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What's a ballpark price on the unfinished horsehide trainer? Looks friggin awesome.
Couple quick Q's --   Is the Bottle Green loopwheel getting a re-stock this season?  I got the navy, black, and white last year -- went to add the green, but sold out in L.    Also -- I'm sure this was covered, but I can't find the post -- will the new EP sport coat be available in long sizes? 
 Yeah, unfortunately I agree 100%.  With that new cut, I'm out for Rivets.  Killer because I live in the 4-5 pairs I have and love the FF options.  But that narrow of a leg looks ridiculous on me (and many guys).   Of course, as customer-centric as EP is, this must be what people want.  But I thought Driggs scratched that itch, and that Rivets were kind of the trend-proof staple pant.   Oh well. Not like it means I'll spend any less -- just have to reallocate my EP dollars.  
When will the New England blue OCBD be re-stocked?  Thanks.
If anyone gets a dark indigo hoodie or crewneck that they don't feel like keeping, I'll be happy to buy one.  Size XL, or maybe even L. 
I've been away and haven't followed the thread recently, so apologies if I'm jumping in mid-stream, but is the new Southwick MTO suiting cut in the style you showed pics of a couple months back?  With the wider lapel?  
A rare Macy's sighting on SF.  Selling $578.64 for $525.00 -- $53 for free.    Get some Allen Edmonds or... a new mattress? 
B. Warehouse 50% off Outerwear and cold weather accessories now from 12-4 ET.  Aquasctum Broadgate down to $250, some other good deals.
How narrow is the leg opening on the Monitaly 5-pocket?   Thanks.
Classic OB mid-length Bulldog swim trunks.  Retail $240.  Priced to move!     Three pairs available: Bay Blue (True Blue) -- Size 36 Splash (Light Blue/Turquoiuse) -- Size 34   New with tags in the bags they came in.  Never worn, never tried on!    These were purchased directly from Orlebar Brown and are 100% authentic.  Classic swim trunk with excellent detailing and superb fit.  Inseam: 6".   See picture for full measurements.    $150 Shipped (US).  Price is...
New Posts  All Forums: