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I bet mine falls under the "difficult" shoe clause for sure.
AF53's today.
Speed hooks are so necessary. Hems are fine for me, and when I need to get boots on it takes forever to unlace eyelet-only boots enough to get my foot in. It's annoying for people waiting for me, and it's annoying for me if I just need to run out quickly.
Personally, I wear 10.5E Barrie, and I wear either a 10.5D or 11D in Van, depending on the shoe.
I'm really hoping mine get sent out soon. Just so eager to have them. (Bourbon shell jodhpurs for me).
Interesting. Who informed you of that, out of curiosity? Last time I stopped by 346 Mad a few weeks ago, they definitely had Alden-made full straps and LHS and it'd surprise me (and I'm sure a lot of people) to find out that changed.
AoC Whiskey Norwegian Snub Toes.
To update, I decided to pull the trigger and buy the Bureau Belfast #8 NST boots at $580. What a deal.
So, I've checked a bunch of the Black Friday Alden deals (can't believe that Bureau Belfast and Kafka still have some of their stock). However, one model I haven't seen on any of the sites is #8 chukka's (any sole). I doubt I missed any, but anyone have a lead on any discount or good deal on them this weekend?Yeah, that's why Alden extra-dyes their #8, and Alden restoration insists on dyeing any pair sent to them. I love the mottled patina, personally, but I get why others...
Confirmed from instagram, yes cordovan shoes get a cordovan belt. Makes this a no brainer.
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