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Mods could you please close? thank you
Bump sorry about not checking on the thread and replying to the pm's. I replied to everyone and will sell to the first replier, as I wasn't sure if each person was still interested. Please note that outside of US will be extra on shipping.
thanks for the heads up, added the size.
APC Petit New Standard Raw in size 28. Never worn, brand new in wrapping.     Just got it in the mail and realized that I need a size 29. I will trade for a size 29 or 30 Petit New Standards or Petit Standards in the same new condition. $130 plus shipping. Paypal is accepted, please send as gift to avoid fees. Thank you.     edit: addeded size edit: added pictures
Thanks guys I'm in northern VA as well. I'll check out Georgetown as well and report back
Those look great I might get a pair soon I hope mine fit like that
I love the first ones where and when can I get them?
Ugh, the barbour jackets sold out quick at club monaco sale. Does anyone know if the they will be restocked and when the sale will be back?
Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I just moved to a new area and I don't really know of a place around to go try it on so I guess I will gamble on a 36 Bedale and hope for the best.      Can anyone compare the sizing of the Bedale and Ashby models? Are they sized similarly?
that's pretty screwed up on their part. i dont even see it on their website anymore so i guess S&D overruled their sense of business ethics
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