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        Hey guys,   I just received my black wholecuts on the Ama last (Classic line). As I stated earlier and as my nickname suggests I don't have much experience with better shoes. So I need your help.   As you can see on the first two pictures, the lacing shows a rather strong V. Is this still ok and will it decrease by the time?   Picture 3: The upper edge of the tongue does not have the same (or enough) colour, it is rather grey than...
Oh man. I just reread his post and realized the obvious meaning. English language can be misleading sometimes. ;)
You purchased yesterday and received the shoes today?
The same happened to me last week. It may take several hours, but your post will occur at that place in the thread where it would have been posted without the effect of the moderation.
Do you mean style 12153? At first glance, I thought that, too. But for me it looks like the seams are different.
Classic Line or Linea Maestro? I couldn't find these on the website. Therefore, I would also appreciate a comprehensive overview of all available RTW shoes on the website.
That's indeed nice. Thanks for the info.
Wow, that's fast. Did you get a shipping notification? I am wondering if they always send one or not.
In my opinion, a tassel loafer does not fit to most younger people, especially not in combination with jeans.   I would recommend this blucher: or maybe this half-brogue suede oxford (but this one is from the Linea Maestro).  
They really look great; I especially like the steel toe caps.  
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