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Terrorsquad, as I read that you own shoes on the Olfe, Hiro and Ama Last, I would appreciate if you could tell me something about the sizing.   I own the Ama wholecut in UK 10 and they fit surprisingly well, especially considering my rather high instep (as additional info here are my foot dimensions: Length 281mm, Ball girth 270mm, Ball width 115mm, Heel width 82mm, Instep girth 275mm, Heel girth 373mm; based on measurements for sizeadvisors.com). I wonder if I...
Can anyone help me with a comparison of Hiro/Olfe with the Ama last? The Ama last fits perfectly in UK 10, so I'm wondering if I could also go with Hiro and/or Olfe or if both of them (or at least Olfe) would already be too narrow.
Now is anyone able to give me a comparison between Hiro/Olfe and Ama?   As mentioned before, the Ama last fits nearly perfectly in UK 10 for me.   Thanks in advance!
It looks like they are too big for your feet, especially the left one. I would recommend to try an additional insole at least.
I think that the overall quality and the design exceed the expectations in most cases. Even if some problems occur (as for example the often quoted sole splitting issues) I suppose that this would not be a big deal if Meermin managed to react on these problems a) in time and b) equally across different customers. It is always a big problem if they make promises that are not kept at all. I know that this is at least partly due to the Spanish culture, but Meermin is aware...
Ah, ok. Sorry that I didn't remember/accidentally skipped that. However, it seems that this is - based on the incidents - a rather rare/minor issue.   So far, I haven't been able to test my new wholecuts because I currently don't wear suits. So I'm excited if my new shoes will have the same problem. However, if this is the case, I will try the Talcum powder.   I assume you don't have experiences with both the Ama and Hiro last regarding sizing?
Hmm, somehow this all sounds a bit disappointing.   I've just gone through about 140 pages of this thread since I last visited it when I finally received the exchange pair for my defect wholecuts in March. It seems that there is a variety of different quality control and customer service issues. Unfortunately, I also experienced both of it. Just to mention it: After I finally received the exchange pair, I asked Meermin to refund me the return costs of the defect pair...
Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my shoes last week. Meermin apologized for the delay and they sent me the exchange pair via FedEx Express. I really hope that this was a singular issue. Seeing all those great pictures, I can barely resist ordering another pair soon. However, I will first need to check the current pair regarding possible squeaking or sole splitting issues (as this obviously has not been completely resolved so far).   Best regards
I'm through with Meermin. My exchange pair still hasn't been shipped nor has my money been refunded. Meermin knew about the return on December 19, as soon as I got more info I returned the shoes on January 4 and they arrived on January 14. Promises about the shipping and/or more info about the current status were repeatedly not kept; no response for 12 days.   The often praised customer service is nothing more than a series of unkept promises and the obvious try to...
Has anyone received an email response from Sandro between Thursday and today?
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