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My polo shrunk quite a bit in body length (sleeves as well, actually).  It was pretty much perfect in length before 1st washing to be worn untucked, and now it's definitely on the shorter side of acceptable.  I've been wearing with higher rise trousers to compensate.
This probably seems silly, but any sizing advice for the Monitaly tulip hat?  I wear a 7 1/4 typically, so roughly 22.75 circumference.
Me too.
Something like this?  
Clockwise from top left: Document fishtail parka, Inis Meain rollneck, Formosa oatmeal flannel, Heschung split toe boots
Agree.  I wasn't crazy about the fabric at first but it's grown on me.
Thanks Paul.  That looks really good!
I think it's more 'classic' for the facings to be black, even with a midnight blue tux.  But based on pictures (I don't own a black tie rig), I prefer the facings in the same color as the jacket.  
Not sure if this is appropriate to post here so I'm going to spoiler it.  I can remove if not. [[SPOILER]]
@sehkelly  How is the duffle coat coming along?
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