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Epaulet Shearling Gloves in gorgeous Chestnut/Loden   Phenomenal gloves.  I bought them this spring on sale and haven't even worn them--only tried on.  Selling because I just have too many gloves. Size 9 (Large)   Full retail on these was $225.  Selling for $90 shipped (US).  Price is firm.       Here is the full description from EP:      Epaulet gloves are a paragon of traditional glove making. Constructing fine leather gloves by hand is a detailed and...
Schott NYC Car Coat (Style DU738) - Small   One of the best winter coats I've ever owned.  I bought this size Small for my brother but it didn't fit, so here it is. Top notch Schott construction in a sharp, streamlined silhouette.    $350 through Schott and never on sale.    Schott NYC Car Coat in Oxford Grey (Style DU738) Size Small (Approx. Size 36) Oxford Grey with ribbed collar.  24 oz. Melton wool Satin lining Two inside pockets, double zipper/button...
Starting a massive wardrobe purge, I'm selling this even before the weather gets here to wear it.     A great Wallace & Barnes Hunting Overshirt in versatile light gray wool, size large. Really well made piece. New with tags.  Retail was $228, so this is a deal even by J.Crew standards.   Purchased spring 2015.  Sold out.    $99 Shipped (US).  Price is firm.       From J.Crew --    An ideal third piece, this hunting overshirt is constructed in heavy wool with...
Selling a pair of the Track Pant -- Navy, Size L (34-36).   Got them today and they're great, but just not a good fit on me.  I'll put them on B&S in a couple days, but I thought someone here might've missed out.   PM me if interested.     EDIT: Sold!
Such a grievous typo.   I've already edited it, and wiped it from my memory.  
NWT Inis Meain Gansey Crewneck Linen Sweater    Brand new with tags. Gorgeous 100% linen sweater from IM.  Made in Ireland.  $400+ retail.      Grey, Large.  Fits true to size.  21.75" pit to pit, 25" length.     $200 Shipped (US).  Price is firm.       Let me know if you have any questions.  
Buttero Tanino sizing has been covered here at length, but there's enough dissent that I gotta ask. -- If I'm a run of the mill 11.5 D US, wearing 45 in CP lows, is it more likely than not that I'd want 45 in Tanino?  Or size down to 44?  Thanks. 
 Canadian IP address with Indian credit card and US shipping address -- and you wondered why the order hadn't been charged or shipped?   The response is use your noggin.  
Are the IM linens known to run a little short?  I have a Gansey I picked up elsewhere and it's borderline too short on me (6'2") in body and sleeves.  Wasn't sure if they're all that way.  
Is the Cream of Wheat sold out?  Still in the pull-down, but not available at checkout. 
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