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I'm also wearing my Edward Green snow boots.
My first pair non-Alden pair of shells really worth posting here. Needles Horween #8 Engineer Boots from Nepenthes. Brand new pickup, still some pairs left in 8 and 10 UK (run very big even for UK sizing)
I've been starting my very own ill fitting shoe purge, getting rid of everything that doesn't really fit me so much anymore (I used to think I was a 9.5E or 10D in TruBalance, but now Moulded Shoe has made it very clear to me that I am, emphatically, a 10.5E). So, I've also been buying things that fit me better. Four boots purchased so far with this in mind, three of them Aldens, which I've decided have the best fit for my foot of any brand: #8 Epaulet Brixton wingtip...
Those are gorgeous, but are they not too small for you? That bulge on your pinky toe looks painful. I'd say you need to go up a width, and possibly a half size as well on future pairs.
Westley Richards rosewood country calf F64 Galways, today in the snow. Love these things, they are machines and already starting to get that great look I was hoping for. Work is finance but in an old farm house, so need to have nice shoes/boots that can take a muddy/snowy/salty beating.
Even if those are just deep scuffs, I can see why Alden (or any other cobbler) would be hesitant to resole them on a last. Just putting them on the last could potentially tear them at that spot, and then risk an unhappy customer, but either way would probably wouldn't want to charge you for the work, but also would have already done a bit of work at no cost (and possibly used up some material before ripping them). That said, if you promise to pay a cobbler even if he...
If you wear tuxes, consider a pair of opera pumps perhaps? I don't know if Alden makes them with a bow, but I know Alden of Madison has black shell whole cut plain loafers that would work great.
Now that I have #8s with antique in my life, has anyone ever known of a makeup that's effectively the 994 with antique edge? Looking for all #8 shell, no contrast.
Just held my Bureau LWBs (already got unsolicited compliments on them at the grocery store today) 97505Ys against my 975s, and don't see any difference in the welt width. That's not to say that it's not a wide welt, just normal Alden wide.
New Bureau Antique LWBs in #8. What a great Black Friday deal, 15% off meant they were about $650 shipped, which is far less than Leffot's version would cost me in-state, at about $790 with tax and shipping. Fit is perfect, color is super dark but I plan on letting these get some great patina. And the antique edge makes them much more wearable on a daily basis than the original dark edge.
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