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Sadly, they were only about 5 wears in. Replacement pair from my previous J crew indy boots with a faulty welt. I ordered a replacement pair - I'm surprised they've been willing to take back two used pairs, but kudos to their top notch customer service. If I get another faulty pair, I may have to forego J. Crew, however.
Anyone think this is an issue with my Indy boots? J. Crew is willing to accept a return on them if I'm not happy and/or an exchange. However, I like the worn in look so long it's not a defect/structural issue that'll affect the longevity of the booth. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Darn QC and improper clicking!    
Congratulations! Beautiful family and home!
They're a bit overboard with their New Balance. Even J. Crew has taken a huge liking to them recently with collaborations not the mention the constant price increases of NB shoes. Hopefully LS gets some good Alden makes next year.
I bought this Drake's tie off them a couple of weeks ago and it's an awesome tie. I've noticed it's disappeared off it's site for some reason. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it. Qualifies for free shipping so worst case, return it. Great fabric.  
I thought they may have been, but the color has a bit of orange to it. Almost Ravello, but darker than Ravello.
It's probably been said plenty, but those boots in your profile photo  . Are those Color 4 WT?
For anyone serious about a Whiskey wingtip boot, head over to the C&J forum. There's an MTO happening without the commando sole.
Congratulations. Beautiful shade. Are these from Alden SF/ AOC or DC?
That's funny. The lady, Chi or whatever her name is, over there told me there are no lists and they don't do exotic shells.
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