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@gdl203 What's the difference between Eidos R and Short - length and sleeves only?  Around 2cm each?   Thanks.
I agree.  It should be fine in 50-55.  It is comfortable in a pretty wide temperature range IME.   On another note, does anybody have experience sizing NR for women?  My wife wants me to order her the Caban.
@gdl203 Does the Caban have slash hip pockets?  I can't quite tell from the product shots.  Thanks.
I have a few from Harley of Scotland, which can be purchased at Unionmade and Bahle's (no experience buying from the latter store).  And I have one from Jamieson's, which are available at End Clothing and No Man Walks Alone.  Both are nice.  I prefer Harley because the fit works better for me but YMMV.   I've heard people mention Spirit of Shetland as well but couldn't access their website a few minutes ago, so I'm not positive if they are still around.  
Sorry if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has), but how much do the Port Flannel shirts shrink in length? 
Haha this is the best I can do - I doubt this is much use but... 
Navy bumfreezer came in yesterday - pretty..pretty...pretty good!  It's my first NR piece.  There are so many cool details and it fits really nicely.  The included newspaper lookbook is pretty neat as well.
My polo shrunk quite a bit in body length (sleeves as well, actually).  It was pretty much perfect in length before 1st washing to be worn untucked, and now it's definitely on the shorter side of acceptable.  I've been wearing with higher rise trousers to compensate.
This probably seems silly, but any sizing advice for the Monitaly tulip hat?  I wear a 7 1/4 typically, so roughly 22.75 circumference.
Me too.
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