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Just received the Mulberry I ordered last week--what a phenomenal jacket.  I've had RRL and Schott, but the Mulberry just checks off all the boxes. Classic look, beautiful grain, versatile color, sharp fit.  And for about 1/3 the price of RRL.    If you wear XL in EPNY, the XL on sale should fit well.  (I'm 6'2", 185, 41/42 L).   Length is fine--hits maybe 0.5 or 1" below my belt.  Really looking forward to breaking this in. 
Epaulet New York CPO Shirt Jacket - Brown, XL   Like new -- worn once or twice.  I picked this up last spring in a couple different colors, and I just don't need them all.  Looking for a good home at a good price.  $100 shipped (US).  This sold for $275 retail.    Chest 22.5" Shoulder 18.5" Sleeve 26.5" Length  31"     Here is the description from Epaulet:    The "Chief Petty Officer's" shirt is a Navy-issued uniform piece that's typically made in a blend of...
Wow we're just blowing through nap time aren't we?   Indigo Gingham looks great -- keep em comin. 
What are people wearing with the Jort Green Check tweed jacket?  A while back someone posted a couple shots with jeans, which works well of course.  Just curious what else looks good with it, and any general impressions.      It's too bad there aren't more jackets in the US Jort Collection.   The suits w/ patch pockets just don't do it for me.  Such an odd design choice.   
 Just one -- just asking if you can get a refund on duties for returned goods.  Answer is yes, provided you have proof (and enough patience to deal with CBP).  
Related topic real quick -- if you get dinged for customs on an order > $200, but return some of the items so that the total is < $200, do you still have to pay duties?
I'm on board for the Innsbruck -- the perfect makeup, IMO -- but I'm undecided if I should drop to C width.  If anyone here has thoughts I'd love to hear them.    In Carmina Forest/Oscar and AE 5, I am a perfect 11.5 D.  I tried the JCrew Indy, and I'm definitely an 11 there, but the heel was a little loose.  I'm wondering if going to 11 C in Innsbruck might solve the problem or create another one.    I have a suede  PTB on Leydon, 11.5 D, which fits well, but doesn't...
Oak Street and Chuck Taylors both have odd sizing.  Just go try on a pair of dress shoes and get an accurate Brannock size.      Most likely, you'll go down .5 from that for the Indy. 
@evilmerino Great look.  What's the suit? 
 That one was $650, which is probably the most I'd go.  Not sure why the model is wearing his cropped.  That came in long sizes though, which is another requirement for me (rules out LBM). 
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