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I would have to say they are up to par to AE's leather and craftsmanship but they are the only other brand that I own. In terms of price they are a steal since I was looking at the AE Neumoras which are much more expensive neither was I that set on spending the money to get the Sid Mashburn dub monks which I was also looking at as well. I still have to see how they hold up like everyone has said.    After wearing them for the first day they were really stiff which I...
Dub monks came in!    
Chinos since they can be dressed up or down. A pair of dark selvedge denim. Several staple OCBDs and simple T's.  A sportcoat or two. You can never go wrong with a navy and grey one. Finally, a few staple pairs of shoes. I'd add a pair of sneakers to that like a pair of Nikes/NewBalances/Converses/JackPurcells/Tretorns   In the end, you can wear anything you like and buy from any brand that you like. It's your style. 
Definitely the tassel loafers but I would go with a lighter brown if they had one. Hem and or taper your denim so that you can play with different sock colors and designs like these fellows. I'm 22 by the way.  
Brown calf dub monks just shipped after 8 days from the day that I ordered them 
How come some people from the US are being charged the customs fee when others are not???
  Whoa that's the time when I inquired about the dub monks. José said that it would take about 30 days so I hope for them to come sooner since I paid for mine on 8/2. With all this talk of a price increase getting those blue suede dub monks sounds so good. Blue suede dub monks though 
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