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You mean because of the squeaking?
Ok, that means the squeaking is indeed normal? Could anyone confirm that?   I vaguely remember having read about a squeaking shoe and it was recommended to return the shoe because it was considered a defect. But I am not sure if I remember this correctly, so I would be glad about more opinions on that topic.   Thank you very much!
Thanks for your reply.   However, I'm afraid I can't attach conditioner anywhere to solve the problem because the squeaking seems to come from the sole respectively the bending of the sole when walking.
Hmm, does that mean they all have a defect or that the sqeaking is normal? I would appreciate any help before I contact Meermin.
I just checked it, the squeak does not come from the tongue. When I bend the shoes a little with my hand imitating the "deformation" when walking, the squeaking appears. It comes from the front part of the shoe (the first third approximately).
Hey guys,   I have a problem with my Amas from the Classic Line. I've worn them about six or seven times now (mostly inside buildings) but they still "sqeak". They did this from the very beginning and I thought it would diminish but it didn't. None of my other shoes show this behaviour.   I uploaded it on Youtube:   I would be very grateful, if you could tell me if this is normal (what I doubt to be...
I'm quite sure they are, I have the same. And yes, they do look great! :)
+1. The Austerity Brogue looks awesome!
WOW! I love them. They should definitely offer this shoe on their website. Can you say anything about the fit of the Ben last compared to Ama?   It seems that the shoes are rather low in the ball area and quite high in the instep in comparison (that would fit my feet perfectly). Is that true or do the pictures just mislead me?   Best regards
I totally agree!
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