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So I got my first pair of RRL jeans and the leather logo patch on the back is open on the sides. I have never seen that before. Is your belt supposed to go through there?
For anyone thinking about the eggshell overdye OCBD you should know that the sleeve length isn't 25.5" it is 24". I am going to see if I can get it let out a little but it looks like there isn't much fabric in there.
I am a 34x30. In officer chinos I wear 33x30. I could do 32 in the waist but the thighs would be really snug. I just got my first pair of RRL jeans. They are Straight leg and I went down to 31x30. They are tight but not super uncomfortable. I expect them to stretch well. Hope that helps.
I am getting my first pair of RRL jeans. I like them to sit at my waist so I am thinking the straight leg in dark wash. I wear 34x30 pants. Officer Field Chinos I wear 33x30. I have never had selvedge denim should I size down in the waist and size up to 32 length? Is it fine to get 30 length?
That sounds like it fits perfect. I like sweaters to sit at the belt. Maybe even showing some of the belt.
How do Rugby sweaters fit? Slim? I am usually a large shirt in most brands but I usually size down for sweaters.
No, the formal he went to he had to abide by his date's wishes. Now he is just trolling because he can wear whatever he likes at his prom.
I want to get some Rugby sweaters but I am not sure which size to get. I am a 40r and 16/34 shirt. I wear medium in Polo RL sweaters but I wear large custom-fit shirts. I know Rugby is usually slimmer so I wonder if I should get a large.    Anyone have the Cotton Shawl Cardigan or the Striped Cable Knit Hoodie and have any ideas?
Just call customer service and they should be able to help you.
I believe it is for the day after Christmas.   I am planning on getting a navy 1818 Regent suit. If I open a BB credit card it will knock it down to about $500. 
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