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Of course, that's right.  I'm not sure why I assumed these were different.  Thanks for the help!
Did the Maritime change from non-functional laces?  The AE pics sure make them look like non-functional laces, but I just got a pair delivered that has conventional lacing. I'll probably keep them anyway, but I'd rather the slip-on look  ...
Will be godamn lovely to have LBM in Long sizes.  Great to hear.
The HH pics at 12 weeks ... is that about as dark as they'll get? 
That's some serious customer service -- advising on pinky toe particulars. 
Any natty horsehide trainer pics besides the teaser from a couple weeks ago?  I have a feeling those will be a massive hit here.  Nothing SF loves more than a good patina. 
Have you met jsimonovis413? 
Orlebar Brown "Bulldog" Swim Trunks - Burgundy, 34   New with tags in the bags they came in.  Never worn.    These were purchased directly from Orlebar Brown and are 100% authentic.  Classic swim trunk with excellent detailing and superb fit.  Inseam: 6".   See picture for full measurements.    $150 Shipped (US).  Price is firm. 
I know everyone is in sale mode here, but I wanted to make sure I put in a word for the La Portegna "Fat Carter" I got last week.  It's a phenomenal bag.  Thanks to NMWA for offering it, and of course for the Euro sale that got me to budge, as well as the fast shipment.  The brown leather is richer in person than in pictures, and it's as functional as it is good-looking.  Snugly holds at 15" MacBook, in case anyone wonders.  Really pleased.   
That guy was great in Hollow Man.       
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