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besides ebay or another like store i'm not sure you can get them, but you can always call and ask. I did so for the black tectuffs
Hey guys, I want to wear jeans, a white dress shirt(tie?), and a plain black sweater vest. I don't have a large collection of shoes. I have some dr. Martens (black tectuff) 1 pair of ae's i got from my dad, a lot of chucks, a couple of brown boots, and some other sneaker type shoes. I was wondering wondering if the chucks and a matching tie would look good. All help appreciated
Hey guys This question sounds juvenile to me, but is this combo ok. I have a coral short sleeve polo button down shirt, I'm thinking of either wearing jeans and light colored sneakers, or khaki pants and dark brown boots or light brown shoes. Are these ok combos, if not can you suggest some non suit ones( i only had 3 suits and they were ruined yesterday. )Also are navy pants ok, or do i have to have a full suit to wear coral Also is mens wearhouse a good place to start...
Hey I have some black tectuff dr. martens, I usually wear skinny's with them and a t shirt. Would they look ok with a polo shirt? And should I wear the skinny's tucked in or cuffed?
How do you put this in mens clothing? I accidentally put it here
    I'm new here and have a question?I have some tectuff Dr. Martens (black). I bought some levi's 511(skinny jeans but not too skinny, just skinny enough to tuck in), in like a dark wash color. I think it looks good, most of my friends do too, but some think its to military like. Can I get your opinions? Here's a picture of my docs. Also I'm thinking of getting some more docs any suggestions?
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