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I'd say no, but I'm sometimes in the majority here. I'd say it will fit you the same at the widest part of your foot as a D width in any other boot. However, the toe area doesn't taper as fast as some other lasts, and doesn't chisel or go to a point as quickly as some other lasts. I find that I wear a 10.5E in most shoes, no matter the last.
Just showed up on Ebay the AoC Color #2 LWB in 10.5D. $888 starding bid, $1888 Buy it Now. Seriously, if these were a size 10.5E, I'd be having a very, very serious question with my wallet right now. So close to my size. Sooooo close.
Rancourt Natty Shell boat shoes, getting really nice and beat up.
Natty shell boat shoes today. These are getting really nice and beat up. "Burnished." Almost done with these for the season.
My "I didn't know I needed these in my life until I had them" whiskey NSTs from Alden of Carmel today.
Yeah it's a bluchers (a derby really). Sorry if that was unclear.
Hrmmm... Brogue has a pre-order for Color #8 V-Tips on the Barrie with antique *reverse* welt with commando soles. One of the most completely-different-than-everyone-else styles I've seen in color #8. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger, but hesitant about the reverse welt... that said, I would love to get a v-tip, especially on an antique welt.
^ The squared off nature of the U-stitch makes me think TruBalance. Barrie U-stitches tend to be more curved.
Well it's Wednesday which seems an auspicious day to get these beauties in the mail from Adam:
Wearing my #8 LWBs by Bureau Belfast today. Decided that I really didn't love how dark black they were (and had stayed for 9 months of wear) so I put them in a window of direct sunlight for a week or so. As you can see, even the new #8 level of darkness fades quite a bit in sunlight. I think these look just sooo much better (even if the inconsistent coloring isn't everyone's favorite).
New Posts  All Forums: