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Will you go to another city besides Cusco? Peru is a large country but flights within the country isn't too expensive. Lima is a large city but not exactly great for tourists, except if you like food (cerviche!)    Further out west you can view the Nazca Lines or go sandboarding,     As with most places, you would like to dress in a way that doesn't make you stand out as "wealthy" to avoid being pick pocketed. Most of your attire will be casual, unless you plan on...
Well Bam, do you think Everlane has lived up to their claim?   I don't think there is anything wrong with expressing disagreement about their price point. This "number in my head" is based on my past experiences of buying Everlane products and how I judge the quality to be. I have had good experiences with their bag, but not so much on shirts. 
$48 for swim shorts. What happened to quality garments at a fraction of the price of traditional retail?
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