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Anyone CPO owners have thoughts on sizing?  I'm right between L and XL shirting so it's always a close call on sweaters and outerwear.  Leaning toward XL but if it runs a little loose I may drop down.   Thanks.
I'm blown away by the knowledge in this thread. Seems like an ideal group to ask about a case just opened:   I'm not a regular seller, but I list some nicer things that don't fit or I find marked down. On 3/28 I sold a nanamica cruiser ($750) to a guy in Italy. The buyer sent me a message that he would pay April 1. He paid and I shipped--eBay Global Shipping Program. I sent it to eBay, they sent it to the buyer.   Now, tracking shows that there were three delivery...
I'll be in NYC this weekend -- any chance the Manhattan store will have the olive Doyle re-stocked?
Tdude -  Is this the houndstooth from last year?  I bought mine when it was re-stocked in January and--as David's note now says on the description--it's not for everyone.  It appears rather stiff.   Either you got an older version or have managed to get a better look than I have. 
 ??  They've had the camp sole and crepe sole oxfords for a while.  And they'll custom make whatever, if you want an upper/sole combo that's not currently offered.  
It's come to this:  free domestic shipping with the purchase of $250 jeans.   We've officially bottomed out.
Does anyone know if the brown museum calf oxford will be added to LM?
Damn those look good. I hope the cashmere pique looks that good--I was napping on the regular navy.   Any pics of that cash windopane?  I'm really interested to see how that turned out.
 Is the olive the closest you'll have to last year's Nori?  I don't know why I like the pale green so much--probably because I can't have it.  But it did seem a little more interesting than the Olive.
Are any taller guys finding the Doyle to be too cropped?  Obviously one tall guy doesn't mind--and Oisin you wear it well.  But I'm not sure I can pull it off without it looking like little brother's jacket.
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