. He said he could make me a pair of anything if I got him Cordovan. However, I'm not sure how well versed his clickers would be and if they screw it up. Bit risky, but an option.
 If I could get a color 4 boot by EG, I'd swear off Aldens for a year.  Who am I kidding. One can wish though.
 That would be unfortunate as a Color 4 wingtip boot is my grail.Would EG be a better route to get this makeup?
I've noticed quite a few Color 4 boots popping up over in Japan with Horween Cordovan. I wonder if they will send any over to Alden. It will be a street fight.
In all fairness, Alden sometimes has their own QC issues. I'm in the engineering consulting industry and we often also have QC issues in our documents. There's a process in place, but slips do occur.
 Nice PTBs! I am wearing my Cigar PTB and want Whiskey PTB  
 Thanks - makes sense now. Was just interested more than anything. Considering Aldens make up a small percentage of J. Crew's inventory, it's no wonder they can have glitches selling them on sale every now and then and its whatever.
 I guess what I was wondering was how much someone selling color 8 LWB for $728, for example, is paying for the 12-24 pair run they asked for. Purely out of curiosity.
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