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Yes, I know, sorry. Thanks anyway.
Oh, yes, sorry. Somehow, I didn't have this last in mind at all because I don't remember having seen it for any of the shoes offered on their website.
So there seem to be some new lasts; at least Dub and Ben. Does anyone have infos on these?
Talking about new lasts, does anyone have details about the "DUB" last?
Just one little thing, Keal19: I'm pretty sure that Sandro is a man and not a woman.
Hey guys,   you are just saying the same thing. Of course, at a given quality, the wage differential between Spain and China enables Meermin to offer the shoes cheaper by producing in China than in Spain. This does not necessarily imply low(er) quality. Nonetheless, as the same shoes would have to be sold at a higher price if produced in Spain, the shift from high price to low price mentioned by UnnamedPlayer is abolutely correct.  
As the others advised, I could contact Meermin. But I am afraid the Olfe last might be to slim for you. The Aldwych in 9,5 fits me well in terms of ball width (it's just too high for me because my ball is quite flat) and I wear the Ama last in UK 10 (but I also have a high instep).   Best regards
Do the Linea Maestro shoes come with shoetrees?
I'm also very pleased with the service Meermin offers.   I contacted Sandro concerning the upper edge of the tongue that is a little of a different colour. Sandro advised me to try to polish it myself using black wax or to give the shoes to a shoemaker to solve the issue and they would refund me the fee for that.
Thank you very much! The notch is not a big concern for me in cosmetic terms as it is on the inner side of the shoe. If it's not negative for the shoe itself, it's fine for me. I will try to polish the tongue.   That means I'm gonna keep the shoes.
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