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Friend showed it to me and I would have to agree with most of them... Except that sometimes I really don't give a  about what i wear out   your thoughts
picked up these from ebay and he also sold me a black pair with the upper condition just as good but lower not so much for an extra of 10-15 depending on the shipping. Total was around... 70ish if even. did i get a good deal or did i mess up. ae sanfords    
wish I could bribe about something... everytime i ahve gone has been a failure ;\
hey guys recently picked these up          and he offered to send in a black pair same size but the soles were more worn down and he told me if i were to wear them everyday for a year by then id most likely have to get them replaced/fixed, i was thinking of just cleaning them both up when i got them but here is the condition
Just ordered 2 Wingtips from Fryes on amazon and 1 Timex Weekender and a Seiko 5 :) Not as high end as most of you but I am starting out 
I think it would be a bit much... Depends really I would say. Have you been to this one before and have yo useen the people dress up or down for it ;)
I will definitely give that a go... Need to get some navy chinos now
wow... grey ones.. but with what pants!  ill save that question for another time :P   Just ordered the grey ones! Can't wait to post a pic of them for you guys. excited 
Thanks for the advice guys! I am really thinking about pulling the trigger on the burgundy ones... hmmmm
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