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Perfect drink after a long day of work.
Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy Just wrote a post on what I've found are the best carne asada tacos in LA. I dare you to find better. Mexicali Taco & Co. I'll agree with this one. The Cachetada is pretty damn delicious. I went there once when the fish taco guy (Ricky, I believe) was there also but he was sold out :/
Quote: Originally Posted by jet lol weren't you the one who told me that 8oz was awesome? then when I told you it was alright you said and i quote "dang, you got some high azz standards" now look atcha I was new to the game. It's like when I was posting pictures of Cole Haans here on the forum, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Did you just ask me out on a man date? I'm down to go when you get in town. We should go for Burger and Beer Monday though. Each Monday they have 2 additional burgers (changes every week) with burger and wine pairing. This week they had a Burrata Burger and Double Trouble Burger (2 Patties, Gruyere, Pickled Chili, Bacon and Mustard Aioli).
Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy Rustic Canyon makes what I think is the best burger in LA. Of those who have tried it... agree or disagree? I have been preaching this one for a while. I have yet to take someone to Rustic Canyon that didn't it was as good as, or better than their previous favorite.
You want a bunch of dudes to meet up for ice cream but you won't let me live down drinking a jack and diet.
That's pretty close to me, maybe I can make it there this week. I'm always down for tater tots. I hit up Hole in the Wall Burger Joint. Wanted Rustic Canyon but they aren't open until 5 :/ Not top tier, but it was pretty good. Good West LA alternative if you don't feel like dealing with a bunch of hassle. I had the beef on pretzel bun with onion mayo and bacon. Burger of the week was a philly cheesesteak burger, which sounded a bit overwhelming to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk Jet and whodini didn't really like the burger. Try some other stuff and let us know how it is. Comme Ca is a good burger, just didn't quite live up to the hype. It's still worth trying, IMO. I'm probably going to give it another shot because when we went they hadn't got their meat shipment and only had 3 burgers. Don't really know what that means for what they served us, I guess we got old shit -_-
Anyone try the burger at Gorbals? What's the verdict?
Had no idea they opened a Lanvin store on Rodeo -_-
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