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  Maybe the designer is a fan of Charlie the Unicorn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsGYh8AacgY
  God damn! 
  Ah, never mind then. Too small :) Thanks for the reply! That is a dope boot tho :)
  Hmm, details? Don't remember the last, sole, etc from the last run. Any large (i.e. 11.5UK) sizes?
  Those Butteros look great in that pic. Much better than in the stock photos, where they still look good. Damn. 
  Aaah, looks like the vintage chestnut Mitchell from SkoAB. The first G&G I fell in love with unfortunately they never had them in my size. 
Good to hear, congrats. If that Carmina Cordovan U-wing would've been available in 11.5UK, I would've foregone my moratorium on purchases. Damn that looked great! 
  I went and tried the Eton x Edios collaboration yesterday. Tried on a SC in 52 which was the largest size the Stockholm store ordered. While too small, nothing suggested that the 54 would be as well.  On the other hand, I reaaaaaaaaaally want an Eidos sportscoat now. Guess I might have to take the VAT and import duties hit and order from NMWA in the future. 
Kopped the Leager jacket in grey, a light blue cashmere scarf and the washed white shirt in extra slim :) 
  Only the lower part of Sweden is visible though. 
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