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hi does anybody know where I can buy loake and barker shoes in the US (New York)? I mean a physical shop, not an online one. Thanks
Thanks for your reply BlackFuchs...   I have contacted Herring. According to them, it is normal that leather soles are noisier than rubber ones. But it would seem that the shoes are a little too big and too wide. So my advise to everyone: if you wear EU 41 (GB 7) for sport shoes, choose a half-size smaller for dress shoes and choose them tight (GB 6.5 F). One full size might be too tight.   I actually purchased the shoes through a friend in the UK (I do not live...
hello , I am trying to upgrade my style and I need some advice. I have just purchased a pair of Herring Surrey Continental shoes. I have pasted 2 images below and you can find them here: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=3066 I am new to these type of shoes so I started with an inexpensive one (I do not want to buy "cheap" shoes", of course !). I usually wear EU 41 (GB 7) shoes and, not being sure whether to go for the medium or...
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