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I'm sure you'll have no issue selling those. If I didnt get in on the last preorder and get my pair, I would've easily taken those off you.
Fair enough. Still very interested so count me in. I assume the cordovan will be sourced from Horween?
Very interested - any chance of a commando sole equivalent?
Mind pointing me in the right direction?
Alden DC has a cigar lwb list, but it's loaded. I'm 6th or 7th for 10D and they're only gonna be fulfilling 3 of those any time soon.
I noted the same from my recent leffot lwb. Even the one crease that has formed so far is dark.
 They're the only pair of Alden boots I have (rest are chukka or lwb - still growing my collection) and I gotta say, they look better scuffed than clean. Switch up the color of the laces and make it interesting. It's a pretty go-to boot for me. Been wearing them for about a year now.
FYI - Alden of Carmel has a #2 lwb (anniversary run) in 10.5D available (so close to my 10D) and a Cigar LWB irregular in 10D for $475.
When was that pre-order? Was it exclusive? That shoe is on my must-have list.
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