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Well, I don't know a single pair of shoes that fits according to my Brannock size. No one claims Barrie or AE 5 last shoes are UK sizing, but they tend to also be about 1 full size larger than Brannock. For me, Viberg and TruBalance fits about 1/2 size larger than Brannock. All of those other lasts you'd call US sizing, so I'd call Viberg that too. Whereas UK is about 1.5 sizes larger than my Brannock. Anyway, I don't know about Palmer doing that, but my guess is they did...
Viberg sizes are all US sizes, without exception. They are sometimes misidentified as UK sizing, but the numbers are never changed on you. All of their lasts are made and numbered in the USA, and all retailers are using the numbers stamped on their boots for selling their boots. The only reason they are listed in some places as UK sizing is because brands assume they must be, because they are a Canadian company.
What socks on the TruBalance? I'm a 9.5B/D in the Barrie with dress socks, and a 10B/D in the TruBalance with boot socks. That said, I'm a proponent of no such thing as too much toe room, focus on where the flex point in the boot/shoe is. And in my experience, the flex point of the TruBalance is in a position where you should buy it in 1/2 size larger than Barrie (i.e. how I sized it). However, people focus too much on the fact that the TruBalance is very generous in the...
The only thing not allowed on GYW is cemented construction (including high-end sneakers mostly, though people discuss them a bit in GD). Hand stitched, blake stitched, rapid stitched, and GYW are all allowed and welcomed. You'll see some CP/Balmain/MMM/Gats in the WSAYWT, but not as standalone threads.
What was the cost of getting a shearling lined chukka? I love that idea, that's awesome!
Were they Buy It Now for $325 also before he bid that? Because I would so very much have bought it now at that price...
r/goodyearwelt is a more distilled version of SF. I'm probably more frequent over there at this point and there's a good number of us who cross over, we identify each other by the shoes we post. Basically, it's mostly shoe and leather porn, and daily general discussions, a little bit more critical on brands like Alden, and very much EMF focused. But not as many people playing in the ultra-EMF range, as on SF. I don't think too many people on GYW have G&G, EGs, or St....
Yeah, I even just asked them and they said that it shouldn't shrink. But I don't think I believe them. I think I'm probably better off staying with the 40 and giving it a good wash (and risking it being a little big, but wearable) and returning the 38 (which fits like a dream right now).
^ Actually, it starts at 12 PDT(11PST) since it's daylight savings time now. 3pm on the east coast, 12 noon on the west, by what your clock says. Everyone gets it wrong, which they also did last time.
So, my dark indigo star jack is *perfect* in a size 38. Anyone have any experience with whether it's truly "pre-shrunk"? Or is it going to shrink on me anyway (I've gotten bitten by this a couple of times recently). I bought both the 38 and the 40, and will probably return the 40 for being too big. Might give the 38 a wash/soak anyway, as it's brand new, and see what happens.
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