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  Hmm, sounds a fair bit short unfortunately. Any idea how much, if anything, the sleeves can be taken out? 
  Ok, good. How are sleeves? I'm a long in most, if not all, jackets and suits. Need about a 27'' sleeve for jackets, from shoulder seam. 
How much is a lot? If I'm a normal 54, would it fit? @gdl203 Any measumerents? 
Kopped a spring/summer blue check Havana jacket and the Soho brown plain in wool alpaca blend that I had been eyeing awhile. Also a blue slim shirt.
 Good to hear, now if only the dollar could weaken as well...  Had no issues with shipping cost for my one order. 
Anyone have experience having a cobbler lasting out shoes on the Simpson last? Possible to make it closer in width to Rain (which fit me great)? 
Damn you strong Dollar (gone up 20+% since jan 1st 2014)! Had my eye on the Eidos brown & charcoal mini-houndstooth suit, but adding in shipping to Sweden and another 20-25% of customs and taxes, there's just no way :'( 
Butteros and Gustin
Thanks for great service, Kyle! The shoes fot like a glove, or is that sock? The PS is great as well.
Anything in 54L? 
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