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I think I'm seeing things, Everything looks right the second time I see it. 
 Hey, do you know your Rolex is fake?
My preference is definitely 100% cotton. Once your used to it it takes less than a minute a shirt. You can also iron damp shirts to save drying time if needed.  I have tired a few Iron-free shirts in the past. First one was a Brookes Brother shirt (the famous iron free shirt) and I can't stand it in the summer. It's just not as breathable as cotton. Wore it once for an interview and ended up having to buy a new shirt downtown. Sweat stains within an hour.  As for...
  Hey, I've had the same issue with the shoulders since I started using MT and still no solution. I've tried saying I had a straight back then average, and also tried adjusting to flat shoulder.  Maybe we should email MT and ask for their suggestions.  And yes if you want to adjust the shoulders you should adjust the yoke measurement. Personally i dont even input should measurements and just let the collar and yoke measurements dictate my shoulders.    -Felix
It starts off as excitement but quickly turns into obsession. lol. 
did you cut the butt flaps opened yet?
I believe that its 3 x $10. So like free shipping on 3 shirts.
Hey OptoDoc,  I have referred allot of my friends to the site and have helped them get their initial measurements done. All of us started out with the blue shirt. The one thing I have determined is the Trial fabrics do not always stay the same. My first one was quite a while ago which is different from 2 friends of mine that order them almost a year ago and the most recent ones from 3/4 months ago were again very different.  As for the current fabrics, I'm not to sure...
Your on the right track. Its hard to give input at a certain point when it becomes entirely dependent on the person wearing it. When I meet up with friends to talk about fit, WW3 starts.   
Hey csmilz9, You should definitely send them an email. They are amazing with customer service. I'm sure they will help you work something out. 
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