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Can anyone help me translate these leather color of m_moria boot or show me some pictures? PeTRoLio, iNCHioSTRo, MvSCHio, VeNa, FoSCo, FvMo, ZiNCo, LiViDo, SaNGvE, RvGGiNe
nice list!
eck, where i can buy these boot?
What's different between Adiciannoveventitre and A1923?
Where i can buy these boot?
Why color so different?      
These black boots same as farfetch's  black kangaroo leather boots or not? http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/adiciannoveventitre-lace-up-boot-item-10207398.aspx
Who can give me some information about this boot? Thanks very much!
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