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Quote: Originally Posted by jet ip4 crushes everything ip4 is like the apc new standard of phones
Thanks for the comments guys. I'll probably play with it a bit. The length is probably that much bigger of an issue because they stack at the top of a pair of bulky high tops. Sorry kelvinsense Did you decide to keep yours then?
Shit... sometimes you don't realize how much you need to hem your jeans until you see them in a pic Surface 2 Air Tee Dior Homme Black Selvedge Raf Simons Astro
Quote: Originally Posted by wgbennett83 Details on the shirt? H&M
Beach status, cheap everything
Quote: Originally Posted by etseq What about sneakers? It seems nuts to me to spend $500 on a pair of Lanvin high-tops, no matter how nice and unique they are. I would have a lot of trouble spending much more than $100 on sneakers. What are you asking? The "Baller sneaker" thread is one of the more active ones on the forum at the moment. Anyway, I think you get away with going cheap on most clothing. You could have a wardrobe consisting of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Damn, really? My Kuro is the shit. I believe Panasonic took over Pioneer's plasma division and will be incorporating some of the Kuro technology is newer lines.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Indeed, would hit two times. PG, k town this weekend? We style on deez mofos. I'm in, haha Actually, the girls are better at the spots I go to
Saw this in supermarket on sf. Interesting colorway, could work out real nice for a girl that wears sneakers. I don't know if I could wear them though.
My worry would be that there have been a good number of that model on ebay recently (some sellers even have multiple sizes), they are over a year old, and aren't exactly a colorway that would have a hard time selling.
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