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I got caught in the today going to work. I am in NYC so the rain wasn't too bad. I have a pair of Park Avenues - Walnut. I wiped them with a paper towel. It's supposed to stop raining in the afternoon. Should I try to get them polished today, or just let them dry out and when I get home put them in my shoe trees and get them waxed/polished tomorrow?     Thanks.
Where can I get a sweater like that? What is the color called?
I haven't ever shopped at Uniqlo, taking a look around their website, I notice jeans/pants length are either 32/24. Do they sell 30 length? Or do I have to get them tailored?
Thnaks. Will check out the guide.
What is the inseam size for Unqilo are they all 32? Online it only shows waist size.   Thanks.
I am looking to get similar jeans to this, however I dont want to pay $155.  Any other site/company sells jean similar to this col o
Where can I get a sweater like this. What color is that considered?  
I just started my first real job and was looking into buying a watch. I have had my eye on a Tissot Watch for long a time, but its no longer available on Amazon. My budget is $500.00 the cheaper the better. Is there a watch out there that is similar to this. Any recommendations?   Thank you.
Bump anyone?
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