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The pattern can be adjusted to reduce the amount of fabric in the back without darts, but it is much harder to sew this way.  Not saying I agree with the original comment but that it is possible. From Kabbazz' site:
The tailoring looks very nice.  And the rollneck Gennaro is wearing looks great as well.
I know this was many posts ago, but the diagnosis of disease is in no way similar to making an aesthetic judgement about whether something looks good or not.  I wish we could have stuck with Tira's sports analogy regarding valid and invalid opinions. But I do agree with the crux of your post.
In my experience, the average American can and does differentiate between odd jacket+trousers and suits.  The former are always (most of the time erroneously) called blazers.  This differentiation implies an acknowledgement of the difference in formality.
@MickeyPunch Looks like you got the one below.  Get in touch with Luxire directly.  
Very nice duffle @luxire .  What colors of boiled wool are available?  Is it case by case or will it be going on the site?
I like them as is
I had thought MSRP was allowed because it was only suggested, not required.  Even though, for all intents and purposes, the manufacturing was requiring it be honored. But I thought it was interesting, so I just googled it and here is how Michigan.gov explains it. 
What was his answer on suede side-zips?
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