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just got my suit in and definitely going to get a remake. really loose in waist and chest but what really annoys me the most is this divot at the shoulders and the wrinkle in tricep area how can this be fixed? is it shoulder measurement that's too big/small? bicep? or simply I need to request sleeves to be rotated/moved?   note: suit not been pressed.... yet        
well i'll be heading to a few stores and sizing myself for their different lasts sometimes tomorrow in order to find my right size but at the moment it looks like i'll be picking up a black sanford and if my size is still available brown strands, as much as i like the walnut color, i'll have to wait until i have something like a light gray suit, thanks for the input everyone   @vinny amazon is currently doing a sale of 20 off 100 or 50 off 200 for apparently shoe and...
Since amazon's shoe sale is still running I'm looking at getting either the larchmont, strand, sanford, or park/fifth aves since those are in my price range. I'm looking for a shoe that would work for job interviews and formal for even weddings but I don't know which style fits for which occasion. wouldn't hurt to have one I can wear informally as well   At the moment I'm thinking of picking up two pairs and i'm leaning towards getting black and a dark brown since my...
  Thanks for the advice, I tried adding light blue shirt but it's sold out so I guess I'll just stick with the white one   Also I am 5'8 but after seeing others' suits and comparing their height to button stance, I think I'll try lowering mine .5 or .75" once I submit my order, and thanks for the shoulder tip by the way, I accounted for that in my measurements, anybody have anything else to offer before I buy?
i'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a suit really soon since I still have their vente-privee deal earlier in july   since this'll be my first suit ever i'm thinking on getting the essential navy, either a solid white or pink shirt, and either the purple or maroon tie would that actually be a good mix n' match of suit, shirt, and tie? 
does anybody know if the difference in price is worth the purchase for their more expensive lines?   I've heard their essential line's fabric/feel is decent and fits the price but I'm wondering if their more expensive suits are noticeably better?
First post here so I'm not sure whether this is the right place but if not point me in the right direction   Anyways I figured I might as well start to invest in some formal wear since I'm going to be looking for jobs and what not soon. What really jump started my decision however is I just received a wedding invitation for a wedding that's taking place in early sept. so now I've got to decide, purchase, and get it properly tailored within 5 weeks. I've never owned...
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