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 You can.  They wear down quicker than other materials but they can be resoled.
Fair enough. Obviously I don't agree with you, but it's a moot point anyway. It's not an option Aero offers, which I'm totally fine with.
I will, just sent the fit jacket back so it should be about 1.5-2 months.  The only thing I requested different than your jacket is an exposed front zipper - not sure if it's available or not as I just sent the note to Carrie today.  I may be explaining it incorrectly but more similar to this with nickel zips and hardware. 
^Agree completely
Echoing what everyone else has said...I actually started an order after Carrie sent pictures of your jacket through PM.  I was pretty bummed when the the Vanson x TB moto didn't go through, but that jacket looks great!
Yea I plan on doing a 3-piece.  4.5m should be more than enough but I'd rather err on the safe side.
I'm in for 4.5M
Same here.  Count me in for 4m 
Current list: 100 nkwu ($1200) 101 arthurmouselo ($450) 102 burnsbrightest ($820) 103 sicknastyawesom ($380) 104 glove24 ($830) 105 Lifetime ($780) 106 dstrkt ($380) 107 Blue000ff ($380) 108 stineybopper ($1620) 109 kevinmaau ($380) 110 yozhik ($795) 111 skeen7908 ($830) 112 iamacyborg (~$1600) 113 cutemelon ($1245) 114 eglbc (1560$) 115 ngredient ($1160) 116 mannyo ($380) 117 yoshi ($1575) 118 jawnjingle ($1720) 119 machete hands ($450) 120 REDSTAR ($380) 121 Slyde (USD...
X-post from the Skoak thread. I'm placing an MTO for Enzo Bonafe split toes in their mocha suede.  Same EB style as below but without the Norvogese stitching - should turn out similarly to the second pic (EG dovers in mocha suede).  I'm going to place the order regardless but just wanted to post here in case a couple more people are interested.  Send me a PM if you are. [[SPOILER]]
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