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Actually just picked up the Seiko 5 here, hoping it comes in soon so I can wear it on my upcoming vacation! Definitely looking to pick up an Orient or something when I get a chance/money :)
Wow looking at the insides of those things are pretty crazy... 
Yeah would make sense to invest on something like a nice watch... Always worth it and I agree. Will definitely look around for a nice omega/orient watch maybe..? :)
I'm in the same boat been looking at these here the popular one from what I read is the seiko 5
I don't think that my other post has shown up yet but I'm thinking of getting the seiko 5 Thanks for the advice guys... Now to find some Edmond Allen's !
Ahh yes I was actually looking at the Seiko 5, are you not a fan of those type of straps that they already have?
Hello everyone, new here and wanted to see if anyone had personal input or could maybe refer some better ones? I recently lost a ton of weight and am changing up my style and have seen alot of these watches worn casually.   Thanks for the advice!
Hey everyone, just recently lost a lot of weight after a cut *i lift weights regularly :)* changing up my wardrobe and style! Liking it a lot, costing quite a bit of money so here to check out deals and get some tips on style/fashion
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