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The Field Outfitting is 35% off site wide (35offsitewide) Not a ton that piques my interest, but they have an overshirt from New England Shirt Co. that sold out at Epaulet for $285. Here $160 with code. https://www.thefieldoutfitting.com/Clothing/WoolJacShirt/81065
Re: Camoshita - are the shirts like the SC's in that they're just not designed for taller guys?  I saw the posts yesterday about sleeve length. Sounds like 6'2", 35" sleeve might be a nonstarter. 
Holy moly.  I've seen smaller belts on Intercontinental Champions.     But kudos for going for it.  I'll sit this one out, but I love the thinking.  Always forward.  GL.  
Mike -- What are the chances you might do a pebble grain PTB?   Something like
Any issues w/ length on the full-zip?  I think I held off last time because it would be short on me (6'2"), but I could've made that up. 
FWIW, I've had that exact scenario happen twice with Unionamde where the item I wanted got canceled and the cheapo socks got shipped.  One time they refunded the shipping before I even knew what happened.  The other time I asked, and they refunded it right away.  UM often operates at a more ... deliberate pace than some shops, but their folks mean well and typically take care of their customers.  
Anyone have a shot of this in action?   
You signed up for the site so you could tell people about J.Crew 25% off?  
I think he was asking because the UNLV one didn't have a title on the picture.  Should've called it Buckeye flannel.  Great look, but I spend all fall avoiding scarlet and gray.  That shirt would make me one of them. 
Anything coming like the gingham flannels that NE did a couple years ago?  Really dug those.         PS -- If anyone wants that in L, I'm selling it.  Size Large was so 2013. 
New Posts  All Forums: