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There's a H&S Crispaire in forrest green (3).  I have no experience with the cloth and have read on here that it is more refined than fresco - possibly not suitable as an odd jacket. But it may be an alternative rather than trying to put together a run of fresco. edit: picture from H&S website
@LA Guy Fok, could you also move the old Tiberias thread to the new sub-forum?     So far, I've had good experiences with everyone I was introduced to through the forum. Andrew Lock eHaberdasher Epaulet Gustin Howard Yount (never had any communication issues but I haven't ordered in awhile) Kent Wang NMWA Panta Sam Hober
I'm 5'10 with size 10 feet and wear 7.5-7.75 for chinos and 8-8.25 for dressier trousers.  For me, there isn't one ideal proportion for all types of trousers.  For instance, I have a pair of chinos and a pair of flannels with the same hem opening (8.25).  The flannels look well proportioned while the chinos look a sloppy.  The absence of a trouser crease allows the excess to billow outwards rather than gather at the front and back.  That's my theory at least.
I'm guessing you do want it to be opaque, as in not see-through.  I'd suggest royal oxford.  It has a bit more texture to it than poplin, which adds a little visual interest.
I'm guessing Gray knitwear since they are mentioned in the original post
 I have the Pendeen (I'm guessing yours is Port Isaac based on the bolded part above), which is more of a soft square-toe than the website shows.  Nonetheless it's a really nice shape. I agree with everything else.
Any recommendations for a grey Donegal tweed in overcoat weight (22oz+)?  I like this one https://www.flickr.com/photos/molloyandsons/6792094297/ but would prefer it a little heavier.  Thoughts on wool lining for additional warmth if there aren't any heavier options available?  Thanks.
^same for me - dark paisley
What Vanson color is most similar to the Aero waxy blue?  Candy or navy blue, possibly.  Are all the colors listed on Vanson's site available in both the comp weight and Z150?  I apologize if this has been asked before.  Thanks.
Thanks for posting DWFII.  Very interesting.
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