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Same here, to both
Greg, have the last few Formosa trunks shows gone better than the first couple in terms of people attending their scheduled appointments?  I hope so.
 Take a look at RF Clark Saddlery and Sawyer Cabinet Co.
Not sure why my post warranted a detailed explanation.  Tuma asked for the iconic Margiela jacket mentioned and I posted a picture
^Not sure what you mean with the first part, but I think he's referring to this model. 
I propose a combination of these two jackets [[SPOILER]]  Pockets on the body of the top one minus the little flap pocket.  Sleeve zips, sleeve pocket, and beltless waist of the bottom one.   
 as an FYI from Parisian Gentleman
Didn't see the post but it normally refers to leather that has been tanned but not finished.  
Swimming trunk update.  I tested the Epic swimming trunks yesterday and have to amend my earlier statement.  The actual shell (part made of Epic) doesn't take long to dry at all.  It actually dried in less than an hour (65 degrees with very slight wind) when I hung them up yesterday, quicker than even the mesh lining.  However the pocket bags, which are not made of mesh, do take a while to dry.  It'd probably be worth mentioning to Luxire when you order to have the pockets...
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