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  Agreed, I saw that chukka in person at SkoAB and it was stunning. So much so I now am waiting for two pairs of shoes in tobacoo suede. Manolo adelaide from SkoAB and chukkas from GFW. 
  What are the prices and estimated delivery for those? Miiiiight be interested. Damnit, I wasn't going to pre-order any more shoes. But both of those are almost exactly what I'm looking at next...
  Mnngh! I will try to wait for my first pair to see about fit first. 
I also need those blue Antibes in my life, not sure how to swing it though :( Or in blue suede *nom nom*
  That was gone when I was in to look at it. Placed an order anyway :) 
  Awesome!  I'll have to stop by the store to check my size in Rain first tho. 
Thanks, good luck with your decision. 
  $91 + $23 for shipping, so the total was $114. They charge once the time runs out, but with todays exchange rate it would be 775 kr. Pretty damn reasonable. 
Just found out about Gustin today (from swedish blog Manolo), and ordered a pair of the summerweight in slim.  Brilliant idea this! Now to refrain from ordering more...
  I would most likely be in for that! 
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