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So, maybe this? €37,460, a bargain...    http://www.loropiana.com/flash.html#/lang:en/product/FAE6311/W000
$42K retail? Too bad it's not 154...          ...just need to take out a new loan on my apartment. The bank should understand, right? 
  I'm with you, I like it a lot. The red really pops. 
  Thanks for the info, even if it kinda sucks. How about restocks of the one suit they have? One-off, or will they keep stocking it? If you know. 
  Oh, nice. I'm probably getting that in a couple of weeks. Pants aren't really tight on me since I need 106. So I always have to take in the pants anyway, or I did on the La Spalla suit I bought. 
  Yeah, I really like the style. Hope they bring it out soon, could use a fall suit in that colour. As well as a SC. 
  Oops, fixed! Thanks. 
I guess Christmas came early for TWAT...  [[SPOILER]]   And there's more, oh so much more. Don't click on unless you want to see her in all her glory. Links are dying fast, but new ones are posted on Reddit and 4chan. Reddit created this subreddit about the full leak event (tons of pics of other celebs): http://www.reddit.com/r/thefappening 
  They are indeed fantastic, I must have a pair of Bestettis in the not so distant future! 
Capri pants are still not ok!      But fun story :)
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