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    Does this photo show a new style from 3sixteen? Found the photo on the 3sixteen tumblr.
Anyone here a fan of the Roshe Run? Seems like they were the "it" sneakers before all the Flyknit craze from the Olympics.
This is just awesome: http://well-spent.com/2012/08/15/everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-denim/
Stopped by the pop-up shop in SF and there wasn't much that interested me. I'm sure once the flagship opens that will all change.
      Thanks for the input, guys. Really appreciate it. So I finally saw the jeans in person and tried them on, but I didn't buy them. Great fit on the jeans, but ultimately, I just wasn't a fan of the darted seat details. The search for another pair of denim continues!
Looking for a new pair of denim. Considering these Wings + Horns raw slim fit jeans. Anyone ever own denim from W+H?  
Not sure if you guys saw this, but Corter is currently having a Back to School sale:   http://corterleather.tumblr.com/post/28339954574/back-to-school-sale-is-up-and-will-be-for-a-few https://twitter.com/corter/status/230352371350392835     Ends tonight at midnight est, so about an hour remaining.
Saw Andrew's tweet about some new 3sixteen+ jeans (https://twitter.com/andrew3sixteen/status/230004351404494850). When will those be available at the shop?
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