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Thanks for the feedback.  I figured it had been asked and answered, but I couldn't find much in my search.  Really appreciate all the replies.    PS - anyone looking for a JCrew PCT size 11?  ;)
Just got a pair of the JCrew Cap Toe Cordovan boots.  These things are beautiful, but they'e a little tight.  Are they known to fit differently than others on Barrie?  The JCrew reviews seem pretty consistent with the standard half-size advice; has anyone found that they have to go TTS with these?        I'm 11 D in Dover CXL (only Barrie I own) and 11 C in Indy Innsbruck, but the cordovans are tight across the top.  I'm torn on whether they'll loosen up enough as they...
What's with the "substantial" redesigns that are then the best things ever?  Don't get me wrong, I love your line and I wear the hell out of everything I own.  But it just seems a little disingenuous, to push something hard one season -- say, the older Ragosta or this year's Matera -- and then say you totally redesigned it and now it's great.  (Or maybe I'm just salty that I bought the '16 Matera and will miss out on the update.)  
 It's not that one.  I'd also be curious to know where that last one is sold -- the grey heather striped one. 
  So true.  It's a deal with the devil -- 30% off is hard to beat, but they are truly the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. You can't get answers to emails, voice mails go unreturned.  If you buy, do it with a credit card you like.  You may need them down the road! 
Chance the Rapper wore this again tonight at the Grammys, and again I was wishing I had seen it when it was for sale.  When was that, anyone know?   
VI it is. Would never want to fight the slouch.  
How did guys size the SS Conservation Coat?  I'm VI in the Lake Sweater (only SS I own), but not sure if I'd be V or VI in the coat.  Pretty standard 42/52//Lg in most things.     Thanks. 
For sale is a brand new pair of the famous Viberg Service Boot in English snuff suede. Absolutely incredible boots.  Retail $755.     Size 9.  Please know your size in these as I can't take returns.  Typically, people take their UK size in these (so 9 UK, 10 US).     English snuff suede from Charles Stead tannery.  Dainite sole. 2030 last.  Vintage brass eyelets. Natural midsole. Made in Canada.  Sold by SuperDenim.     $550 SHIPPED (US)
How's the sizing on the raglan khaki chiaia raincoat?  
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