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Definitely never been resoled, definitely always an unstructured toe. I think you may be confused because the pictures go in reverse chronological order.
What's the weight on the Tobacco Chamois? I know it's a rugged leather, but is it a thicker or thinner leather?
Ah, thanks. I knew they did it at some point, and thought maybe it coincided with the European holiday. (For those who haven't experienced this, most of Europe takes August off, as literally as that can be taken).
Is this going to be the GMTO period that has to wait while Viberg shuts down for a few months? Or will we get these boots made before that happens?
Hopper vote cast!
Since we can't modify patterns, I think it was pointed out that the IH collab didn't have as deep a gusset, which is a big selling point for those of us with real chicken legs. Switching to the 9" and a shallower gusset *might* work for me, but I'm sold on the 8" and deep gusset.
Awesome. FWIW I'm in support of the Hopper having a partial structured toe. I will go either way, but my big toe is prominent and a little bit of structure will go a long way at avoiding having a big 'ol imprint on the top of the boot.
I don't know why it's so hard for me to find those kind of pics, but that's exactly the view I was looking for with the Hopper. Basically the only engineer boot I've seen yet that can so flawlessly fit underneath a pair of pants without looking ridiculous. So awesome.I would be down with partial structure or unstructure. I don't think it makes too much of a difference, I would buy either.
If yelling is being called for, then here I am yelling for the Hopper boot.
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