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Eidos, Luigi Bianchi Mantova, and Ring Jacket all have something very similar.  I like the last one best though I'm not sure if it is fly front or not.  And it is the least readily available.  There are a couple of pictures of Alan from the Armoury wearing it, albeit in a color other than navy.  
I think it depends if you select an in-stock fabric and how many modifications you make to the standard pea coat design.  I'd put a special note for Luxire to check with you before shipping, and then you can chose whichever address is needed.
Sloth?  Maybe lust based on that last bit
Thanks.  I haven't decided yet, but I'll take it into account.
@luxire This may have been asked but any chance you'll have more flannels available - maybe some heavy weight like this Flat Head offering?
@Donut Sorry can't help you.  I don't have the jacket anymore and this was the only pic saved on my phone.  From what I can remember the lapels are fairly small.  I like the look but YMMV   @Parker I was contemplating shortening the sleeves a touch, hadn't considered doing the same for jacket length.  I'm ordering the moto first rather than the DR, so I still have a little time to decide.   @spacepope haha I knew someone would comment on that.  Not gonna rule it out...
No, I was looking at the Game Theory course but chose to do Model Thinking instead - really interesting so far.  Also hoping they offer Game Theory again soon.     Going to start one of the Udacity courses (self-paced) on How to Build a Startup.
Just a grainy cell phone pic - probably not real helpful.
I'm 5'10", 178, with a 42" chest and the L fit jacket was pretty much perfect. 
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