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Not sure about the practicality of this, but damn!! https://instagram.com/p/-CTzTPiaze/
^^ Yeah, that's really really awesome! Love that Monitaly ranch coat! 
  I bought one as a Father's day gift, so I can vouch for their suitability :) 
That Moscow is perfect! Fit seems spot on, did you size down?
^^ That's a stellar look! 
  Maybe if you hair spray them, they'll hold shape! 
 Thanks! I've seen your guide before, but I have never been able to replicate it :( 
  I have the same pocket square, but I can never get it to fold like that. If I send you mine, could you fold it and send it back :P 
Visited the Stockholm showroom last week to say hi to Marcus, look at the stuff (and drink some wine). Unfortunately I realized that I need to MTM, fortunately I can. The one suit on display was beautiful, and the fabrics I quickly browsed through looked awesome. I'll have to save up and get a suit pretty soon.
New Posts  All Forums: