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Loafers can be tricky like that. I have a pair of venetians that fit perfectly around my actual feet, but don't hug my ankle the way one would like aesthetically. I don't know whether changing size would help you out much, if the actual shoe fits well otherwise.
I have a pair of the Leffot x Rancourt shell venetians, they definitely say Rancourt on them.
A couple weeks ago I bought Essex boat shoes from Rancourt, and Chromepak Maliseets (their version of ranger mocs) from Quoddy. So, I guess my point is you should buy... both?
I've had no UPS bill sent to me for my Frans Boone order, delivered about a month ago now. The customs sheet Frans Boone sent was explicitly a "return of US made goods to USA" form, so I have the affidavit on their part if UPS did hit me up for it. If I was gonna get dinged, I think I would have by now.
Think you missed just a little bit of the conversation there. Nano/defender/anykind of protection isn't coming anywhere near these bad boys. They're actually a bit browner now, after playing in the backyard of my office with my dogs this afternoon.
There are two ways to wear white bucks: you either try to keep them white and nice, or you beat the living crap out of them. Both are fine, but you've just got to commit one way or the other. I bought these knowing I'd be beating the crap out of them. If you want them to stay pristine, wearing them gardening, doing lawn work, or with raw denim is definitely not recommended.
Spring is solidly here, wearing my Alden of Madison not-yet-dirty-enough bucks today. Today's stains are brought to you by rusted-chain grease/water from an old bike I needed to throw out.
Those were, once upon a time, mine. They have a couple of stitching flaws, but gorgeous. I sent them back, though, because I just didn't love them enough to keep with the flaws. At a lower seconds price they'd be great.
All clean!
Oh for sure tons of salt stains with mud on top. They get cleaned and lightly conditioned every couple of weeks, but they look best after a nice amount of mess which we've had plenty of up here in the northeast. They were promptly wet wiped after these photos, and will get conditioned later, after they've dried.
New Posts  All Forums: