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In my experience, the average American can and does differentiate between odd jacket+trousers and suits.  The former are always (most of the time erroneously) called blazers.  This differentiation implies an acknowledgement of the difference in formality.
@MickeyPunch Looks like you got the one below.  Get in touch with Luxire directly.  
Very nice duffle @luxire .  What colors of boiled wool are available?  Is it case by case or will it be going on the site?
I like them as is
I had thought MSRP was allowed because it was only suggested, not required.  Even though, for all intents and purposes, the manufacturing was requiring it be honored. But I thought it was interesting, so I just googled it and here is how Michigan.gov explains it. 
What was his answer on suede side-zips?
There is a massive pea coat thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/144305/mega-peacoat-thread-61-threads-merged-all-peacoat-questions-here
 I love GoT. No strong opinion on the nudity, because most of the tits are meh.  Though I'm still not going to complain. But Alexandra Daddario in True Detective....
Agreed regarding having a last made.  I was just mentioning it in case the OP was unaware. And I understand your reluctance with online MTO; however, there have been a number of people on here that placed orders with Meccariello and Bestetti and are happy with the results.  They both send test shoes which are used to iron out the big fit issues.  But it's very much personal preference whether you feel comfortable with that route or not.
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