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Stopped by Marcus' sale and picked up a seersucker-ish field jacket and a navy Lupo (not on sale). Previous purchases, tan Lupo and blue Gianni MTM suit with AMAZING textured fabric. Pics doesn't do it justice.
  Agreed, and in my size as well... I might have to swing by to try it out. 
Not sure what you're asking, tbh, but the collars look great to me. Then again, I'm a non-rugged metrosexual eurodandy so... 
  That's a killer look! Great job! 
@NickPollica    Any favorites from the Spring/Summer MTM-book? There was a bit of a snag with the fabric I chose for my suit with Marcus, so I have to select a new make up.    To be clear, nothing on Marcus. He's been great about the whole thing. 
    He had two solaro suits, one beige and one blue, when I was there sunday. But the material that impressed me the most was the tan hemp suit. Damn, that was stunning! 
See pic.Not sure if it was a defect or if I was careless with it. But, I mean, I'm not that fat...Thanks, but I bought it on sale so not sure how that affects things. Maybe I can get it fixed, but just weird. Never happened before.
The belt buckle of my Farnese belt just broke??!  
  Went by the store today and put down the deposit for the chelseas!
  Your pics were one of the reasons I need them, besides handling them in person in the store of course :) 
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