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Nope. I sized up 1/2. 9.5 W1K and 10 on the 2030. Not sure how people are sizing down so much. You're all crazy.
They don't have any #8 shell sizes left. That pair was probably a return and it sold quite quickly. Natty shell was available in 11,12,13 fairly recently from 14oz.
I take back all compliments about your new #8 shells. You won't need to be wearing any other boots than those natty shells. Welcome to the natty shell viberg club! We don't have cookies, but we do have the world's best boots!
I'm so staying out of all of this. But for what it's worth, "baloney" is actually correct in this context, for referring to rubbish/falsehoods/etc. Balogna is of course the food. As a double entendre, I'd say you could use either.
So, I guess the old thread is locked because TS no longer being an affiliate. So here's the non-affiliate-based thread, because they do make some really nice clothing. Anyway, indigo star jacks were restocked today! I bought myself one (actually two, in size 38 and 40) because I never know how they'll fit. Looks like a good call, as the dark version is already sold out. The good news is that I'll be returning at least one of them, so someone will get a chance at a shirt...
I got my navy shell Leffot x Rancourt loafers today. Very cool, and a nice touch with navy shell sock liners too (I always really like the idea of the sock liner being shell). They fit perfectly in a size 10. The machine stitching along the inside edge of one of the shoes isn't very pretty, they kind of messed it up. If these were bought full price I'd return them for a refund, but at half off, I'll live with it. Those threads get fucked up anyway pretty quickly from...
Well no one uses dove tails that can be replaced. I think they are stupid for all manufacturers for that reason. That said, it was Katie who told me this, that a full resole would be needed. Who knows how accurate that is, ask Kyle or better yet, Mike.
I had asked Rancourt a while back about the heel replacement and they said they can't replace just the heels and don't know of any cobblers who can. So I plan on just wearing the heels into the ground.
No Rancourt lineup photo, but the collection is Natural shell beefrolls, #8 shell boat shoes, #8 shell rangers, navy shell venetians, #8 CXL boat shoes, brown CXL rangers, peanut suede chukkas, orange suede rangers, red cxl boat shoes.
So, after a day of going back and forth, I decided to pull the trigger on the last pair of Leffot x Rancourt Ivy loafers in Navy Shell, that happened to be in my size... $360 shipped. I figure it will last me a couple of decades, why not get a headstart on it now. That makes my Rancourt shells now at #8 Ranger, #8 boat, natural beefrolls, navy venetian.
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