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Or you could order swatches to avoid feeling like you wasted your money
Are there pre-order links where we can pay for the remaining balance of the Merino reissue?  I can't find Kyle's original email in my inbox.
I pre-ordered the charcoal size V and will post here if it doesn't fit.  Really hoping it does though (and guessing it will based on @accordion measurements - Thanks for those
 That doesn't sound right to me.  I know my front shoulder measurement is smaller than back.
The website just has a picture, but here it is: http://cdn.styleforum.net/8/8e/350x700px-LL-8eaa3705_Arm_Fit_Patch_grande.jpeg
I apologize if this has been answered before, but what is the purpose of the arm fit patch shown on the website? Or more accurately, how does it work?  
Thanks for the response Thurston Bros.  Makes sense now. FWIW, I was mainly trying to understand the change, not criticize, as 1" in the shoulders is fairly significant - though my post probably didn't come across like that.  
 In response to a question about the updated L shoulder measurementSo we went from that to this (which I forgot to quote): "We're offering the standard fit right now....however, we're slimming the shoulder-to shoulder by 2 inches from the Junya fits... What that means is that the shoulder-to-shoulder on the StyleForum.net fits will be 18.5" for size XL (46/48)18" for size L (44)17.5" for size M (40//42)17" for size S (38)16.5" for size XS (34/36)16" for size XXS (32)"
 Are you only talking about the bal boots? The rest seem pretty sedate.   FWIW I'd get them in black shell/black suede - that just happened to be the first picture I could find.  
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