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I received my Telegraph suits today (I'd ordered in both colors). Just decided it wasn't for me. It was cut wrong for my body type (the chest pocket and top button both felt shifted up a bit, and the lapels were short). Probably too casual of a suit for me as well, though that's moot since I can't really wear it well anyway. Ah well, hence my love for TS, since I can return it. On another note, Task Jacket looks super gorgeous. Just wish it had hand pockets, I have a...
Rainy day, so my "I can't believe I got these for so little money" Westley Richards Galways today. The F64 last ended up being a hair bigger than I expected, and today my socks are maybe not as thick as I'll need to wear for these. But yeah, these boots are great, and are already getting those beautiful rolls that made me love the style in the first place.
Any word on shipping of the Telegraph Suit for workshop orders? I know it was posted that they *should* have shipped on Friday, but clearly they didn't all, curious how many had theirs shipped, or are waiting like I am.
It's really looking more and more like I ordered my Rosewood CC Galways just in time. I ordered last Thursday for $927 after the 10% discount at Westley Richards. The next day they would have been $1050 with the discount. And with the price increases going on everywhere I have to imagine that they'll soon be even more than that once they replenish their stock. Whew. BTW got them and they're real beauts. Though I'm gonna be an iconoclast and do a normal lacing instead of...
Even if you change names, you'll get similar inquiries. Shoe snob (even before he started carrying his own J Fitzpatrick's) comment section has always been filled with people inquiring about size availability for any of the shoe porn he'd posted. that said, I vote for www.buttshoes.com
I'm wearing crepe right now, and I think it's awesome. Seriously, it's comfortable, durable, great for walking long distances. Never quite understood all the hate for it, other than the fact that it's "different."
After sleeping on it for a solid month, I decided to pull the trigger this morning and bought the rosewood country 64F on ridgeways, veldt from Westley Richards. Just decided that that price isn't going to last much longer, and needed to get on it now. Out of curiosity, anyone have experience getting veldtschoen resoled? Obviously I'd only trust them to EG for the resole, and I'm sure it'll be quite a few years before I wear them down that much, but it's a really unusual...
Wearing my Natty Shell for 14oz Berlins. These things have changed a *lot* since I picked them up last year. These things have taken some serious beatings and have stayed in great shape. Plenty of more in my progress album.
^ Just got in on that pre-order. Couldn't resist.
If I recall, TS has commented in the past that the funding % doesn't really dictate whether it will get made or not, though I suppose no item has really tested that. It's not like other funding sites, where they sell 100% funded, no more no less. If an item is under 100% funded, I think they'll still make it, just as they'll make an item that gets 2260% funded. This is just a way for them to give us a discount, take the cash burden off of themselves, and let people...
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