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I generally wear a 9 or a 9.5 US, I got an 8 UK and they are just a little bit snug but fit pretty perfect.... i would say you could size down a full size or a half size since they are boots.   I got them from ($149 and had a gift card so $131 after shipping).
guess I'm truckin through the snow down hills then and avoiding the sidewalks this winter lol
very much appreciated! First pair, not thrilled to hear lol... thought I was doing good avoiding leather soles.  I think they should look cooler as time passes and they become more aged.
just got these Grenson Ethan chukkas              lighting was bad, but they should be good for the upcoming months in michigan.
thanks! Nice to see a fellow Michigander 
  Maybe not a sweater I would typically wear with this jacket but i am home on break and was pairing things i threw in my bags as I was headed home lol.   not really sure which jacket you were referring to, but if you buy from backcountry, most stuff has a lifetime return policy.... the last two winters I have decided that the jackets I had did not fit what I wanted/needed and backcountry fully refunded my purchase... if you're gonna spend an a pricey winter jacket it's a nice option to be able to return it at any point in your life should you decide you don't like it or it...
I have been searching for a winter boot for my collection to withstand the Michigan winters, I can kind of picture what I want in my head but have not had an luck actually finding it.  I just bought these cole haan's on sale for $169 in T Moro  I was going to have rubber applied to the soles at a local cobbler...  but I may return them upon getting them in the...
this may not be the solution you are looking for, but im from the north so it works great for me... I use a winterproofing wax (sorry I cant remember the name of it, its at my other house..) that bakes into the leather and provides year round protection while also allowing me to two-tone the leather how i want... but it also can be applied to the entire shoe and darken the color up a bit.  Another benefit is that the shoes are virtually unscratchable with a layer of...
that jacket is awesome!
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