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 I'd vote light brown just because I love the possibilities they offer as separates.  I wouldn't wear a linen suit too often, so I'd want the versatility to mix n match with a cream pant or blue blazer, etc.  
Paring down my shoe collection and sadly selling these gorgeous AE Strands.  Walnut calfskin upper, single oak sole.    Worn approx. 10 times, never in lousy weather. No defects on the upper, just some creasing from normal wear.  Maintained w/ cream polish, stored w/ trees, in bags, in box.   Box and bags included (trees not).     $185 + $15 SHIPPING (or $200 with Free Shipping! ;)      PM me for a quote on int'l shipping
Love it, but between this and the Niche shirt jacket I have one too many.   Nice writeup here: http://www.gq.com/story/editors-pick-gant-ruggers-m-65   M65 by Gant Rugger in military green with floral lining.  Classic fit, true to size. 22.5" pit to pit, 19.5" shoulder, 30" length. Lightly worn, great condition. No tears. Small stain on lower back (see pic). $390 retail.    $130 SHIPPED (US)
Any thoughts on this Livorno Grey Stripe?  From searching here, it looks like it was an entry level line (EUR only?) in something of a classic Napoli/Lazio fit.  Any experiences with it?   For $199 tough not to pull the trigger.  
I see that too.  It was an extra 50% off when I posted.  
Not to get too granular with a Sales Alert, but Barney's Warehouse has a Battistoni tux for $650 in multiple sizes and return-able.  Looks like a pretty classic cut, but well worth a look if anyone is in the market or getting an early start on New Year's Eve. 
Yeah.  I'm 11 D in Barrie or Truebalance and 11.5 in EP sneakers.  The horsehide sport trainer fits roomier than my other pairs, but not to the point where I'd want to size down.  
I just received a pair of Dover PTB 2nds from Shoe Mart, unlined in brown CXL.  They certainly look good enough to keep, but they are a shade tighter than I expected.  I always marvel at the knowledge people have here, so I'd appreciate any thoughts on whether:   1) it is common for the unlined PTB to run tight? or  2) whether I can expect the unlined/CXL to give more than most shoes and allow some more room as they break in?      They're not uncomfortable, but as...
Talk about different strokes for different folks.  That Amanda collar might be the last thing in the world I'd put on a shirt.  But I didn't get into Lupo either.  I do love that you guys would customize that with IS, but man that's tough to pull off for the non-Jude Law types among us.  
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