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Looks like a lace doily
Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. Is that the Despos house style? I love the lapel roll and shape of the quarters and how they look together
Camel all the way for me, but there are a ton of good options.   Is sizing the same as the Merino?  Sweaters were tough with the V due to the unlined arms.  I exchanged for a VI, which I love, but it is definitely a slouchier fit.  I'm wondering if I could get away with a V since the sleeves are lined on this one. 
^Correct   edit: 2 posts up
Cutter and tailor forum has a list.  There was also a list within this thread awhile back you could search for.  Neither is comprehensive but they are good starting points.
The pattern can be adjusted to reduce the amount of fabric in the back without darts, but it is much harder to sew this way.  Not saying I agree with the original comment but that it is possible. From Kabbazz' site:
The tailoring looks very nice.  And the rollneck Gennaro is wearing looks great as well.
I know this was many posts ago, but the diagnosis of disease is in no way similar to making an aesthetic judgement about whether something looks good or not.  I wish we could have stuck with Tira's sports analogy regarding valid and invalid opinions. But I do agree with the crux of your post.
In my experience, the average American can and does differentiate between odd jacket+trousers and suits.  The former are always (most of the time erroneously) called blazers.  This differentiation implies an acknowledgement of the difference in formality.
@MickeyPunch Looks like you got the one below.  Get in touch with Luxire directly.  
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