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Heh, fair enough. I should have taken your comment in jest. Was just that I honestly didn't think my stance, hair, etc. seemed fairy-like at all. Kind of hard to seem rugged when taking self pics in a mirror, haha.
Thanks guys, I'll repost:   edit: want to get a clearer photo with leather jacket before posting it   work day (hard to tell but the dots on the shirt are actually roses):         
  Not any different from most pictures in this thead but ok
  uhhhh what?
Not sure if I can post this here since it wasn't technically today or a mirror pic or anything but...     Me while out camping a few weeks back:       US Army vintage shirt might be my favorite item that I have.
Hey SF, glad to have stumbled across this forum.   I'm a 21 year old student from Edmonton, Canada and have been pretty interested in style for quite some time already. Don't have too much high end clothing (one nice Ted Baker suit), but a lot of nice pieces and my shoes are my favorite items.
Hi all, first post here on SF.   Looking for some advice, input, ideas, brainstorming, etc. for what to do with my hair.   I currently get it cut about once every month, short on the sides and back, textured and styled on top. I don't mind the look but I've had it for so long I want to try something slightly different. My gf loves long hair on guys so I'm debating growing it out but I haven't done that since I was about 10 so I have no idea what it's going to...
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