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Oh, I just meant whether it would be limited in quantity, like some of your recent shirts were, or whether it would fund with as many people as can fill it up in a week or so. I'm going to be traveling with shite internet connection next week and need to see how much of an effort I'll need to get them.
Personally, I say Jersey City. Close enough so I can go try on stuff. Just over the river so I don't have to pay sales tax if I order over the phone/internet.
Oh my god, I need to know more about that jacket. Will it be limited quantity, or an open-ended workshop order so I don't have to rush?
Well, with winter and price increases coming, I added a 4th boot purchase to my week with a pair of the brown vegano jodhpurs on the York sole. Was going back and forth between york and dainite (from Skoak) and with my apologies, decided that I like the aesthetics of the york just a bit better. For clarity sake, any opinions on brown calf (skoaks) vs brown vegano calf (Carmina?) Couldn't find much in the way of whether there's any difference in aesthetic, pullup, etc....
You don't say? That's too bad, though I guess it makes things a bit simpler for me, if I decide to pull the trigger. Unless Meermin is willing to run them in shell. They use a very, very similar pattern.
Anyone know the last time there were (non Navy) shell jodhpurs were available? I'm close to wanting the brown vegano, but shell... you know.
Saphir Renomat (note: not renovateur) is the safe/recommended way to do it. For Aldens, some people have had to resort to mild use of acetone. Either way, condition heavily after doing so.
That's strange that they did that for that order. They are certainly not redirecting any shell to this order though, as far as I can tell. It's getting shell from an upcoming shipment of shell they'll will be getting this coming month. I'm not sure why skoak's order was canceled, but I would be shocked if they would ever do that. No way a reddit GMTO ranks higher than skoak.
Since everyone is discussing rare shell makeups that might never come again, there's a Carmina GMTO I organized for a saddle (somewhere between whiskey and ravello) horween shell cordovan full-brogued wing tip boot going on right now. Delivery November-ish (12-14 weeks is the outside delivery time). Order link is up here. I was in the same boat as everyone else, wanting a light colored wingtip boot to round out my collection. For everyone who wants Alden or nothing, best...
For anyone interested, here is the link for the saddle shell cordovan full wingtip brogue boot group made to order. No mark-up from the stock model. Double JR soles, exposed antique eyelets, flat antique welt. Ships late-November-ish, possibly sooner. An amazing alternative to the Alden ravello wingtip boot that may never actually show up. Link will be active until it hits 12 people or until ~September 3rd, whichever comes first.
New Posts  All Forums: