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^I'd have gone with a different square.  It seems too close in tone to the jacket, almost blending in.  I tend to default to white linen but that might not be optimal with this.  Is the tie wool?  Maybe something like the Rubinacci Victory square (pic from Derek's tumblr)  
3 pair of gloves (unlined, lined, lambswool) cordovan sneakers pea coat DB navy suit couple rollneck sweaters a few lambswool crewnecks EG FW14 shawl collar knit jacket
 Just curious, what do you think makes it more wearable than the Lewis Leathers version?  Better leather, updated fit, or something else?  It looks to be almost the exact same design as the Lightning except the sleeve zips and chest patch. I'm not personally a fan of this design but respect that you and many others are.
^  Strange comment and first post - you really can't think of another plausible explanation?
 I'm not Mike but Chuck's run 1/2 size large typically.  That's the common advice and fits with my experience.  So if you are using that as a basis for determining your size, a Brannock 10D would take 9.5.  I'm a US 10 and that's what I did. The comparison to Chucks is somewhat contradictory while saying they are true to size, but the fit on sneakers doesn't have to be as exact as dress shoes IMO.
Cognac and Oxblood ordered .  Was trying for Cigar but it wasn't showing - guess that means it sold out for real this time.  
Or you could order swatches to avoid feeling like you wasted your money
Are there pre-order links where we can pay for the remaining balance of the Merino reissue?  I can't find Kyle's original email in my inbox.
I pre-ordered the charcoal size V and will post here if it doesn't fit.  Really hoping it does though (and guessing it will based on @accordion measurements - Thanks for those
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