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Balance for shorts paid for!
I wish I could afford everything Btw, any word on when the shorts from the NWMA pre-order are dropping? @NickPollica thanks!
Those lazymans are lovely! 
Monitaly Ranch Coat kopped.    Weird to kinda want to skip summer :P 
  Perfect, thanks! 
Sizing advice on the Monitaly Ranch Coat. Going by the measurements, if were to buy, say a sportscoat, I would go for the 42. But should I account for the lining when sizing and go 44? I'll probably just layer it over sweaters. Thanks!    @gdl203 
I hope mine is in there! Edit: it was
  Yes, yes, yes! 
Beige it is. 
So, should I grab the beige or the navy Thinner jacket off the sale? 
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