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So, here's a question. A lot of people have over the past year discussed the old Alden #8 to the new (darker) #8, but mostly with initial color in mind. How have people felt about it's patina over time? I'm contemplating buying a pair of #8 PT boots from Adam at AoC, and I feel like my darker #8 haven't patina'd at all. They've stayed super dark. About 8 months with one pair, and 4-5 months with another. Anyone find that with a bit more time their super dark #8 has gotten...
If those were my shoe, I would punch a small-medium hole right at the end of the tear. It will stop the tear from getting any further, permanently.
I went for a run right when the email went out. So I got my email in at 35 minutes after and about 30 minutes late and those saddles were definitely a unicorn pair for me. Que lastima
They don't stock A,B,C or E anymore. What you see on the website reflects that there's still an older pair in stock (maybe a 7.5 A) in that narrow width. The recent restocks have all been D only, and the 346 Madison location definitely only has Ds in all sizes. I'd be surprised, with the scarcity of shell, if BB starts stocking different widths again at any point. At this point it looks unlikely that they'll even be stocking anything but their loafers at all, considering...
Yenni has #8 unlined dovers, antique flat flex welt for preorder, November delivery. Basically the same as Leffots, except for the flat vs split welt. Pre-ordered mine already, can't wait to get them.
Thanks, I just hesitate whenever I see sizing deviate so much from all other brands. For reference, Suit Supply has their size 38 formally listed at a 41.7" chest, 17.7" shoulder and 33.7" sleeve, and I find that to be about right if slightly on the slim side. By EPNY listings, that would mean I should order a size 41 I think, with the sleeves shortened by an inch, which is far enough away from anything else I've ordered that it makes me hesitate (I'm not that broad, and I...
How do people size their EPNY/Southwick suits vs Suitsupply, if anyone has comparisons? I wear a 38 in SuitSupply (all of the fits), which lines up closer to a 39 or 40 for Epaulet, but a medium in shirts which would suggest a 38.
#8 Needles x Nepenthes x Brian the Bootmaker Engineer Boots. Easily the most "unique" shoe/boot I own.
Rancourt #8 Rangers today.
Shrug, each person has their own experience. I think a lot of people are going to be buying boots that are too small for them following that convention though, just like I did.
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