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Right, the aspect I'm talking about isn't the "our shoes run a size big" it's that some Viberg stockists say that they are selling 10UK, and another will say 10US, and yet another will just say 10. All of those are the exact same boot, being labeled by Viberg as a 10, but it confuses customers who will have bought one Viberg in size 10US, and worry about whether they should buy another (same last) in a 10UK or a 9UK.
The sizing issue is common with Viberg. Every brand uses Vibergs printed size without fail, and either labels them US or UK depending on their opinion. The problem is that some people see US as sneaker rather than dress shoe sizing. If you go from a 10 sneaker to a Viberg you will likely want to size a full size down, and many brands don't realize that UK sizing is actually a full size further down. Regardless Viberg considers their sizes as US for certain. And no...
Rancourt always provides significant extra length on their laces, so you have options and enough length. You're not supposed to leave them super long like that, you tie them how you want, and then cut them to size. Also, you tied a granny knot, and not a proper box knot.
I ordered my natty shells from 14oz through Clemens too. I had the Global Blue form in there, no problem. Also, there was no issue with the way it was packaged, the boots them selves were protected and secure in their inner box. I don't think I'd worry much abut that.The only problem (and it's not really theirs) is that their address sheet is in one of those clear shipping label holders attached to the box, and that label holder had black writing all over it, which caused...
Yeah, in retrospect, I wish I'd gone with my initial desire to have the Tempest sole on these. Ah well. I'll wait until these are worn through and then replace them. I actually find the sole really quite comfortable, and I don't think they're wearing through any faster than any other leather soles I've worn. My real only issue is that they use two rows of stitching through the upper, so that's double the holes. When I get them resoled, I'm going to stick to soles that only...
$400 natural shell loafers is awesome! But, it's worth pointing out that because they are Ralph Lauren labeled, they are *not* eligible to be resoled or recrafted by Rancourt. With their leather sole's mediocre durability, I'd recommend getting them direct from Rancourt and knowing that they are backed by their service and resole/recraft options.
The shoes are wonderful and the price is wonderful too. Shell cordovan is also a wonderful leather for actual boating, as it's water resistant and rugged, yet will brush up to still look nice.
Not as work boots, but certainly as rugged boots. If you have a pair of Vibergs, and you put them away because it's raining or snowing out, you should have them confiscated and you should be fined.
Okay. /r/goodyearwelt had first run at it, because I seem to be the only person who noticed this and that's where my loyalties lie. Tate and Yoko very quietly put up the mooses at 3pm today. Still sizes left in 8, 8.5, 9 and 9.5 for both tan and for black, and 10 for black as of 3:10 right now. Nothing bigger was posted at all. No instagram announcement, no twitter, just a banner on their page earlier, and a quiet posting. Go get 'em. Link
Yup (and it's kind of amazing how many shoe-enthusiasts book trips to Victoria just to do that). If by sizing for a last you mean try on boots to determine your size on that last, then yeah I've heard they'll help you out with that. And then you can pick from any of their stock leathers and stock soles, of which they have a fairly decent number.
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