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haha how did I know they'd be allen edmonds? That seems to be the #1 endorsed shoe on this forum. Is there anything a little more minimalistic? Something simple without laces, and with a similar texture.
  My shoe size is 11.5 and I have a wide foot. I need really good arch support. The best fitting shoe that I have ever worn would be the merrell jungle moc but they are "too casual" for work. I really like the rusty look of this shoe, but I've seen some quality snobs bash these shoes on this forum. Is there a higher quality alternative with the same look? Thanks.
No more than 300 because most shoes can be bought somewhere online for half the price if you know your size.  
Let me rephrase. Magnannis are too much for a part time minimum wage sales associate job at a big box store. I guess I am in the wrong place. I am not a shallow materialistic bitch that hides behind his keyboard and purchases overly expensive clothing because I am insecure with myself. My coworkers wear tennis shoes. And since you are so intelligent. You would already know that different people have different feet.
they are magnanni's. Umad?
I hate how these shoes look. Very comfortable, but not down to earth at all. I am not a millionaire ceo with a nice Armani suit and a rolex. I work at best buy. These are amazingly comfortable. I need a similar shoe with an arch support that is available in 11.5 W. I am not very shoe savvy so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could recommend a shoe that isn't pointy or shinny, but one that has the arch support and cushioning. I like the fabric on the one below....
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