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I'm 52-52-ish (not really sure since I went MTO), but need like 3-4 extra cm length in the sleeves from the OTR-stuff I tried. But the long sleeve Lupos and Giannis fit perfectly sleeve-wise in XL. Or XL in Lupo, L in Gianni. 
  Hmm, weird. 
And the last one is heading to Sweden. 
  Anyone willing to proxy to Sweden? MP3 wouldn't ship overseas. 
  Thanks for bringing that back, super happy!  Also my first, but certainly not last, Bonafé. 
 Cool, thanks. 
  Nice, is Marcus getting those pants? 
  The pants material look really similar to the suit I had made with Marcus. But really hard to say from pictures. I want the pants anyway :p  
First wear after picking them up yesterday. Fit is great and they, after a few hours, still feel comfortable. Pica taken while boarding bus to work, so please excuse the quality
New Posts  All Forums: