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  While not as great as the original, they are still stunning and I like them a lot. @europrep 
    Thanks, the advantages of living in Europe! :D Yeah, they are something really special! 
Thanks a bunch, Steve! They are awesome (despite the crappy pictures)! :D               
  Hmm, those look miles better than those depicted in the email. I was probably going to cancel based on that email, but now I might have to reconsider. Will still decide when I handle the shoes in the store tho. 
 It's two sizes too small unfortunately :(
Thanks for the reply! Carmina didn't notify SkoAB either, so I guess we'll all see what Carmina says. 
 Yes, Skoaktiebolaget has made the best of an unfortunate situation. My shoes are coming in a second batch in a few weeks, so I'll make a decision then. Fortunately I think that the Chukka might lend itself better to that color. 
Apparently the old supplier went bankrupt.
I'm participating in a GMTO for Skoaktiebolaget for an Adelaide in Tobacco Snuff. We recently got an email that Carmina changed suppliers of Tobacco Snuff due to the old supplier going bankrupt, without notice, and the new version is, from looking at photos, really different. Will this also affect the tobacco suede chukka MTO? I would assume so since the Adelaide MTO predates the Chukka one. Have you heard anything from Carmina, Steve?   
  Yeah, I'm kinda bummed as well. Really loved the old suede and looked forward to it immensely. I stopped by yesterday to take a look, but they were busy with a customer and I was in a hurry. Going to try again today to see how it looks in person. 
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