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Things like a whiskey lindrick MTO happening just make me so upset that C&J won't let us get different widths on these orders. I would be 100% in if I could get a wider size.
I'm in agreement with the US pricing being egregiously inflated. Other than Westley Richards, every Galway I can buy is $1500+ in calf when it was already an expensive boot a $1000. Considering that a full single MTO cordovan boot from C&J is $1150 shipped (cheaper in a group), it makes it really tough to justify at this point and their county derby boot (Radnor and Snowden) are pretty damn nice. That said I'll be in Paris in a few months. That'll be different
They aren't "stock models" but are common. A stock model is a specific makeup sold by all vendors and Alden factory has them ready to ship out on demand to customers. Like the base 975 model, which is exactly the same everywhere. The shell Indy boots come in a range of different styles with lots of slight variations (different soles or welts or eyelets) and are all custom orders of the individual stores. At least for now.
Rosewood CC Galways via Westley Richards today.
My Whiskey Shell Cordovan Radway is officially submitted for order and paid for. Now I start the 8-10 week wait...
Wet Whiskey Wednesday, Worn Well
Yeah, when Alden gets boots right, they're great. But I know several retailers (one who got out of the Alden game altogether earlier this year because of this) who are fed up with it. Alden has sent them the wrong sizes for pre-orders, and not cared that customers were left high and dry (happened to me). Has sent seconds-quality boots to them, and said "tough, sell it or we'll consider you too whiney to do orders with." Has sent half of a sold-out pre-order to one store...
Got sized properly, and determined the 325 G is the right size for me. So I am putting my whiskey Radnor MTO into the works on that last. Price without VAT was about $1100. A decent markup from the group orders, but I'll have them in 2 months instead of 5-6 and I won't have to try to find other wide feet. Had it confirmed that the faux cap toe stitch is doable, so my final specs are: Whiskey Radnor, Ridgeway Sole, 325 G, flat 360 welt, midsole. Antique/light brown edge,...
AF53s yesterday (and today), down by the water. Got a nice solid mud layer, followed by some sand to cement onto them. Too bad shell cordovan is only good for dress boots...
Finally got some Whiskey LHS in my life. These don't even know what's in store for them, definitely not going to be worn as dress loafers, that's for sure.
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