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Late to the party but @zanderxmasom......catch me up!
TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA The Soloist Shirt Colour: Navy/White Condition: Excellent Size: M fits a true 48 Composition: Cotton Price: $180USD SHIPPED WW
you guys are all too kind! The wool kilt/wrap is an old number (n)ine piece from 05 I believe....I took a bit of a gamble on it and am happy I did!
rick + soloist + soloist + julius + number (n)ine + viridi-anne + dm + soloist
Do it! depending on your size there are a few reasonably priced virgils on Rakuten at the mo Hey I'm down....anyone else want to join the longhairdarkfitvisgang?NZs pretty small so you wouldn't have to search too hard!
thrift + soloist + damir + soloist + rick + number (n)ine + visvim + soloist
Just received a leather jacket from Obscur (I like the weird cut) but am unsure about the size....I feel like its a little roomy through the body...Y/N?
Ha just saw this challenge....So wish it was winter over here! Some nice layering going on!
Still a bit of summer left sasquatch + visvim + undercover + rick + damir + n(n) cons + soloist
Thank you everyone for the kudos! Good looks Synthese, ghostface and great fit on those kolor pants e0d9n0b5
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