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  Oops, fixed! Thanks. 
I guess Christmas came early for TWAT...  [[SPOILER]]   And there's more, oh so much more. Don't click on unless you want to see her in all her glory. Links are dying fast, but new ones are posted on Reddit and 4chan. Reddit created this subreddit about the full leak event (tons of pics of other celebs): http://www.reddit.com/r/thefappening 
  They are indeed fantastic, I must have a pair of Bestettis in the not so distant future! 
Capri pants are still not ok!      But fun story :)
  Looks more like Bestetti than Lobb, but it's a beautiful shoe :)   edit: found it, and hnnnnngh!!! http://ilpiaceredivestirsi.tumblr.com/post/76617907416/frecciabestetti-novecento-line-model-york-in
I see a suit fit I haven't seen before on their list of fits, called Mercer. Is this new or something old that popped up again. Looks pretty nice, but there are no suits available.    Link to EU site http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_SE/mercer-fit.html
  Something called common sense interfered :/ Next time I'll just ignore that and the panicked screams of my wallet :D
Aaargh, someone snagged Marblehouse's Campagna SC. That'll teach me to sleep on things I really really want :(
  50 wines are dead simple. 
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