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This ^ And this^ I still watch Seinfeld re-runs but not Friends.  But that may be due to where and when each is aired
I agree.  I prefer when they mirror the shape of one's face.  For me, it's the symmetry of angles created (upward from chin through jaw line and downward from collar closure to points) that appeals.
  Thanks Clags.  Appreciate it.
Do you know what book that cloth is from?
The pic is from The Simply Refined blog.  My guess would be Dashing Tweeds.
I think it's the maroon gingham flannel - sold out unfortunately.
Are Thedi sold in-store only?  I can't find them on the site.
To be fair, an extended front dart would contradict Liverano's general aesthetic, at least all the pictures I've seen.  They have very clean uninterrupted fronts, so his attitude is understandable.  I don't believe he uses front darts at all, preferring slanted underarm darts in their place (similar to some of Scholte's pieces for the Duke).  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I think it was Sator who quoted a publication saying the extended front dart should only be...
Yes if 3 piece
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