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@Donut Sorry can't help you.  I don't have the jacket anymore and this was the only pic saved on my phone.  From what I can remember the lapels are fairly small.  I like the look but YMMV   @Parker I was contemplating shortening the sleeves a touch, hadn't considered doing the same for jacket length.  I'm ordering the moto first rather than the DR, so I still have a little time to decide.   @spacepope haha I knew someone would comment on that.  Not gonna rule it out...
No, I was looking at the Game Theory course but chose to do Model Thinking instead - really interesting so far.  Also hoping they offer Game Theory again soon.     Going to start one of the Udacity courses (self-paced) on How to Build a Startup.
Just a grainy cell phone pic - probably not real helpful.
I'm 5'10", 178, with a 42" chest and the L fit jacket was pretty much perfect. 
 That's cool with me .  Agreed regarding a turtleneck with shirt underneath.  I was speaking of the alternative - wearing alone/with just an undershirt - where I think a turtleneck looks better.
 I'd hope this is rarely the case within iGent circles.  The tie probably just came out that way when he tied it.
Thanks for the info and pics T4.  Very nice! I like the contrast stitching.   I was planning on ordering the exact Hermes design from a local leatherworker (maybe with hatchgrain) sometime down the line.  Now I may have to rethink the single strap.
 From the Museum Calf Appreciation Thread - Quote from CAPO24, Written by Micael Magnusson.“John Lobbs vision resulted with them liaising with tannery Ilcea to create a cloudy looking leather with a soft tanned background and a darker front base. The desired look is made through a sponging treatment right after the leather is up from the aniline bath – not even allowing it to dry up. This treatment makes the color go all the way through the leather and not just staying on...
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/259640/3-roll-2-5-with-peaked-lapels/30#post_4734297 Starting at the post above, this thread has a bit of discussion regarding 3 roll 2 vs. 3 roll 2.5 with Manton, Despos, and Sator all contributing.   Quote from Despos: Where the lapel roll ends in relation to the buttons is totally controlled and set by how you baste the undercollar. The bridle and how you trim the chest piece follow the breakline and reinforce the roll but do not contribute...
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