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 That one was $650, which is probably the most I'd go.  Not sure why the model is wearing his cropped.  That came in long sizes though, which is another requirement for me (rules out LBM). 
Proper Cloth recently put out a brown jacket that is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for.  Unfortunately, it sold out quickly and won't be re-stocked.    Does anyone have recommendations for something similar?  Looking for a fall/winter weight wool with some texture (this one was a twill flannel), soft shoulder, patch pocket, and non-trendy lapel.   Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks.    
Are the measurement charts correct?  I feel like this gets covered every so often, but I can't remember what the answer is.  The chart on the new flannel shows XL is a 17" collar.  But I thought the "new" (mid-2014) EPNY sizing made XL a 16.5? 
 Andrew Lock makes a great double monk on half-rubber sole.  http://andrewlockshoes.com/products/389942-the-double-monk $225 with code SF10 for 10% off.   Personally, I like them more than the Meermin. 
For sale is an exquisite Drumohr grey speckled Donegal sweater.  Retail price $304. I got it on sale at Yoox a few weeks ago, but it's just a hair too tight (I typically wear size Large/42). Never worn, only tried on.     Size 40.  68% Wool, 29% Cashmere, 3% Polyamide.   This is sold out now, so I thought I'd see if anyone wants it here before I return it.  Quite a bargain.     $150 SHIPPED US
Does J Peterman make anything worth getting?  50% off orders of $100+ with code UNCOMMON. 
Has anyone tried the gloves? Peccary and cognac calf both look great. Any comments on sizing? Warmth?
@Epaulet - When do you expect to have the next stock of the Innsbruck Indy?  Or will it be a pre-order?  
@Epaulet Great stuff, thanks for doing it.  Win or lose, it's crazy to be competing for friggin pants.   You guys definitely picked some gems.    One thought for the next round is to do a flash sale, no promotion.  Check the site and get lucky. 
We've got Hunger Games: Pants going on here and people thought they could just throw it in their cart and sit on it for 5 hours, then maybe buy it or maybe not?  
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