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That stitch is a perennial problem with any handsewn makers. Rancourt in current runs now uses a box stitch (where a rectangle is stitched around the penny slot) instead of running stitches down the length of the saddle. This has been controversial, as some (myself included) think the box ruins the aesthetic. However, it's not their fault that the full length stitch runs like that, and they're kind of in a bad spot. Especially as the shoes that people are getting right now...
Oh man, my Rancourt custom shells come tomorrow. #8 rangers, natural 3 eye boat shoes. I don't have enough feet.
That's a tough sizing chart to untangle, mostly because you have so few wide sizes, except for the Allen Edmonds. the 12EEE 65 last balmoral and 12E Blucher make me think you should be wearing 12E or 12.5E Barrie and TruBalances, and that you might be having major pinky-toe pinch at a D width. I'd also expect you to be wearing a 12.5 or 13 in Vibergs. That said, I think a 12.5 E on the 114 is how I'd size, or a 13D.
No I'm talking about the pinch penny. It's significantly different from an LHS in multiple ways not just minor differences in patterns. Rancourts have functional moc toe stitching joining two pieces of leather, while LHS is one piece with decorative stitching. Also Rancourts have a vamp that wraps around the bottom of the foot and is Blake stitched to the sole. LHS are Goodyear welted. And finally pinch penny's have the saddle hand stitched to the side (where the leather...
I got the Rancourt for Ralph Lauren natural shell pinch pennies today, same basic makeup (except with a darker welt). On the fence about keeping them or sending them back. They're definitely nice shoes, but I'm just wondering if they're a style that I'm ever going to reach for over my #8 LHS or forthcoming boat shoes and rangers.
I have no trouble with the Van, much less than other lasts. I'm a 10.5E Brannock without socks and find the 10.5D Van fits me just perfectly. Better than most other shoes I have.
I think the 2040 is a better last for my foot than the 2030. But I'm a huge fan of the 110 and I have some Whites on a similar (same) last. Much better for work boots.
Brand new in box Carmina shell cordovan full brogue saddle (close to natural) shell cordovan wingtip boot in a size 10E UK on the forest last. These have a shell cordovan heel pad, and a flat, antique welt on a double leather JR sole. These are brand new in box, being sold at a slight loss to myself. To buy these again, if the MTO were ever run, would be closer to $1000 now. Price drop to $825. $800. These ship via USPS to the USA, cost included, and paypal seller fees...
Closed listing, now on eBay here Selling my used Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Service Boots. These are in a size 10 on the 2030 last, in a stitch down construction, with an unstructured toe, unlined shaft, and shell cordovan heel pad. These are from 14oz Berlin, and will never be released again. They will also never be replicated either, as Viberg has stated they will not be making any stitch down shell cordovan boots, nor unlined shaft boots again. These are worn, but...
So, I finally decided to rip off the bandaid. My size 10 natty shell for 14oz 2030s are going up for sale, on the reddit b/s/t thread. They are gorgeous and still the best boots I've ever owned. And so wonderfully patina'd. But time to just recognize I probably needed a size 10.5 or 11, 10 is just not right for me on this last.
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