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Ebay usually at a decent markup, even used. They've been out of stock for two years. I sold mine well used (never fit that well) for about $50 more than I'd paid for it, and that was last year. If its any solace though, it's honestly over-hyped. It's too cropped to be useful in cold or wet weather, and the tin cloth makes it uncomfortable in warmer weather.
I don't know if I agree with that. From my experience, they're solidly on the standard American sizing scale (basically, anything that isn't particularly slim). I'm a small in most pre-shrunk shirts, and a size 38 short or 36 regular for jackets, and TS small (38) works perfectly for me across the board. I think that TS real strength is in the more rugged, individually designed shirts. For oxfords or chambrays there are very competitive options out there. But for...
Code isn't working for me (I sent in an email letting them know). Anyone having it work for them? Working now. But can't stack with the $20 survey coupon (at least not online) so doesn't matter. Bought one of each. The green is my preferred color, but my biggest regret is having not bought a Yosemite shirt in each color, and now I can't until their next restock. Not gonna make that mistake again.
I've been wearing my Maritime constantly too. Contemplating whether I want the green or khaki (or probably both) of this highlands shirt
My understanding was that the 10% off Kyle offered is basically the same 10% off you'd get through PDG. Basically, take the custom price and go down to their pre-designed prices. But if he's offering 10% off the pre-designed prices, well, that's a different ball game.
There wouldn't be any discount on a group purchase, and even with a waived MTO charge it would still just be the same price as getting them through PDG (which will waive the MTO charge for you). So there isn't any motivation for a group buy as there is for, say, Viberg where you need the group to even get an order, or some other brands where you need a group to get a MTO order. There's no need for people to agree on a consensus makeup if everyone can just get their ideal...
No such thing as "wore out" of course, with Filson. Only "ready to be sent in for some patchwork or (more likely) free replacement" if it gets too threadbare.
*Shrug* to each his own in terms of however you want to wear your boots. I'm not looking to discuss whether these boots should be babied or, you know, used as boots. I'm in the latter camp, but there are people out there who take toothbrushes to their white sneakers. It takes all sorts. But I highly recommend people remember that the boots were lasted with boot socks in mind, especially before they size down and risk having boots that are too small and don't flex properly.
Just to check, you are wearing boot socks right? Sizing for a pair of boots in dress socks, in my experience, is disaster waiting to happen unless you have a seriously big instep and wide foot. If you aren't, wear boot socks, and that should fill everything out.
Those chinos are going to be awesome. Also that dyed light brown/mustard denim you posted on instagram? That would make an amazing twill pair of pants/jeans (and I could get away with wearing them to the office too!)
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