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 Canadian IP address with Indian credit card and US shipping address -- and you wondered why the order hadn't been charged or shipped?   The response is use your noggin.  
Are the IM linens known to run a little short?  I have a Gansey I picked up elsewhere and it's borderline too short on me (6'2") in body and sleeves.  Wasn't sure if they're all that way.  
Is the Cream of Wheat sold out?  Still in the pull-down, but not available at checkout. 
Of course, that's right.  I'm not sure why I assumed these were different.  Thanks for the help!
Did the Maritime change from non-functional laces?  The AE pics sure make them look like non-functional laces, but I just got a pair delivered that has conventional lacing. I'll probably keep them anyway, but I'd rather the slip-on look  ...
Will be godamn lovely to have LBM in Long sizes.  Great to hear.
The HH pics at 12 weeks ... is that about as dark as they'll get? 
That's some serious customer service -- advising on pinky toe particulars. 
Any natty horsehide trainer pics besides the teaser from a couple weeks ago?  I have a feeling those will be a massive hit here.  Nothing SF loves more than a good patina. 
Have you met jsimonovis413? 
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