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AF53s yesterday (and today), down by the water. Got a nice solid mud layer, followed by some sand to cement onto them. Too bad shell cordovan is only good for dress boots...
Finally got some Whiskey LHS in my life. These don't even know what's in store for them, definitely not going to be worn as dress loafers, that's for sure.
Also made by Dainite, a lot beefier, and will last a lot longer before needing a resole. I have the EG Galway on it, and after a really hard season of wearing them I'd say they still have 4 more years of wear, even on the heel. Better for my general purpose, which is to be an actual boot, since I live in a land of mud and snow, but also business meetings.I'm fairly certain that it's less than 50% markup, but I can't remember. I think it's more like 20-30%. Either way, at...
Right. I meant, if Lauren says "we can't do this as a single-pair MTO through us" I'd go through the NY store instead.
So, working with Lauren, time for an interest check. PM me if you'd be in on this. Radnor Whiskey Shell Cordovan Ridgeway Sole Antique flat welt Faux stitched Cap Toe stitching 228 Wide fitting. They'd look like a GYW version of these: So, if I can get 12, there we are. Now, if I can't get 12, I'm going to just pay whatever custom MTO price there is. Anyone know what that markup is? Even if Lauren can't do it, I know my local NYC store can, just at an even bigger...
Via profligate47, who decided in the end that he would part with them to a good home.
New gorgeous drops at Bureau Belfast. Looks like they have a makeup I'd been surprised no one made before, #8 LHS on antique sole. Lined, unfortunately (would be awesome if they were unlined). Also some #8 unlined antique dovers (reverse welt) and restock #8 trubalance Indy boots, antique, leather sole. On a different note, I'm about 24 hours away from having a pair of whiskey shell LHS in my life. And I am soooo excited about it.
What I sent to Lauren was "the Snowdon with goodyear welting" which is, of course, the Radnor. Followed up clarifying that's what I'm looking for (I don't think shell + veldtschoen would work well at all, far too dangerous and likely to tear.
So I want to make a Snowdon boot (basically a plain toe version of the EG Galway) in whiskey or brown shell if possible. I figure I'd see if anyone has interest but might go solo with markup if not. Can anyone PM me Lauren's email so I can check feasibility? Thanks
"Modified" you say? Could you elaborate on what they did? Did they just happen to be able to have the unlined number 8 LHS, so it's not just a Brooks Brothers thing? Or did they remove the lining from a lined pair?Or do you mean they actually modified the van last, to make it to a different specification.Either way, gorgeous pair of LHS.
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