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Most of these issues shouldn't influence the style of jacket you choose.  Any good tailor will be able to account for them. With a barrel chest and narrow shoulders, I'd opt for extended shoulders and either a lean or slightly swelled chest.  I'd echo what kulata said and choose B&Tailor - based solely on pictures of their work.  I have not ordered anything from them.  I also haven't seen pictures of the other Australian tailors, but they should be able to produce...
 Springline can make a last for you.   I'd also look into Antonio Meccariello and Ricardo Bestetti, who are able to make last adjustments without in-person visits.  There are threads for each on here.
This ^ And this^ I still watch Seinfeld re-runs but not Friends.  But that may be due to where and when each is aired
I agree.  I prefer when they mirror the shape of one's face.  For me, it's the symmetry of angles created (upward from chin through jaw line and downward from collar closure to points) that appeals.
  Thanks Clags.  Appreciate it.
Do you know what book that cloth is from?
The pic is from The Simply Refined blog.  My guess would be Dashing Tweeds.
I think it's the maroon gingham flannel - sold out unfortunately.
Are Thedi sold in-store only?  I can't find them on the site.
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