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  I tried those, or Marcus take on it, this weekend, and unfortunately they really didn't fit me. Too short in the legs, and way too tight over the thighs. Bummed :( Didn't leave empty handed though, bought a crew neck sweater in blue with an incredible hand (I think it's the same that Gentry has). Super soft. But I also felt up (:p) the cashmere sweater that's also on Mr Porter, and that thing was otherwordly. 
  It went pretty quick anyway. 
    Go Europe! 
Working at home-wear Lupo, Arjak and Gustin jeans.
  About these pants, Marcus is getting them as well. He saw my posts here about them and messaged me to say he's also carrying them. So once his ecomm is up, you guys have another source (once I get mine of course). 
Arjak touchdown in Sweden! 
Kinda kicking myself for not joining the Thinner pre-order :/  Will you get the basketweave in later? 
  Damnit!   Thanks! Regular size or size up? 
I wonder how many of the 10 ended up in this thread :D 
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