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Still a classic. Gonna pop it back into the rotation next week.
 Amazon? http://www.amazon.com/Saphir-Reno-Mat-100ml-Bottle/dp/B002KOXWPE
 Dover has single flex sole and is unlined.
Have the longwings so going for the Dovers in 10D. They should have 2-3 pairs for preorder in that size.
Has anyone received anything from AOM's June exotics preorder? I ordered a Ravello LWB. Seems nothing's been delivered. Now at the 7 month mark.
They are all and more. I bought 3 pairs off J. Crew sales this holiday. $14.99 each. Over 50% off. 
 Agreed and accepted. However, regardless of the customer, there should always be a courtesy extended. I've been to the store 2-3 times and each time the staff is in the back somewhere. A minute or two later someone walks out, says hello, and just sits at their desk.
 I would call them. In my experience with them they don't take kindly to anything unless they're looking in the mirror, but you did put down a deposit so you're entitled to an answer.
Not a huge fan of the tanker, but I prefer the Leffot flat welt. It's not on my list to buy, but I may be temped if Leffot does another run. 
Any indications on the price increase this year? Normal $25?
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