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  Not if you look at the pictures. The second picture has it buttoned at the fourth line from the top of the lapel, the first has it buttoned at the sixth.
 Well, 50% of the time at least... 
They're really doing a disservice to some beautiful products with their awful modelling...    That parka in some darker colors would be even more awesome. 
  Oh god, yes!! Is Marcus involved? Might have to pester him for details :p
Something wrong with this thread? http://THE BEST OF B&S - SOMEONE SHOULD BUY THIS!
  Thanks for the input! 
 Thanks, sounds like a no go then. Too bad, the measurements posted on Haberdash for Medium sounded promising, except I have no idea about the sleeves. 
How is the fit on the Lupo long sleeve polos? Would an L be much too small if I'm generally a 54L in italian SC and suits? 
My NWMA-pouch now holds golf tees in my golf bag :)  
Understandable. They are awesome, but also a bit of a struggle. 
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