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So why do you guys have to size up in the chinos? Is it just that the thighs are tight or is the waist too small?
I have the Rugby 14 wale cords and there is no need to size down. They come pretty slim. 
Yeah it says 40% off on the main page too bad I get a server error when trying to go past that page. Ugghh I have to go to sleep soon. Damn you Rugby!
The fit looks good Buffalo. No, don't wear the pocket square. With it being all black the bow tie will draw attention and the pocket square just confuses it. Keep it simple with this one.
I have a coat similar to the grey one and I like to wear it with khaki chinos and either a blue or pink OCBD.
So when does this sale actually start then? Edit: Never mind I got my catalog of the sale from BB today. It says it starts Wednesday. So what is the deal with the kicker? We will get an email with a code or do you have to ask a SA on Wednesday?
I am thinking about getting some RRL Jeans. I have never had selvedge jeans. I am a 34x30 in most pants but in RRL Officers Field Chinos I am 33x30. What size jeans should I get?
Very true. Thanks guys and with how discounted that sale is I have no issue with that.   This is my first purchase from WvG. I can't wait.
I ordered a couple shirts in the fire-sale but I did it in separate orders. I was hoping they could put them in one order. I emailed Mauro but you guys are saying he is out of town. Is there another email that I can contact someone with? If not it's no biggie.
I got a couple Zegna coats at a thrift store and there are some some threads or something that are prickly pointing outwards from the shoulder. I have pulled a couple out and they are like 6" long and they are some kind of plastic thread. Anyone know what they are? Is it bad to pull them out?
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