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Thanks but I wear Large shirts and Medium sweaters in PRL. The neck is too small on medium PRL shirts for me.
I wear a Custom fit Large in PRL shirts. What size shirt should I get for RRL? I have tried on some sweaters from RRL and Medium is what I liked. Thanks.
You definitely have to size down but I thought that was for every fit from RRL right? I size down two sizes on straight leg. Once sized down they are slimmer than 501's.
American Apparel for American made sweat shop free shirts at a cheap price.
Yes I think it is a little too short. The classic look is to have the jacket cover your butt. The modern look is a bit shorter than that but modern is also slim cut which this suit is not.   This suit does look bad like people are saying. The cut just looks full and sloppy. The pants look like you dropped a duece in them from the front. Look at the area around the crotch and inner thigh. There is too much loose fabric gathering there. I would say return that and look...
Got some good stuff for spring/summer. A madras shirt, oxford cloth shorts, chinos etc... Finally found out the Rodeo Drive store has free valet parking in the back. I have always parked down the street at a structure.
Woot! I need some linen shorts and pants.
Yes that line is now known as zZegna. It is their cheaper line. Good find.
White and blue RL Oxfords don't really go on sale. The other colors will go on sale though I just don't know when.
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