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I think I'm seeing things, Everything looks right the second time I see it. 
 Hey, do you know your Rolex is fake?
My preference is definitely 100% cotton. Once your used to it it takes less than a minute a shirt. You can also iron damp shirts to save drying time if needed.  I have tired a few Iron-free shirts in the past. First one was a Brookes Brother shirt (the famous iron free shirt) and I can't stand it in the summer. It's just not as breathable as cotton. Wore it once for an interview and ended up having to buy a new shirt downtown. Sweat stains within an hour.  As for...
did you cut the butt flaps opened yet?
Heading out on Friday night!  
From my experience. the excess material in your back if from the back setting. You have a straight back and material from the back should get cut out. Everything else i can see in the photo looks fine. make sure you wash it a few time first tho
I think your doing it right. I have a old suit that fits like your last one. Maybe i will try to fix it up too!
More vintage? More awesome!
Best part of the entire outfit is the hair. I want my hair like that. Can you post pics of it somewhere or somthing?
+1, SF needs a like button
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