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Do you still have these?
Can you give actual measurements?
What are actual measurements?
What is actual measurement on the waist?   These?
Curious if you have a better pic to show the color. I only ask because these look like a pair of fbt's that are beige so I don't want 2 of the same color. Or do you have a stock pic of which model these are?
I lost the bid anyway but found out they were legit. Thanks anyway though. Still struggling with sizing though. I wear a 9.5 in vans and 10-10.5 in Nike.
new to visvim and wondering if anybody can legit check a pair of shoes for me?
Still have the riot hoodie?
Up for sale is a like new pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses. I bought these for $140 at sunglass hut and never really wore them. I did get them adjusted to my head so they will probably need adjusted to your head, which sunglass hut will do for free. Looking for 100 or best offer and I am open to any offers. Shipping will be $6 for flat rate padded envelope. I'm new to selling here but I am an avid ebayer. My profile on ebay is titanplaya29.
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