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@Epaulet Great stuff, thanks for doing it.  Win or lose, it's crazy to be competing for friggin pants.   You guys definitely picked some gems.    One thought for the next round is to do a flash sale, no promotion.  Check the site and get lucky. 
We've got Hunger Games: Pants going on here and people thought they could just throw it in their cart and sit on it for 5 hours, then maybe buy it or maybe not?  
@Epaulet  Are we talking dozens of fabrics today?  Or 100+?  And just A/W stuff, or a few lighter weights?  Crucial information for game planning purposes. 
B Warehouse with another 40% off deal.  Few exclusions, ok selection.  A couple nice Boglioli jackets near $400.  Not sure who makes Piatelli, but plenty of staple pants, suits and sc's there.    One FYI: some shoes listed as Battistoni are actually something else--Botti or Carlo Soldaini.  Check the description. 
Thanks guys.  Order canceled.     And nwt white Borrelli 17/43 still available at a good price!
Question on shipping to India -- I just sold a Borrelli shirt to a buyer in India.  My selected shipping service was Priority Mail International ($37).  Buyer paid for the shirt, including shipping, but sent a note asking a) that I send by First Class International ($15) instead of Priority, refunding the overage, and b) that I send as a Gift, with a declared value of $20.    I selected Priority because the tracking and insurance offered more protection than First...
Moleskin fever breaking out around here.  Any real life pics of the Mist or Camel color moleskin MTO? 
Thanks -- much appreciated
Last month I got the Stark navy in L, but thought it was too tight when buttoned up.  So I exchanged it for the XL, which definitely feels a shade bigger in the body.  This is a better fit when all-buttoned, but I'm wondering if I lose the streamlined look wearing it open or partially buttoned.  Any thoughts?   6'2" 185.         
Does anyone not use shoe trees in unlined suede?    I just got a pair of PTBs on Leydon and, as silly as it sounds, I feel like the shoe trees--even a size smaller--will stretch the suede.  I noticed a thread a while back where people said it was no big deal, so I figure this is a made-up concern.  Still, I thought I'd ask.
New Posts  All Forums: