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  Hmm..you might be right. Considering Alden is/will be soon on two week holiday the early 2016 window is looking more and more likely. I'm more concerned about getting my Leffot greenwich boots before winter anyway than the tankers.
 The Context preorder was submitted 2 months ago. Looking at an early 2016 delivery last I'd heard.
Alden x Leffot King LWB
Agreed! Loved your WTB rainbow yesterday. The patina on the cigars was the best of the bunch IMO.
Those Color 2 LWBs are now at $1,255 with 4 hours to spare.
 Those are beautiful. Ravello feels like unicorn of late. Hope we see some fresh Ravello some time this year.
Are you sure she got in a big order? Kathy usually submits smaller orders for exotics for a quicker turn around.
 Look at it as motivation to wear them more. When I got the Cigar PTB I posted earlier, they were significantly darker. I've been trying to wear them at least once a week and the patina is slowly setting in.
 I like Alden DC's strategy. Kathy likes to submit orders or 2-3 shoes in order to increase the likelihood of them getting made within a "quick" turnaround.
Alden SF Cigar PTB. Scuffed them a little during an outdoor lunch on this beautiful NYC day.
New Posts  All Forums: