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 I know. My response was to the comment in which someone stated they felt leather soul had the best makeups. 
Sorry, I should've clarified I'm gonna try and get rid of the pair of keswick's I bought. Not sure if the marketplace is the best route or Ebay.
Respectfully beg to differ. Perhaps at some point, but I feel in the last couple of years Leffot has absolutely been killing it.
 Yeh. Should've read up before. Saw a last pair posting and jumped. Anyone have any ideas about the going rate for a used pair of trickers? Whats the best route - marketplace here or ebay?
It was these: http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2013/06/24/trickers-chocolate-suede-keswicks-lsbh/ Not sure of the last, but Justin who handles last pair said 9.5 should be fine based on my 10 barrie size. I'm gonna get rid of them. They're almost unwearable akin to slippers.
I think each first-time buyer should try it on. My true size is 10.5 and 10D in barrie fits perfectly. I bought a pair of trickers (leather soul last pair - glad I only paid about 1/3 of full price) in 9.5 and it fits miserably large. I can't even return them so I'm getting by with super thick socks and sole inserts. Just my two cents in sizing experience in trickers. Excellent well made shoes, but recommend trying sizing in store.
Few of us managed to get something similar from Alden Madison (on pre-order) a couple of months ago - Whiskey wingtip boot on commando. Probably as close to that make out there at the moment.
Those Indy's are everything and more. So glad to have acquired a pair from a fellow member here.
Photos? Usually just keep brushing. Some stains don't disappear immediately and may take on the order of weeks.
 MrDV made my day.
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