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Seconded. Leffot may do a run of those though at some point.
Cigar: Long Wing Blucher  (#97894)- Barrie last, double leather sole  $752Leisure Hand Sewn Loafer (LHS)  (#6717)-  Van last, single leather sole  $736 Whiskey: Norwegian Split Toe Blucher (NST)  (#2212) - Aberdeen Last, double leather sole  $752Whiskey Indy Boots  (#40536)- Trubalance last, double leather sole, speed hook lacing   $775 Ravello: Long Wing Blucher -  Barrie Last, double leather sole   $752Wing Tip Boot-  Barrie last, commando sole, speed hook lacing   $780
FYI - Alden Madison Avenue (NY) is taking confirmd orders for rare shells - Ravello, Whisky, and Cigar. Only doing 1 pair per customer at the moment. 100% payment due.
They are in production, but there's no confirmation on how many pairs they will get. At worst it's 2 pairs, I believe. At best, maybe 5-6.
Got in just in time and scored the 10D I really wanted! 
Alden x. Leffot #8 Tanker pre-order up:   http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/pre-orders/40349hc-pre-order.html
Soon as I said that - they're back!
I would keep checking. Earlier this morning, after I ordered, there was only a size 9 left and then a couple of hours later all the other sizes popped up. I think J. Crew maybe noticed the glitch (both the $600 price and promo working) and is perhaps trying to fix it - hopefully not!
More sizes just popped up
FYI - J crew has a new #8 lwb priced at $600 and the 20% off card member code works! ALDEN® SHELL CORDOVAN LONGWING BLUCHERS Item: 26508 Size: 10 MEDIUM Color: DARK BURGUNDY IN STOCK $480.00 x 1 $480.00
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