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Yessir, I did. I guess I'm just hoping that someone knows of an obscure European store somewhere that had a makeup that might be sitting on a shelf (like 14oz did when I got myself my Vibergs... and now I realized I should email 14oz and check...).Alden of SF got a surprise shipment in ~last week (I would have pre-ordered if I'd known!) and the first night I got my order in, and got an apologetic email the next day saying they were very sorry, but they were just barely...
Anyone have any beads on #8 shell plain toe boots on the Barrie or Trubalance? Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, my attempts at getting them from Alden of Carmel, Alden of SF, and Frans Boone have all fallen through. The Alden of SF and Frans Boone were particularly heart breaking, as it took nearly 12 hours for me to find out that they had, in fact, gone out of stock in my size. I'm hoping for a potential restock one day of the Leather Soul make up, but not...
One shoe has a slightly beveled waist. One shoe does not. Didn't notice it until you asked. I'd say, as of right now, the shell compares at least as well to Alden and AE shells. Glossy like the supposedly acryllic-treated Alden shells. AE shells tend to feel softer, rubberier in my feel. But, like I mentioned, the lining falls short, definitely inferior feeling to both the Alden and AE liners.
Imgur Album Just noticed that on the primary set of laces they had, the laces are uneven. But they threw in a second pair of laces, I'll have to swap those in later. Already getting a nice lightening effect where the creases are settling in. Also, interesting problem, the glaze/polish on the sole is wayyyy too slippery, I'm going flying all over my carpets for now.
I got my cognac shell LWB today. First off, they are amazing, glad I sized the way I did. 9.5, when I wear a 9.5E Barrie, and I'd say these are absolutely spot on. Second, a nice surprise, these appear to be hand-welted, or at least they are marked as Linea Maestra, rather than Goodyear Welted on the sole and the insole. Could just be a mark of the quality, either way I'd say they did a great job. No issues at all. The quality tradeoff is that the lining leather isn't...
Received mine. Unfortunately, they ignored a lot of the spec (wrong welt, wrong edge, with piping (was supposed to be no piping), no leather midsole), and messed up wingtip. 44th street already put in a replacement order for me with a slightly modified makeup, to make it more generic and less likely to get messed up. Remade, less ambitious makeup will be natural shell cambridge, double JR, transparent brown edge, transparent brown flat welt, matching piping. Ah well, I'm...
Sent an email to the NYC 44th street store. My NY trunk show order was shipped yesterday, will likely be out for delivery tomorrow. Specs were: Natural shell Cambridge Blind eyelets Black dainite sole Leather midsole Natural edge Natural reverse welt Natural shell cordovan half-sock liner (they were willing to do it for my Neumoks, so let's see if they did it for these...)
The tag that used to say "designed and handmade in California" now just says "designed in California." So it's not a missing tag or anything. The same tag is there, it just leaves off a few crucial words.
So, just noticed that my Yosemites no longer have on their tag that they're made in California/USA, just designed in California. Now, the website still declares them made in California and I can't imagine that's not the case. But any reason for the shirts to no longer say that? Makes me worry that some garments might start being made abroad.
Got two of my four yosemites in today, and they are great. Definitely heavier than last years, and I love them even more like this. The red this year is not the same as last years, though it's a great color. Maybe next year bring back the brighter red? I ordered two of the reds, and I got the gray in. I might order another gray and another navy blue when they go live on the website, since experience has proven that I'll otherwise be waiting all year for the next batch.
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