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 CB is Curtis (I'm omitting the last name on purpose). He's been great to me! I've ordered 3 pairs of exotic shoes through them in the last year and he's always looked out for me. I've talked to one guy (hes there on weekends, I think) who is not the most pleasant - he seems older, but everyone else there is great and they will continue getting business for me. Agreed with the posted who commented on the handling of the situation with ravello. Great move on their part and...
If they do go on sale, it's usually through a J. Crew snafu. You'll hear about it here if it happens. Otherwise, full price is it.
These are fantastic. Size too small for me, but someone out there is gonna get lucky on these.
I'd order through J. Crew - multiple pairs if feasible. They're very lax with returns.
Cigar PTBs getting some much needed NYC sun
 More blacklisting than tracking them down.
I'm half tempted to forward the listing to Alden madison since they could probably figure out based on the size who it is. Hopefully they avoid selling exotics to this guy and sell to people who actually will use the pair. Not sure if that's likely though.
 WOW. If that's the going rate, I'm selling mine at 10% off - $2610! (joking)
No spoiler here. Those shoes. It's not even fair. They're what Harrison Ford wearing his 405s makes 3 hour movies looking for.
I've been wearing my pair for over 3 months now. It's a very comfortable shoe. My only issue is the sole, which is overly glossed and takes a while to break in. It's extremely slippery at first to the point where I'd suggest roughening it pre-wear.
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