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Yes, matching shell belt. The black friday deal was shoe trees, matching belt, ipad cover and mousepad, which all in all was a ridiculously good deal.
New Carmina cognac shell cordovan 922s. This cognac shell is much more whiskey/bourbon color than the cognac LWBs I received last week.
Received my Cognac Shell 922s (rain last) today. They're gorgeous. I received shoe trees, mouse pad and ipad case but *not* the belt. It's showing in stock in my size on their site, and I emailed their contact info letting them know I was still awaiting delivery of it. This cognac shell cordovan is much, much more whiskey/bourbon shell colored than my cognac LWBs. I have a hunch that they're out of "official" cognac shell (which I think may have been Color #4) and are...
Those are gorgeous. I love my AF53's, they are so amazing, and I agree, plain toe is a spectacular way to show off the shell.
Mine are on the Detroit last. Same, it's a fully functional strap, needs to be undone to get your foot out and in. Takes more or less the same amount of time as lacing up a 9-eyelet boot with no speedhooks, maybe faster because you're always sure your foot will be able to get into it on the first try. But nothing finicky about it, and it gives you the really slim ankle profile without resorting to a zipper or elastics.
Carmina MTO bourbon shell jodhpurs. Worth every fucking penny.
Bourbon cordovan jodhpurs today. Gonna wear the crap out of them over the weekend, looks like.
Yeah, they have that too, but I wasn't surprised by it. The strap being lined in shell though is just really cool, especially when I consider the pattern required to get 4 pieces of 2 foot long, 3/4" wide straps along with the rest of the boots.
So, interesting realization today. My shell jodhpurs strap is shell lined with shell. Which is both ridiculous and awesome.
Got my cognac shell LWBs today, and took them straight out for a wear. These are spectacular, the color on them is one of the most amazingly beautiful colors of shell I've seen. A reddish brown, pretty close to color #4 I'd say (possibly they actually are #4). These were $600 shipped from their outlet. Looks to me that Carmina is ending all their cognac shell colors, by the looks of what's on the outlet. Glad I ordered my cognac 922s during the black friday special, since...
New Posts  All Forums: