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Thanks. Right now they are at $35 so I might as well give them a shot. I like standard rise pants and I assume these would be a lower rise but at that price it wouldn't hurt to try them.
How is the red fleece stuff? I like the look of the stuff but I haven't seen anything in person. I am thinking about picking up some of the slim fit chinos. Anyone have any experience with them?
I don't know about corporate but from March 24-31 there is a preferred customer sale for 15% off and 25% off if you have a Brooks card.
I think in your situation you have nothing to feel vulnerable about. You would be using a hat for a purpose. I have the opposite problem from you. I have thick long hair and I use hats to keep it out of my face. Before my hair was long enough to tuck behind my ear I would even wear a hat at a restaurant(I know sin!) to keep my hair out of my food. I like following hat etiquette but sometimes the rules need to be broken in the name of functionality.   I would wear a...
Those look nice but I have found a bunch of Zegna pants like that at the thrift store so I am full up in that department. I almost never find cardigans while thrifting. I found a Christian Dior one once but it is Acrylic and it is kind of a weird orange color that is hard to pair with stuff.
Thanks. I went to BB and returned some shoes and I decided to get the Gatsby OCBD and the cardigan. They didn't have the cardigan in my size so they are sending it from another store.    Yeah I see those differences. In the movie it really looks good on Tobey. I'll try it out and see how it is on me. I just bought a RRL cardigan in faded olive so I might not keep both.   This...
I am thinking about getting the green cardigan in the Gatsby collection. Will that ever go on sale?
Yes the Officer Field Chinos are year round. Yeah you can call the store and get them.
Thanks but I wear Large shirts and Medium sweaters in PRL. The neck is too small on medium PRL shirts for me.
I wear a Custom fit Large in PRL shirts. What size shirt should I get for RRL? I have tried on some sweaters from RRL and Medium is what I liked. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: