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Thats for your help tailor. They are 31" back length (bottom of collor to bottom of jacket). So they are pretty much right where they should be for a 44R right? Do you think the problem might have something to do with my 9.5" difference between my shoulder and chest measurement, making everything baggy? Does that make me a candidate for MTM or can I still buy OTR and get tailoring done? My chest is only 40", but my shoulders are 49.5" by my measurement right now. That...
Donuts,   The shoulders seem perfect to me. My shoulder bone finishes right at the sleeve seam with my deltoid extending slightly past. That is how a shoulder is supposed to fit, correct? I tend to have this problem. I need the 44 jacket for my shoulders, but I have a 35" waist.   Do you think it is too long? I got another comment stating it is too long. I think if I go to a short jacket it will be too short.
What necessarily denotes a larger person? I have a 35" waist. I ahve ot wear a 44 to fit my shoulders. The 42 are much too small.
I'm 6"1. Is it common for someone 6"1 to be wearing a 44S? Those are all 44R.
Hey,   So I just bought two suits from suitsupply. I am going to send one back. I am quite pleased with both. The first two pics are of the Washington cut. The second two pics are of the Sienna cut. I am worried about the conservativeness of the Washington lapels, being peaked. However, it fits very well off the rack. The back seem would need to be let out a little I think to relieve the back ripples.   The Sienna is wonderfully made. The soft shoulders are well...
Hi,   I just bought two suits from SuitSupply. The first 3 pictures are the Washington cut and the second 3 are the Sienna cut. If you could give me some advice as to alterations/adjustments/fit critiques I would be much appreciative.   Thanks, DennyCrane13   p.s. Sorry I couldn't get the pictures to upload in the correct orientation. I tried a couple of times.....            
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