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Congratulations. Beautiful shade. Are these from Alden SF/ AOC or DC?
That's funny. The lady, Chi or whatever her name is, over there told me there are no lists and they don't do exotic shells.
It was. Only 4 cigar Chukkas and at most 8-12 each of the other two makes.Leffot does the same thing. Most stuff is offered up on their site (I like their 20% upfront policy as opposed to AOM 100%), but there are certain makeups that go to their regulars - most of whom are heavy hitting clientele. Guys who drop $10K+ a year on shoes and/or go to trunk shows and order, etc. there's nothing wrong with it. Their consistent base should have that access. Not justifying AOM...
I personally don't think it'll be that bad, but to each their own. Here's an example of a tanker to get an idea. Just looking at it and imagining it being a wingtip is getting me antsy for 10 months from now. 
I'm kind of hoping it comes out like the Whiskey we have been seeing lately, which is darker. I'm sure you'll get another shot at it at some point via another retailer.
I had to back out of the C&J, unfortunately, due to this makeup. Hopefully mdubs fills my spot.  Thanks. I appreciate the response and no offense taken.  Barrie. They had an offering in June and one now. Typically Spring and Fall for exotics. Hopefully sooner, but if not, just in time for next Fall! Yeh - that was a little weird.
 Someone let the cat out in an earlier post, unfortunately. Didn't divulge the retailer luckily.  Likewise! Now we wait. 
I agree the Dovers are awesome and I will be putting in a deposit next time they are offered, but I thought the whiskey wingtip boot on commando and antique edging offered today was pretty special (though I wish it were Ravello! I guess you never know with these new shades we're getting).
Anyone have any thoughts or comments on the sudden availability of exotic shell? Seems to be very abundant now and available for the most part. Especially in light of the WSJ article earlier this year proclaiming it'll be harder to come by. Seems like a chance by Horween to drive up business more than anything. Well played.
Leffot Dovers?
New Posts  All Forums: