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Actually, this is doubly impressive because officially they do not do their resoling package on shoes that don't say Rancourt anywhere on them. I believe last time I checked out the Leffot Ivy loafers, they are only branded Leffot. They're obviously Rancourts, of course, and it makes sense for them to do it for premium shell shoes since otherwise they'll have really pissed off customers on their hands. But still, it's a nice gesture on their part.As for the replacing the...
Yeah, I'd been eyeing them on the BB sale site for a few months, waited for a 15% off coupon to drop them below $400, and jumped ($388 with NY tax). My MiM collection is getting a bit out of hand, but no regrets.
Received my #8 shell BB x Rancourt boat shoes today. They are awesome, planning on getting 10-20 years out of these boat shoes for sure. A bit snug, but already loosening up. And I'm liking the sole color a lot more than I'd expected. For
Well, almost all shoes/boots listed as "unlined" are still lined on the vamp, as these are. The Natural shell just don't have a lining on the quarters. The only shoes I've really ever experienced that are completely unlined are MiM style shoes.
I have unstructured shell on the 2030. The outline of my toes is fully visible from the collapse. It comes down to a question, if they were partially structured could my toes fit, or would they be squished by the structure? Or would the structure hold them up off my toes? In the end, I think I'd prefer a taller last, but I'd still prefer viberg shell over just about anything else regardless.
FWIW, generally the midsole isn't replaced on a resole. So only the outsole and one line of stitching needs replacing. Also, there are ways to not lose your boots when the vamp can't take new stitching. There are ways to switch to add gemming and get a Goodyear welt. You can also switch to a rapid stitch or a hand stitch directly through the insole. Anyway, your boots don't have that limited of a life, though they may change style ways.
Those Euro prices include VAT. So take somewhere on the order of 20% off the price (either they'll do it automatically, or they'll send you a Global Blue form to mail back in) and you'll get them for a bit closer to US prices. And no customs on the boots being sent to the US, because it's only country of origin that matters, which is still Canada.
I definitely don't. I think it defeats the aesthetic/purpose of a boat shoe. I also think that most shoe trees really don't match the last of moc toed shoes, and will press up on the plug too much, changing the shape. But that's just me. Also, a size 9.5 just popped up on BB for my cordovans, decided to order an extra pair just in case, for sizing. (So a 10 and a 9.5, since shell doesn't always stretch fully on the last, so it can have a lot of variability in sizing).
I'm joining in on the #8 shell boat shoe club. Just bought the last pair at BB, which happened to be in my size, in today's 15% off (on top of the 30% discount they already had) so $380 shipped. more or less after taxes. Perfect for going to the beach or on the boat around here. My tempests are great, but they're just not quite casual enough for times I want to be super casual. Plus, these will be boat shoes that survive a decade easily.
Right, the aspect I'm talking about isn't the "our shoes run a size big" it's that some Viberg stockists say that they are selling 10UK, and another will say 10US, and yet another will just say 10. All of those are the exact same boot, being labeled by Viberg as a 10, but it confuses customers who will have bought one Viberg in size 10US, and worry about whether they should buy another (same last) in a 10UK or a 9UK.
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