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Well, everything with the same name is supposed to have the same cut, but they're all essentially similar. The only thing I've found consistently true is that the HUGO labeled stuff tends to have a slimmer fit.
  I score 5 out of these 14 as being genuinely required to be well dressed, 7 as useful but unessential, and 2 as "to be avoided".
  Man, the soundtrack is my favorite thing about wearing corduroy. I guess it's less appealing under these circumstances.   In looking at all of these TAT suits, one thing that almost always seems to be the case is that the pants are way too long. Is this just something nobody gets right, a flaw in the production, or is everyone deliberately getting too long / unfinished so that they can be hemmed locally?
Hi guys, help me out here. Nicolas & Mark, alpaca & flax blend, $143. I figured I'd wear it drapey with jeans? Or something?    
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