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Saint Crispin. Nice! :D 
I was in there after lunch, they were still extremely secretive. Will try to stop by later. 
I'm somewhat amazed that it hasn't leaked yet. I should've snooped more in the store... Ah well, I might try to stop by after work anyway. 
 That might be the best looking SC I've ever seen, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it considering the price, it's nowhere near my size. 
This might be the best looking SC I've ever seen, unfortunately not even close to my size :( GLWS!
  If I had the cash to spare, I'd pick up both LBM overcoats and his Valstar jacket :( 
RLPL Army Coat arrived safe and sound (despite shenanigans by the swedish post office). I'm gonna take it to a tailor to see if they can take it in a bit, as it's a bit large across the body. I'll post fit pics afterwards.  Cheers and thanks! 
  Thanks! Will do! 
 Thanks, I think I got it for $2 or $7 under my max, lucky :D Invoice paid.  Just saw the shipping notice, awesome! Thanks! 
Mnngh, inaugural purchase. Set a max and went to bed, didn't think I'd get it. RLPL army coat. Should be a good spring coat. 
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