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The best polo there is.  Eidos Lupo in white pique.  Size XL, but it fits like L. Approx. 21.5 or 21.75" pit to pit. New with tags, brand new.   One-piece collar with single button placket and spread collar.  Made in Italy.  100% Cotton.   $195 retail.    Selling for $135 SHIPPED (US)   
^I have Khaki and Navy (and Caramel).  Was planning to post to B&S this week.  Will PM you. 
Yeah the crosshatch isn't technically a fresco; it's more hopsack-ish, but even that's not totally accurate.  Whatever it is, it's a solid option most of the year, especially with the partial lining.  
Great pic of the Reda crosshatch.  I picked it up as well and love it -- I get compliments every time I wear it.  I wish I had gone flap instead of patch, but oh well.  It doesn't lend itself as a sport coat as well as I thought it would.  But bottom line: if it pops up again on a Southwick EFF, jump on it. 
Downsizing the closet, first with some shirts.  These are all standouts--not a dud in the bunch.    EPLA Speckled Chambray - XL (like all EP, fits slim) $70 J. Crew Indigo Secret Wash Short-Sleeve - Large $40 Ledbury Blue and Pink Lochlan Gingham - Slim 16.5 - $75 Ledbury Blue Astor 60/40 Cotton/Linen - Slim 16.5 - $75 Theory White "Feynold Wealth" Short Sleeve Shirt  - Large - $75 Theory Midnight Blue 100% Linen - Large - $75   All are NEW AND UNWORN except...
Mike -- Will the white tennis trainers be re-stocked this summer?  It's like I heard your warning about how fast they'd sell out but didn't believe it. 
Doesn't matter. No one's going to the other thread.    I have a Bloomingdale's 20% off code they sent after an item I ordered was out of stock.  PM if you want it.  Can be stacked w/ current sale prices.   EDIT: code has been claimed
Oh of course I'm not happy someone went under.  Tongue in cheek--I wasn't actually "piling on," just explaining why I wasn't surprised.  But to answer, yeah I had issues both in-store and online.  As Fok said, you could tell from their old affiliate thread that they didn't quite get it re: customer relations.
CSC was a money grab.  Couple of attys who thought they'd have more fun separating SoHo guys from their money.  Seemed like an unserious endeavor from the start--a "how hard can it be?" type of thing from guys who didn't know how much they didn't know.  And it showed.  Indifferent (or worse) customer service and uninspired buys.    I know, Sales Thread.  But it feels good to pile on.  Good riddance.
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