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Saphir Renomat (note: not renovateur) is the safe/recommended way to do it. For Aldens, some people have had to resort to mild use of acetone. Either way, condition heavily after doing so.
That's strange that they did that for that order. They are certainly not redirecting any shell to this order though, as far as I can tell. It's getting shell from an upcoming shipment of shell they'll will be getting this coming month. I'm not sure why skoak's order was canceled, but I would be shocked if they would ever do that. No way a reddit GMTO ranks higher than skoak.
Since everyone is discussing rare shell makeups that might never come again, there's a Carmina GMTO I organized for a saddle (somewhere between whiskey and ravello) horween shell cordovan full-brogued wing tip boot going on right now. Delivery November-ish (12-14 weeks is the outside delivery time). Order link is up here. I was in the same boat as everyone else, wanting a light colored wingtip boot to round out my collection. For everyone who wants Alden or nothing, best...
For anyone interested, here is the link for the saddle shell cordovan full wingtip brogue boot group made to order. No mark-up from the stock model. Double JR soles, exposed antique eyelets, flat antique welt. Ships late-November-ish, possibly sooner. An amazing alternative to the Alden ravello wingtip boot that may never actually show up. Link will be active until it hits 12 people or until ~September 3rd, whichever comes first.
That olive guidi GYW from the sample sale was so obviously the sleeper hit. Everyone's rocking them now. I love mine for sure.
Today is the start of ordering for the saddle shell full brogue wingtip boots. Still 2 spots available out of 12 if anyone wants to join in. I'll send you the ordering link, should go live in an hour or two.
It's an interesting question to be sure. Doesn't worry me, because Horween themselves hand-dye their own shells and they also have huge color variation between pairs. Other than #8 (which seems to be a proprietary formula with interesting chemical properties) the rest are just normal dyes I believe. If Horween's colors were consistent I might have an opinion. But they really don't, and if this means a greater supply of light colored shell colors out there, I'll take it.
A quote from Jaime via PM while I was discussing this GMTO: "Now we are receiving natural shell and we are dying them manually, so we can make it Natural, Saddle, Tan or Cognac."
Neither, it's saddle shell. Carmina handdyes natural shell cordovan to the various shades of tan. Saddle is lighter colored than cognac. I've seen shades of saddle look similar to whiskey, some look more like ravello. As with everything, it will change colors over time and darken, so no real need to get wedded to what it will be exactly.
For anyone interested, still two spots left open on the Carmina full brogued saddle shell wingtip boot GMTO. Ordering (via private link) begins on Monday, so still a couple of days to decide unless more people jump in. 735.40 euro shipped (ex-VAT). Link to GMTO on reddit
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