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Same jacket as this: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/70-s-us-army-spec-green-utility-shirt-jacket-8624.html   Brand new, never worn.  It's an incredible jacket, but I just don't have a need for it. Too many M65 types in the closet already.     Size XL but fits L.  See the measurements on the NMWA page.    $300 Shipped. 
PSA: the cotton sateen field jacket got marked down at Barneys. $559.
Does the stonewashed denim run true to size? Saksis sold out in my size, so I'm SOL unless they run small.
Who is / will be stocking the denim?
 And an additional 6% off through Ebates, just FYI. 
Gents -- thanks for the responses. I think I was overly concerned about how it is buttoned up, when really I don't plan to wear it that way. So viva la field jacket!
Does this look too tight? This is the Eidos FJ in 52. Looks great when open, but you can see the pull on the top button when buttoned up.  It's not terribly restricting, though I might be rationalizing since the 54 is out of stock.  For reference, 6'2" 185.   Thanks.        
How is the sizing on the Monitaly charcoal 5-pocket jean?  I typically wear 34 across the board (35 in Epaulet).  Are they so slim that I should have to size up?  Thanks. 
The Frank Clegg duffle is amazing.     I realize that is well settled in these parts, but I thought I'd reiterate it after my trip to DC this past weekend, my first one with the bag.  I had people come up to me in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel -- all to compliment me on the bag or ask where I got it.  It is so well made and so damn handsome (I have the cognac), I just think it's impossible for people not to notice.  It was like they felt compelled to say...
New Posts  All Forums: