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I wear a medium in J Crew slims and BB extra slims. I'm going for the size 40 on the Yosemite, because in my experience "pre-shrunk" is a lie unless you are meticulous about hand washing and hang drying. My size 38 from last year definitely shrank a bit, especially in the sleeves. Anyway, just went ahead and ordered one in each color, trying not to convince myself to buy a an extra red.
Go ahead and order the color you want. Mike was more than willing to cancel my 1st order (which I'd made when Cigar was available but Cognac "wasn't") in light of the glitch. I think as long as you make the request now, well ahead of the October 13th deadline, they have no issue with overriding the no cancellations policy, in light of the inventory issues.
I decided that I thought better of ordering two pairs, and downgraded to just a pair of cognac, letting my cigars go back into the wild (that was late last night, it looks like the pair already got snapped back up). That said, I'm surprised everyone is jumping on the cigar over the cognac. In all other contexts, light colored shells are the grail colors. I would have thought cognac would have sold out instantly, yet there are still pairs available. It's such an amazing color.
@Epaulet I sent this in email as well, before seeing you were in on this thread. Figured it might be more precise/to the right person here. I bought both cigar and cognac (at these prices, I'd be crazy not to get both). Wondering if there's the possibility changing sizes (not cancelling) now that I've reserved pairs. Not worth risking them getting away, I don't think the cognac is going to last long at all (apparently they are now sold out anyway). But yeah, now that I...
B. Nelson for welted shoes are definitely recommended by many. But I haven't seen anyone discuss their ability to do non-welted/handsewn/moccasin-style shoes. Requires different machinery, and you need someone trained in handsewing.
Did I say that the flex point of the TruBalance was 1/2 size different than the Barrie? I guess I did, but I don't think that's what I meant. I find that with boot socks, I wear both the TruBalance and Barrie in a 10D. I find the flex point is in the same place on both, but that the TruBalance has more toe room, which is preferable. In other news, I won these on eBay today. 10D New In Box 721s, first quality? Yes please thank you.
Those are definitely cordovan, they've been on there at that price (and actually occasionally lower when DSW has a discount). The only thing that stops me from buying them is that they don't say Rancourt on them, which means they are ineligible for Rancourt recrafting and there aren't many places (actually, I don't know of any) I'd trust a pair of shell handsewns to for a resole/restitch. Not necessarily critical for everyone, but since I have natty shell beefrolls and...
Shell seconds started this morning. Already picked up a pair of black shell PAs in 9.5EEE for a black tie wedding I'm going to next week. So much better than the slightly too small (9EEE) pair of McAllisters I was wearing before. I wish I had never gone through the phase of sizing down my shoes.
So, I bought a pair of the AF53s from AoC and unfortunately they are going back. But the boot came with a speedhook that was half out, and a portion of the quarters, right on the eyelets, that was definitely made out of the non-shell leather that surrounds the shell. Between those two things, I just realized I'll be unhappy with the boots at the price, and have to send them back. Adam there was quite helpful, and definitely offered to take them back. The pic shows the...
My favorite rule of thumb is whether as you take a step, which occurs first: Does your heel completely stop touching the shoe, or does the shoe start to flex and the rear lift off the ground. If you take a step and the shoe comes up and *then* your heel stops touching the shoe, it will very likely break in so that the slip goes away. If your heel leaves contact with the shoe (a little lightening of pressure is fine, but losing all contact is bad) first, then the shoe isn't...
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