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How do people size their EPNY/Southwick suits vs Suitsupply, if anyone has comparisons? I wear a 38 in SuitSupply (all of the fits), which lines up closer to a 39 or 40 for Epaulet, but a medium in shirts which would suggest a 38.
#8 Needles x Nepenthes x Brian the Bootmaker Engineer Boots. Easily the most "unique" shoe/boot I own.
Rancourt #8 Rangers today.
Shrug, each person has their own experience. I think a lot of people are going to be buying boots that are too small for them following that convention though, just like I did.
Yup, that's me. They're awesome, and the resole definitely makes it work.As for sizing, I'm talking TTS for Brannock. I'm a 10.5E with medium socks Brannock, and a 10.5 2030, though frankly my guidi 2030s felt a bit short and if/when natty shell Vibergs come up again (maybe this month, Drew tells me) I'm going to order an 11.
I find most people size down incorrectly with Viberg and/or the 2030. I find the ball of my foot is in the right place if I go TTS and it's still very narrow in the toes even when sized right. Sizing down will likely lead to cramped toes and possibly denial about an ill fitting boot. Wish I'd known that before I bought and subsequently sold my Natty Shells.
Amazingly little known fact, the leather tips on crepe soles are replaceable. Take a close look at the welt stitching, you'll see that the stitching around the tip of your shoe is a separate piece of thread from the stitching that goes around the rest of the shoe. You can just have a cobbler take off the tip without affecting the rest of the welt (which is stitched to the midsole), attach a new piece of leather there, and sew on a new tip, and you're good to go.
#8 Needles (Nepenthes/Engineered Garments) Engineer Boots x Role Club In great need of some reno and a brushing.
There will be a run of natural shell boots sometime in the next couple of months (pre-order, of course). Current estimate, I was told, was by the end of April. No word on what the specs will be, Drew said the details had changed several times so far. I'm hoping for plain toe, personally.
New Rancourt shells. Already contemplating another order.
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