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Hey guys about to bite the bullet on getting my first pair of wingtips... anyone know anything about these FRYE james wingtips?   The fatigue color is ugly as anything; but I am liking the ones for 92 (burgundy/blue/olive) Thanks!
Just tried them on yesterday for anyone who wanted an update. They are GREAT. very comfy, the ones I got kinda look like boxers somewhat but I really like them.. if only they weren't sold out :(
Quads for the broads  haha I will post pics most likely 
Friend had an extra pair for me to "test" out, going to give em a go :) Might post pictures...
^ agreed! gf thinks they wouldn't look bad on me, might pull the trigger on em who knows. Might go with these and another Timex watch either from these two here The weekender or the dress sport one and also going to get a pair of these buc browns that are on sale at endless :) it seems like the chino/sperry combo is not a popular one here on this...
No need for name calling :) I was merely asking what you guys thought of it! 
Hmm well actually my friends say they are great! Haha he told me he would lend me a pair and the thing is I work out alot and I have legs I don't mind showing off :) *excuse the boasting* It's just some people would see the super short shorts as a bad thing I guess.. I guess I could post this as "street wear" to see what they would think. I'm thinking of getting a pair. Definitely not the 'mericas though a little to out there for me
Looking to grab a pair and a few friends from college keep telling me to pick them up *they are in frats what a surprise * Seen a few reviews on them being pretty comfortable even though they don't look that comfortable at all. Anyone here at all ever wear these or hear of em?   Was thinking these to go along with a second watch *got the Seiko 5 from the list*   and a...
Really depends on what type of style you are going for. Trends in highschool are basically whoever you tend to hang out with and what you want to "label" yourself as. Sad but true.
Just picked up a good sale on Sperry buc brown top siders for 57.22! if you are interested 
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