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What Vanson color is most similar to the Aero waxy blue?  Candy or navy blue, possibly.  Are all the colors listed on Vanson's site available in both the comp weight and Z150?  I apologize if this has been asked before.  Thanks.
Thanks for posting DWFII.  Very interesting.
The collar is a soft cutaway.  I left it up to them to decide on fusing/lining, so I'm assuming they went with the medium fused collar band/lightly lined collar leafs (??).  Order #7606
No, sorry I wasn't clear.  Just oxfords - I'm the same as you regarding bluchers, probably the reason most of my shoes are of this kind.  Thanks for the response. That makes perfect sense.  Thanks.
Based on fit, aesthetics, or both?  I also have a freakishly high instep (probably due to same reason as you) and haven't found a really well-fitting RTW shoe yet - though my experience isn't vast.  Thanks.
Oooh gotcha, my mistake 
I think LTI meant a new run would be hard on his wallet, not that he was sick of your posts
Could anyone direct me to a page with details on the order process and a general price list for custom?  Or would it be best to email?  Thanks.
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