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A little guide I found for anyone looking for a bit of information on winter dressing. Going for that "dapper" look at least, Enjoy!
Hey everyone, looking to get a bit more updated on current winter fasion for the coming year. It's getting really cold here on the east coast and was wondering what you guys thought of these suggestions. Thanks everyone and have a great xmas and happy new year, any input is great and will be taken!
My girlfirend just got me some Allen Edmon Malverns... like one of these Would these be okay to wear with suites as well too? Or just strictly cords/jeans kind of wear? Thanks   Pic for those who probably don't know what it is    
Girlfriend just ordered these for my early christmas gift. Can't wait for my AE Malverns to come in :)    
Girlfriend just picked these up for me over the weekend. She knew I was dying to get some boots for the fall so she got me a nice pair of AE malvern boots. Can't wait for them to get in    
Wow! I definitely thought poor man's we were thinking 100 and below. Looks like you guys have some awesome pick ups for decent price! A bit too high for a low baller like me, what are your opinions on any of these? Too cheap? I hear great things about Timex Weekenders and Seiko 5's. A friend has them and i think they look great. Maybe one of these since I had ordered one for a friend for his bday but haven't gotten to see him wear it yet.  
Just went through my dads watches he left me befor ehe pssed away :)    had a great citizen and seiko in there... 
  alright so it just seems like the general idea seems to be  don't do it. haha     yeah I was talking about that one made by merona i think... Not sure I have seen mixed reviews, i plan on going to JCPENNY or macy to check it out. I was thrifting a few days ago and saw a blazer from brooks brothers for 20 and didn't get it... :( it fit well too. I have no idea why I didn't get it now that I think about it...
I guess I should pick up a blazer then... Blahhh haha oh well anyone have any blazers they would suggest? I have read alot of good things about the ones at Target :)
Can you do it or does it just look dumb? I've seen it a couple of times and i've seen it done obviously with blazers, but what about a jacket from a suite?
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