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Unremovable. They are sewn into the double felled seams, so while you could remove the top layer, you'd have to cut them off at the edges and they'd definitely ruin both the in and outseams. That said, I love the double layer on the knees. They really fit the bill for casual non-jeans that I don't care about getting dirty or muddy. And with dogs I constantly have dogs getting mud and stuff everywhere.
Wearing a pair of the old style Good Acres right now. My only feedback is that the inseam is far too long, even as a generous inseam and that with the double felled inseam and outseam, cuffing is a bit tough. Otherwise, awesome pants, I love mine. On the fence about getting a pair in rhubarb, but probably shouldn't I did anyway.
The toe on my CXL rangers with the Aspen RLH is starting to peel back a bit. It's the downside of having a non stitched-in sole unfortunately. I might just put some cement on and glue it back down myself.
I've heard that about the Tempest, and found it somewhat true with my #8 shell rangers (hoping that going up a halfsize will rectify that). What I might see is whether they'd be willing to put an extra leather midsole (so, effectively 3 layers of sole leather instead of two) in on your resole. Don't know if they would, but I have a pair of Highlands with the extra midsole and it's awesome.
Natural Chromepack is the normal chromepack. Quoddy makes tons of shoes out of it, and Rancourt uses it for their soles. It's a standard stock leather from Horween and would be easy to acquire.
While everyone is discussing the next round, can LA Guy encourage them to get some natural Chromepack for a makeup? It's not a stock leather, but Viberg's Guy has said they'll definitely work with it again. Maybe some encouragement, since natural chromepack on dainite would be awesome (I'd go for 2030 or 2035, unstructured, no toe cap, same tongue)
I have a pair of Essex in manufacture (they had enough leather to make one more for me). I'm hoping that it darkens really nicely over time. Part of the problem is that boots get worn more when there's less light.
They announced it on twitter and instagram yesterday, said it would be up at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific). All in all, 14 minutes actually gave everyone who was super eager to get a pair (and new when the run would go up) a chance, unlike with the gray silks that sometimes run out before you can even refresh the page. But yeah, you have to follow their social media blasts. They almost always announce the small, interesting runs the day before, and post promptly.
Yup, I got my pair. I've been wanting a pair of ultra heavy (23oz or more) for a while, and had been hoping on those 32oz but wasn't expecting this. Perfect.
People just don't realize they can just contact Viberg and get these made up for them (since it's CXL and a viberg.com makeup). But seriously, the boots aren't even in new condition, they have a major scuff on them! Of course, looking at this bid-up makes me think that if I don't want to keep my Natural Essex boots when they come, I'll have no problem getting rid of them, since those will be much harder to come by for anyone else who wants it. Not that I'm planning on it,...
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