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Stopped by Moulded Shoe and picked up a pair of the 54321, color #8 v-tips. I always love that shop, but they have said that Alden has decided they can have shell cordovan modified last again, and they are going to definitely be getting more models in. Of course, I wouldn't hold my breath for any rare shell any time soon, but we can hope.
IMO obenaufs LP or sno seal are only useful if you are gonna wear these boots in the rain or mud for hours every day, professionally. For any other use they will over oil your boot, darken them, make them tacky feeling and not attractive. Indy boots are water resistant from the start. So never. However other light conditioners like VSC or Lexol are great to use, for health, once or twice a year. No need right away.
Having an enablement dilemma. Should I get a pair of 54321s (#8 modified Algonquin v tips) or not. Pretty redundant with my collection and pretty out there for most people. But still gorgeous and interesting. I can afford it but of course the question is should I?
Definitely does, and the 30% twice a year corporate discount day (I dunno when it will be, but usually March) works too online. In stores they say it doesn't, though.
About 3 weeks ago. And I'm just rubbing it in a little, it was definitely a one off event and I for sure know what a deal they were at the price.
I dunno about that I got my last two pairs of ravello boots on ebay for less than $800...Sorry that's the last time.
Lots of snow out there today. Perfect day for snow boots.
Nice snowy day, just the kind of day that's meant for shell.
Carmina bourbon shell jodhpurs today. The best.
Sucks to hear all these disappointing results from Carmina on the jodhpurs and chelseas. They nailed my shell jodhpurs, and I'm loving them to death.
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