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 I'll preface this by admitting I don't have experience with him, but given your budget I'd probably go with Henry Tomkins.  There are some pictures of his work in thread if you search for them.Not that I've seen, but I don't pay attention closely enough to give a definitive answer.  You can try searching on Ebay, something will pop up occasionally.   PM me.  I have a list but it includes too many to mention in one post (probably not specific enough to what you are looking...
[[SPOILER]] Looks good.  Just curious, did you move fabric to the front panel throughout the entire shirt or just through the chest?  Also, those are really clean sleeves.  That's the one part where I haven't been able to achieve markedly improved results across my orders.  
Try contacting Merino Bros for prices on Harrisons
I think this photo on tumblr shows the jacket as textured rather than patterned.    Doubt it will change any minds whether you like it or not.  While I wouldn't wear the jacket personally, I definitely disagree regarding the lapels being too grandiose.  They seem reasonable for DB lapels.  I would actually go wider before the other way around.     On another note, I'm really liking all the knitwear I've seen, especially the "cardi-robe" on the left.  Are there any...
 1) No I wouldn't say that2) Recommend it over taking measurements3) Depends on your choice of fabric. Dugdale, Minnis, and Brisbane Moss seem to be universally praised and most of the generic fabrics stocked by Luxire are pretty good as well, at least in my experience  4) The shirt looks pretty good.  Do you have square shoulders? Adjusting for them might remove the creases emanating from the top button to your shoulders
I've only used it with my laptop but I imagine it would be similar to using your phone.  The sound and picture quality is really good in my experience.  I think it depends on the quality of the sound and picture at the source.  Streaming through HBOGo will be better than through one of the illegal free tv sites.  You do need a fast internet connection or the streaming will lag and quality suffer.   If you buy, you'll get a connector that plugs into either a USB or HDMI...
It's pretty cool, nothing revolutionary in my opinion but maybe I'm not utilizing its full potential.  Very useful when streaming videos from the internet, less useful when playing a video from your local drive.  For $35 I'd say it is a good buy
Andrew, do you have any experience working with stingray?
^+1   To the OP: I have about 15 pieces of outerwear (though I'd like to replace a fair number of them), not including knits or sweatshirts.  I tried to come up with a list of what coats/jackets I'd like to own as a thought experiment...ended up being in the mid 20s but could end up much closer to Fok territory.  There are so many interesting outerwear designs out there.
Only thing I have read is this article mentioning Bennett Silks being used by Stephen Lachter and an undisclosed Swiss company providing the silks for Emma Willis - probably not very helpful, but here it is: http://asuitablewardrobe.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-silk-route.html
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