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I'm interested as well.
Frank Clegg and Lotuff Leather both sell top-frame designs within that price range.  The Leather Foundry too (actually well below your range).   For custom, I believe Simon Baker and Shane Trudell do as well though that will depend on the details and design.   Disclaimer: I don't have experience with any of these makers but what I've read has been very positive.
Perhaps I missed it.  Were there actual statistics presented showing the failure rate to be similar between HW and Goodyear?  I only read speculation as to what the statistics might look like - both approaching 0. 
Search the forum for fishtail parka and you'll find some good recommendations.  My personal favorite is this one from Esemplare http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/grey-merino-cable-lined-hooded-parka-2311.html
Tchoy, I beleive HE Box has a number of heavy melton options.
That's interesting.  The length here looks similar to that of your standard pea coat based on the relationship between jacket and sleeve length.  I'd be curious to hear what makes this a bridge coat.
RTW: Ring Jacket has a pea coat that is a couple inches longer than the standard that you could take a look at http://www.thearmourystore.com/artisans/ring-jacket/outerwear/ring-jacket-navy-wool-10-button-pea-coat  I haven't found anything regarding the exact name of this type of coat either.  I've heard people refer to it as a bridge coat as well but those seem much more than just a couple inches longer than a typical pea coat.   I believe there are normally differences....
[[SPOILER]] I'd be interested in this as well ^ Another idea is to resume the barleycorn project from a few months back - perhaps with Molloy & Sons this time.
 I'll preface this by admitting I don't have experience with him, but given your budget I'd probably go with Henry Tomkins.  There are some pictures of his work in thread if you search for them.Not that I've seen, but I don't pay attention closely enough to give a definitive answer.  You can try searching on Ebay, something will pop up occasionally.   PM me.  I have a list but it includes too many to mention in one post (probably not specific enough to what you are looking...
[[SPOILER]] Looks good.  Just curious, did you move fabric to the front panel throughout the entire shirt or just through the chest?  Also, those are really clean sleeves.  That's the one part where I haven't been able to achieve markedly improved results across my orders.  
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