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Exciting to hear about Eidos in Stockholm, and that Marcus is repping you here. Great guy! Will visit as soon as possible, and hopefully order some stuff down the line. 
Thanks for the beer and cheese, guys! 
 They are even more amazing in person! Went into the store tonight to look around a bit, and they were surprisingly light. Really wish they came in my size :( 
That Norwegian Rain stuff if amazing! 
  Thanks, too small for me then as I'd need at least 42L US. GLWS! 
Size and measurements of the SC, if it's close to 54L? 
  Not if you look at the pictures. The second picture has it buttoned at the fourth line from the top of the lapel, the first has it buttoned at the sixth.
 Well, 50% of the time at least... 
They're really doing a disservice to some beautiful products with their awful modelling...    That parka in some darker colors would be even more awesome. 
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